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Best 4 Ways to Learn Quran Online With Tajweed

Every Muslim parent should encourage their child to learn Quran. Fortunately, today kids can learn Quran online which is particularly useful because children should get accustomed to using the internet to educate themselves. If you’re wondering about different ways of learning Quran online with Tajweed we’ve got you covered. Let’s see some of the best four ways your child can embark on a journey that will enrich their life in every way.


learn Quran online

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learn Quran online

  1. Skype tutors

The internet gives us a host of opportunities to widen our horizons and enrich our mind starting from childhood onwards. Your child can learn Quran online with Tajweed in multiple ways, but tutoring is the easiest and most popular form. Skype tutors are qualified professionals with vast skills and knowledge. They specialized in tutoring children meaning they know exactly what approach to take and how to make learning interesting and fruitful at the same time. Plus, online tutoring is also practical as parents can fit it into the child’s schedule. To make sure things will work out parents can also schedule three free trial lessons during which their child can get to know the tutor and start learning basics.

  • Quran learning app and software

Everyone’s got a smartphone or iPad nowadays. Even parents buy them for their kids to play games and learn. Yet another useful way through which children can learn Quran online and Tajweed too is to download and use software and apps. Free apps are easy to use and interactive. This way, the child gets to learn all the rules as well as to read and recite the Quran but in a manner that is adapted specifically for them. They learn at their own pace which is crucial. Plus, parents can also use these apps to check up on children, see their progress, and help them learn.

  • Videos

Visual presentation makes it easier for children and adults alike to learn and memorize something. That’s why children can also learn Tajweed and Quran by watching videos that are made for them specifically. Content is made in cartoon or animated form and features a design that children find appealing. In turn, children find it interesting and educational and their motivation to learn keeps growing. Platforms for learning Quran have videos children, but they also feature them on their apps, YouTube, and elsewhere.

  • Educational stories

Children love stories. Each story develops their imagination and creativity while boosting memory and other cognitive functions. As they read stories children develop a multitude of images in their mind. Learning Quran and Tajweed can also involve reading educational stories that are written and adapted for children only. Plus, this also increases the child’s love to read and learn.

Children learn Quran online through tutoring, apps and other software, video content, and even stories written in a manner they can understand. It’s important for a child to explore different forms of content online to learn more and stay motivated.

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