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Online Arabic Language Lessons

The Academy offers Arabic Language Lessons for kids and adults. First, let’s have a look at the Arabic Language. Unlike Latin, Arabic is written and read from right to left. This could be very confusing for non-Arabic speakers. With our qualified Arab tutors there will be no confusion, our Azhar graduate tutors, speak fluent English. This means that they know all the secrets and rules of the Arabic language and will be able to deliver them to non-Arab speakers in an efficient and easy way.


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Our online courses to learn Arabic online will be highly customized and tailored to your own time and learning needs. You can choose the tutor that suits you best, and agree on a certain schedule that suit your time and preferences. You will be offered appropriate advice throughout the experience with our native Arabic teachers. They will teach you the right way to articulate read the words correctly and better understand their meanings.

Arabic Language Lessons

Every word and verse in the Holy Quran has more than one meaning to be felt or interpreted by established scholars. The way each word is read with good movement and intonation change the meaning of the word and the sentence as a whole. Learn to read Arabic to understand the meaning of each word in the verses of the Holy Quran. You will be able to understand the soul and essence of the Holy Verses with our native Arabic teachers.

You will also be able to read different interpretations of our online Arabic courses, which makes reading the Holy Qur’an a spiritual experience and opens your eyes.

Learn Arabic Online

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Learn Arabic Grammar

Learning Arabic Grammar will have an influence on the lives of the masses by making their worship more effective and useful. It gives self-assurance that the Holy Quran can be learned without too much trouble.

Benefits of Online Basic Arabic Course:

  1. This course will allow its students to understand the Quran abundantly.
  2. Understanding the direct text is more important than translations. So, do no full sense of the original text.
  3. Arabic grammar helps to grasp the meaning of our daily prayers.
  4. With the help of some fascinating examples, the rules of Arabic grammar can be learned.

There are many tips and tricks to learn how to learn Arabic like:

1- All work requires a strong will to start and carry out.

2- It is necessary to learn the 27 Arabic characters with their good pronunciation.

3- Know that language is not only words but also a marriage between syntax and lexicon.

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