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The advice of the Prophet (PBUH) concerning sleep is really useful for all Muslims to know.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) sometimes slept on a mattress, sometimes on a leather mat, sometimes on a carpet of palm leaves, sometimes on the floor, sometimes on a bed, sometimes on the sand, and sometimes on a bed. black cape.
His mattress was made of leather stuffed with palm fiber, and he had a thick woolen cloth that he would sleep twice and sleep.
He slept on a mattress and covered himself with a blanket. He told his women, “Jibril never came to me while I was under the blanket of one of you outside of ‘Aa’ishah.” (Reported by al-Bukhari, 3775)
His pillow was also leather stuffed with palm fiber.

The advice of the Prophet (PBUH) concerning sleep

Dua to recite while sleeping:
1. When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) went to bed, he said:to sleep
“O Allah, in your name I live and die”. (Reported by al-Bukhari, 7394)

2. He used to put his hands together and blow on it, then recite Qul Huwa Allaahu ahad, Qul aoodood bi Rabb il-Falaq and Qul a’oodhu bi Rabb il-Naas [ie that is, the last three soorahs of the Qur’an), then he wiped his hands as much as he could, beginning with the head and face, and the front part of his body. He would do it three times.

3. He used to sleep on his right side, putting his right hand under his right cheek, then he said:sleep “O Allah, protect me from your punishment the day you raise your slaves”

4. When the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) went to bed, he said:

Dua for sleep “All the praises are for Allah, who fed us and gave us something to drink, and who was enough for us and who sheltered us, for how many have no one to suffice or shelter them.” (Reported by Muslim)

5. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said this when he was going to sleep:
“Allaahumma Rabb al-samawaati wa’l-ard wa Rabb al-‘arsh il-‘azeem, Rabbaanaa wa Rabba kulli shay’in, Faaliq al-habb wa’l-nawa wa munzil al-Tawraati wa’l-Injeeli wa ‘l-Furqaan, a’oodhu bika min sharri kulli shay’in anta aakhidhun bi naasiyatihi Allaahumma anta al-awwal fa laysa qablaka shay’un, wa anta al-aakhir fa laysa ba’daka shay’un, wa anta al zahir fa laysa fawqaka shay’un wa anta al-baatin fa laysa doonaka shay’un Iqdi ‘annaa al-dayna wa aghninaa min al-faqri

Translation: “O Allah, Lord of the Seven Heavens and Exalted Throne, our Lord and Lord of all things, separator of the seed and stone of the date, Revealer of Tawraat and Injeel and Furqaan [Quran], I seek refuge in You against the evil of all things You seize by the forelock [master totally] O Allah, You are the First so there is nothing in front of You, and you are the last so there is nothing after You, you are al-Zaahir [the greatest and the highest] so there is nothing above you, and you are al-Baatin [aware of the most subtle secrets] so there is Nothing is closer than You, settle our debt for us and save us from poverty. ” (Reported by Muslim)

Dua to wake up:

When the Prophet (PBUH) woke up from sleep, he said:

“Praise be to Allah who brought us back to life after killing us, and to Him is the resurrection.” (Narrated by al-Bukhari, 6312) Then he would clean his teeth with Miswaak, and recite the last. ten ayahs of Soorat Aal ‘Imran.

The sleeping habits of the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him):
He slept during the first part of the night and got up to pray during the last part. Sometimes he stayed up late to take care of the interests of the Muslims. His eyes were sleeping but his heart was not doing it. When he slept, they did not wake him up; he would be the only one to wake up.
When he stopped to rest at night during a trip, he lay down on the right side and, if he stopped to rest just before dawn, he rested his head on his forearm, posing her in his palm. This was reported by al-Tirmidhi.

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