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Learning Arabic For Kids is a simple and effective way to teach Arabic for kids and Quran to the kids. The Holy Quran is the word of Allah and it is considered a very important book for Muslims. Every practicing Muslim must learn and understand the Quran. Allah communicated to the Muslims through the Quran with the help of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SA). It is also one of the main sources of sharia (moral and legal code by which Muslims should lead their lives). Therefore, it is vitally important that children belonging to Muslim families learn the Quran and Noorani Qaida from an early age.

In today’s world, it becomes really difficult for Muslims to find guardians who are trained and qualified to teach their children, not just the language of the Quran, but also the essence of it. This site provides basic learning and knowledge of the Quran to children.

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Quran For Kids

Nowadays, more and more people are migrating to countries where Islam is not the state or the primary religion. In these non-Islamic countries, the need to teach the Koran to young children belonging to Muslim families arises and it is quite difficult for parents to find qualified teachers who can teach the Quran Online, the Quran Learning Academy for Kids also solves this problem.

Arabic For Kids

Parents can also monitor the classes without disturbing both the child and the teacher. This website also provides individual instruction. The need to send children away from the premises of their home is no longer necessary. This is a great advantage for parents who do not have a Quran tutor in their place. The ease of flexible schedules, ie classes can be organized after mutual consultation between teacher and parents. Parents can discuss the content of what is taught to their child with the teacher. Parents can also opt for the Tajwid, translation and Tafseer programs for their children. Quran but also its interpretation.

If a child acquires the basic knowledge of the Quran from an early age, it becomes easier for them to follow the teachings of Islam in adulthood. The Quran’s online courses offer many benefits to working parents who can keep their children in check. It eliminates logistical problems, synchronization issues and, in some cases, security issues as well as some parents might have.

 Why Should You Teach Quran and Arabic for Kids?

There is no doubt that childhood is one of the hardest and most accurate stages for parents dealing with children. During this phase instilled a lot of habits and attitudes and behaviors within the hearts of children.

will provide you one to one teaching Quran for kids with an experienced tutors because it’s very necessary at this stage to educate our children on the things benefit them, which is not something the greatest benefit of keeping the child of the Holy Quran, especially since childhood to be the ability to greater conservation and continue with the child for a longer period.

But are there certain ways and methods we followed with our children while memorizing the Quran? In this course insha’Allah, we will try to assist the children to learn and recite Quran.

Nabil Wael

My name is Nabil Wael . I come from Egypt. I taught students from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Pakistan, Sweden, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria and India. Master’s degree in Arabic teaching for non-native speakers. I also memorize all the Quraan. I taught and before that studied most branches of Islamic sciences such as Fiqh, Seera, Usool Fiqh, Mustalah, and Tafseer. I have a BA in English from Alexandria University that helped me interact easily with my students.

Omran Ahmed

In the name of Allah. All praises are due to Allah who guides me in this great work to teach the Holy Quran to others. It is Ustadh Muhammad Abdul Karim,
Umar (RA), said: “I proceed: Learn Arabic because it is part of your religion and learn obligations because they are also part of your religion. My mission is to spread the Arabic language as much as I can among Muslims all over the world and to teach them to read the Holy Qur’an as stated by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): the best of you who teaches the Qur’an and learn it. And because of my experience in teaching Arabic and Tajweed rules.
• I memorized the Holy Qur’an, and I have Ijazah (authentication) to read and teach how to read the Qur’an according to A’asim’s Hafs narration with qasr (shorten elongation to two vowel counts) and tawassut (four vowels) of al-madd al-Munfasil (Extended Separation) of al-Shatibiyyah Road and al-Tayyibah and have a great knowledge of the rules of tajweed, traditions, jurisprudence, biography and legislation of the Prophet. Graduated from Al Ma’had Al Diny in 2015 (Qatar). I have a great experience in teaching Quran (Hifz) and Arabic language. And my goal is to help all Muslims learn the Koran and Arabic for non-Arabs. And Al-hamdu-lillah I teach in a simple and effective way that my students feel good in my company for the friendly atmosphere in which we are. I gained experience with various popular institutes and taught many students online and offline. I love teaching others and sharing the success of my students in a fun learning environment. I hope you enjoy your lessons with me.

Norhan Ahmed

I am Norhan Ahmed , an Arabic mother tongue, I teach Quran and Arabic to non-Arabic speaking adult women since 2014.
I am a doctor who found his passion in learning and teaching Quran to adults
I can teach you even if you can not read a single word in Arabic. May Allah be with me.
Please note that I just taught women.
You will enjoy your classes In Shaa Allah.

