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Dua On Hearing Good News In Arabic

الْحَمْدُ لِلَّهِ مَاشَاء اللَّهُ تبارک اللهُ


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Dua On Hearing Good News In English Tarnscription

Alhamdhulillahi Masha Allah Thabarak ‘Allah

Dua On Hearing Good News In English

All praise is to Allah, Just as Allah willed Blessed is Allah At-Tirmidhi 1:233

How do you manage good news that affects your overall happiness

The relief that accompanies the good news can undermine your happiness and these two tips can help you.

The good news for pet owners in my neighborhood riddled with coyotes is that the lost animals just seem to find me. Upon returning from their furry babies, I enjoy the vision that people have of the desperate attempt of the gentle Fluffy to survive the elements and animals that abound and, of course, they feared the worst. Not once, they feared the worst again and again in a multitude of scenarios. Then they tell me this: they are so relieved.
Likewise, I have friends who have heard the news that affirmed their lives, “guess what? No cancer.” To which they respond, without an ounce of happiness, “Phew, I guess I’ll be able to go to this meeting on time, after all.
” Reacting to bad news has been shaped for us since birth because all of our survival instincts go into high gear once an obstacle arises. Quite simply, the problems need our attention, and our attention is quickly diverted until these problems are no longer threatening. However, we have not been taught how to handle the good news, but managing it properly helps to a great extent to reduce stress and increase happiness.
If you’ve never really thought about how you manage positive results, do not worry, you’re not alone. Most people do not do it. We are not willing, by default, to spend a lot of time on non-problematic issues. If we had not learned it and we were doing it consciously, we would never know what it might change in our good. being. Not to mention the plate of everyone that is full, which means that the energy directed to a problem is quickly diverted to the next as quickly as possible.

Think back to the last time you’ve had good news, then answer these two questions honestly:

1- How much time and energy did you spend on the worst-case scenario?
2- How much time and energy do you spend now knowing everything is fine?
It is very likely that there will be a dramatic difference between the time you spent on the positive results that actually took place and the time you devoted to highlighting the negative consequences that might have occurred. You readily admit that you are happy and that knowing that everything is going well is a heavy burden on your mind, but because the perceived problem is solved, it is all the attention that the happy ending gets.
If you are like most people, for every problem you have felt, you have spent a disproportionate time feeling anxious, anxious, even angry at the time you felt really grateful. The physical consequences of this imbalance alone are detrimental to your health and well-being. Your brain can not tell the difference between what’s happening right in front of you and what’s happening in your vivid and fearful visions.
This means that every time you imagine Fluffy panicking and terrified in a mad rush to escape the wild carnivorous beast chasing him, you feel the same harmful stress reaction in your body as if you had actually watched it happen. The barrage of stress chemicals in your imagination causes invisible damage to your endocrine system and your liver and kidneys as they try to detoxify these harmful hormones from your body.
Let’s not even talk about the extra damage caused by the glass of wine you think you need after all this self-imposed stress. As harmful as it may be to your body, the damage done to your psyche is much worse.

Fluffy did not go home. It happened once. But your mind has played that and all scenarios imagined many times and with graphic details. This may seem insignificant until you realize that each story told is classified as evidence in your memory bank. Proof that something is wrong.
Combine Fluffy’s inconsiderate sabbatical with all that concerns you and you will not run out of time to have a monolithic battery of unequivocal evidence that bad things are happening … all the time … for you … and that it’s not There is never a break. Your brain and your psyche maintain these misperceptions until belief is established that life is hard and that your life in particular is fraught with conflict and that you never have the opportunity to relax.
Over time, this state of mind becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, because when stressed, the brain cuts off access to different solutions or perspectives that could prevent or overcome new obstacles. You are practically cementing the pattern of self-destruction in your life simply because you have spent more time worrying than rejoicing.


You see, relief and gratitude are not the same things, everyone has their own goal:

The relief that the “bad thing” did not happen means that you are paying attention to the “bad thing”.
The gratitude that the “good thing” has arrived means that you pay attention to the “good thing”.
To be healthy, you need a monolithic battery of unambiguous evidence that good things happen … all the time … for you … and rejuvenate them.
It’s not about staying in the sand. Painful events occur in our lives, there is no denying or ignoring this truth. We are wired so that we can not help but notice them and take care of them so that we do not have to work very hard in this area. We also organize these wonderful events worthy of celebrations … that we barely take the time to notice.
Fortunately, all of this damage can be healed in your body and mind when you become aware of:
replay and enjoy the good news as soon as you receive it.
The chemical reaction that accompanies true gratitude (not just relief) heals the body. Go inside and feel the warmth of the good news. Not only will you reverse the physical damage caused by stress, but you will also compile new evidence for your belief system to build. You are reminded that wonderful events are happening, that life is often easier than expected, and that there is always time to immerse yourself in this unexpected infinite goodness.
An attitude of gratitude creates a positive self-fulfilling prophecy simply because neurological electricity has shifted from survival mode to thinking, curious and happy mode. The integration of this change is easier than you think and can be started with two tiny teams that you can practice anywhere and at any time.

2 simple steps to heal the habit of relief
1) Let relief be the trigger of recognition.
Whenever you feel relieved of your stress, you will be reminded that it is possible to celebrate something big.
Did you arrive on time when you thought you were late? That means you can be grateful to have a car, fuel, safe highways and courteous drivers. You have not been laid off? You clearly have a set of skills that is essential.
You also have a good chance for reference letters, you have more time to consider your options and perhaps an opportunity to learn a lot about yourself and others through the rebuilding process.
2) Take the time to imagine, in detail, the wonderful nature of your news. Do not worry, you do not have to reserve time for it. As if you did not need to buy time to worry like the dickens. You did this while driving, walking or falling asleep. Now fill this time with beautiful imagination.
You discover that there is no cancer after all? Imagine that every cell in your body is strong, bright, growing and healing. Imagine that the health of this disease-free zone is spreading in the surrounding areas and sharing its strength and resilience with the rest of your body. Really feel what it feels like to be healthy everywhere. Imagine what will be easier for you now that you are well.
Fluffy came home. Recognize that he is intelligent, that he loves you and that he needs you enough so that, even if his curiosity makes him wander, he goes home. Take a moment to feel what it’s like to know that someone you love is safe and sound. You can even imagine making new friends with cats, dogs or squirrels or being a companion for someone who really needs a friend if needed – of course, it would be Fluffy who would have presented because he was great!

It takes time and practice to change your default response to problems. With practice, however, you will begin to react positively to life, simply because your new stack of evidence about the safety, kindness and generosity of the world will create the conviction that will guide every one of your actions.
You will be amazed at what begins to change for you once you turn your attention to the infinite gifts that go by for the most part unnoticed at the moment. I can not wait to hear all this!
Have you ever started a practice like this? What has changed for you? If you are just starting out, what will you choose to work and when? Leave a comment below and let me know how you grow up.
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