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. Q. What are the ways in which Islam can meet women with the intention of getting married, if you live in a society where the best opportunity to meet a Muslim woman is at work or in a high school?

A. Marriage is an institution filled with respect and dignity. Thus, everything that leads to marriage must be filled in the same way. As we have seen, dating causes a great deal of sins and wrongdoing on the part of the boy and the girl. As such, a Muslim boy or girl should never be trapped in this web of satan.

According to the guidelines given in the beautiful teachings of Islam, when looking for a partner in marriage, he must consult the parents or other close relatives of the family. Parents / guardians, etc. then ask other members of the community and beyond to find a good boy or girl for their son / daughter. When some correspondence is found, parents / guardians should inquire about the characteristics, habits and character of this person. If they are happy, they would introduce the boy to the girl. At this point, the boy and the girl can talk to each other in the presence of family members and then decide to get married. Even at this time, it is not allowed to go out alone, to stay in solitary confinement or to have any relationship, seen by a husband and a wife.

In addition to the above, if a boy sees a girl who may be interested in him or vice versa, he must consult his parents and then proceed according to the guidelines given in the beautiful teachings of Islam. If parents are having trouble finding a suitable wife / husband for their son / daughter (through their contacts), then they can continue to seek advice from their friends, the imam, people from community or even distant relatives.

And Allah knows better.


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