Feed the children

. It is essential to pay special attention to the education of children. How will the education of children take place? By establishing a friendship! Establish a friendship with her children. Are you looking for friends? What need is there! If Allah ta’ala has granted you four sons, know that your sons are your friends. Establish a friendship with your children. Hardness and severity will not work. Keep your relationship with the woman nice and healthy. Remember, the better the relationship between husband and wife, the better the effects on children, the higher the results for children’s education. If we have the experience, by analyzing the children, we can determine the relationship between husband and wife.

If you have the opportunity to spend time with your busy family at licensed activities, you should do it. Such authorized activities will be the precursors, the means of Ibaadah, to worship. Such authorized activities become a fortress against forbidden acts, against disobedience to Allah Ta’ala. Occasionally go out with your family. Meet together at a suitable place or at home at other times. For a weekend, get ready to cook, prepare a picnic basket and go out. My paternal grandfather, Allah granted him the Maghfirat, took me very young to the Majaalis of the Mashaaikh. It was during the period of British rule. In fact, I was so young that I was on his lap in the Majaalis of Mashaaikh. Shukr, Alaah Ta`ala is grateful to the fact that these Majaalis are engraved in the spirit. The hearts of children are like a sheet of blank white paper. Everything written there will remain indelible.

My Hadhrat (rahmatullahi alai) said, “Consider sleeping children as awake. If you want to discuss something, go elsewhere and do it. Do not do it in the presence of sleeping children. Consider the children who sleep to be awake. Some of your statements or actions should not be printed on this white paper.


My beloved brothers! Here are some offers from this helpless traveler. The essence of the opinion is that one should participate fully in the education and upbringing of one’s children. Then and only then will peace and serenity be obtained in the true sense of the word. If not, if these same children become a means of testing, if they become the currency of the tribulation, your life will become miserable. We implore Allah Ta’ala to grant us the correct understanding and understanding, to grant us Taufeeq, the ability and facility to implement the proper education and care of our children.

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