Osama Ahmed

Quran teacher online for English speakers with Tajweed rules.
I am familiar with beginners, children and professional readers. I offer a lesson in Islamic studies with the Quran lesson.
I am flexible enough to meet your free time.
I have about a year of experience with different students from different countries with different ages.
I am sure you will like it and will recommend to your friends.
I’m waiting for you

Nabil Samy

السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ و برکاتہ I have many years of successful experience in teaching the Holy Quran online, it just makes me say that I have always ensured the integrity and excellence of my students by teaching The Holy Book of ALLAH Almighty, Alhamdulillah!
I am mainly focused on teaching your children how to read the Holy Quran with the rules of Tajweed. I offer different courses, including reading with Tajweed, recitation, learning and basic Islamic teachings. I myself have put my efforts to provide quality education to students through interactive online courses using successful tutoring methods that are designed taking into account the problems of students or parents seeking Koranic studies.
The majority of Muslims living abroad are unable to educate their children about Islam mainly because of the busy schedule of their lives. So I am here for you and your children to teach in an attractive and friendly environment the Holy Quran and Tajweed at the most convenient time for our Islam brothers who live abroad.

Zahra Fouad

AssalamoAlikom, My name is  Zahra Fouad , I am from Egypt, I graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Studies Department of Interpretation and Science of the Koran at Al Azhar University, also holds a degree in Islamic Studies, and now in master.
I served Quran thanks to God for 15 years, I Ijaza in the Koran of Sheikh Al Masrawy.
My experiences and skills:
8 years of teaching the Koran to Arabs and foreigners, gaining experience with various popular institutes and teaching hundreds of students online and offline
My goal in life:
It is my greatest honor to teach Al Qur’aan and Islamic studies as the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others “[Al-Bukhari] Above Hadith, I opted to learn the recitation of the Qur’an first and alhamdulillah after receiving permission (ijaza) now I would like to teach the Quran to those who struggle with this noble form of worship I am a professional and reliable teacher who loves to teach Tajweed using the easy method.

Ali Fouad

As salaam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh It is me sheikh  Ali Fouad of Egypt I graduated with honors and an overall average of 86%. From Al-Azhar University I am an Imam, Khatib and teacher for the Egyptian Ministry of Awqaf also I am online Arabic Teacher and Quran to teach non-Arabic speakers have more than 5 years of experience in the teaching of Arabic to non-natives and the Koran My mission is to spread the Arabic language as much as I can among Muslims all over the world and to teach them to read the Holy Quran as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: the best of you who teach the Quran and learn it. And because of my experience in teaching the rules of Arabic and Tajweed, I will be able Insha’Allah to make the whole learning process easy and interesting for you and if you are learning Arabic to understand the Qur’an

Moaz Ahmed

In the name of Allah
All praises are due to Allah who guides me for this great work in the Holy Quran to others.
this is Moaz Ahmed , Imam Masjid and calling (Muadin) also a Quran teacher,
 I have memorized the Holy Quran, and I have Ijazah (authentication) of
read and teach how to read the Quran according to Hafs’ narration
of Aasim with qasr (shortening of elongation to two vowel counts) and
tawassut (number of oven vowels) of al-madd al-Munfasil (separate elongation)
from al-Shatibiyyah Road and al-Tayyibah and have a great knowledge of
the rules of tajweed, traditions, jurisprudence, biography of the Prophet and legislation.
graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Translation Al Azher, Islamic Studies in English. Quran

Ola Ahmed

Alsalam Alaikum.
I am Ola Ahmed.
I am Indonesian / Syrian.
I live in Damascus, Syria and learned the Koran and Arabic there.
I study information technology engineering at the University of Damascus.
I have an Ijazah in the last 5 juz of the Islamic Studies Administration in Damascus, Syria.
Ijazah Sanad in 10 juz Riwayat Hafas an Asem.
Ijazah has hadith in Alarbaeen Nawaweyah.
Experience in the treatment and teaching of the Koran for children for 4 years.
Self_motivation and motivational speaker.

Abd El Rahman Ahmed

has been teaching the Qur’an online since 2010. It is my passion to teach the Quran and I want all my Muslim brothers and sisters to recite the Quran with its true soul. Register me your child so that I can teach them according to the plan. The students who are already studying with me have improved a lot by reciting the Qur’an. For any other request, do not hesitate to contact me. I teach Quran and Tajweed for 6 years. I have great skills and effective materials regarding the Qur’an and related courses to teach online.

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