hijab for men

The hijab for men: The Craft, Technique, and Style of a Modern Man

hijab for men…When you think of the hijab, you may picture women wearing it. But have you ever thought about what a hijab would look like on a man? It’s easy to see how the idea of men wearing the headscarf can be seen as taboo, but as more and more Muslim men are adopting it, it is becoming a popular trend. Here, we’ll explore this new style and discuss how the modern Muslim man dresses in today’s society.


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What is a hijab for men called?

To understand why this question is essential, we need to step back and ask why it came about. First, the word hijab does not necessarily mean just one item; instead, it can refer to an article worn by both genders that covers their head and chest with some exceptions. For example, hijabs are often worn by women who have chosen to wear gloves or sleeves. In general, though, hijabs are usually associated with covering up your body in public.

hijab in Quran

In the Quran, there are many references to women wearing hijab. For example, in verse 24:31-32, it says:

“And tell the believing women to lower over their breasts. This will be more proper for them that they may be recognized and not be grieved.”

hijab for men
hijab for men

In verse 33:59, it says: “O Prophet! Tell thy wives and daughters, and the believing women, that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad): That is most convenient so they may be recognized and not molested.”

These verses give us a better understanding of why some Muslim men opt to wear a hijab. First, it is to distinguish themselves from non-Muslims. Additionally, it helps make them identifiable as Muslims in public not to get attacked or harassed by people who do not know much about Islam.

hijab for men

What if you were to wear a cloth across your face and chest? This is where the men’s hijab comes into play.

A male hijab is typically worn by Muslim men who do not want to be seen as women. The cloth often covers the head, neck, and chest, but some may wrap it around their entire body. Some are more observant and only cover their head, while others will cover their head with the cloth while wearing a shirt or other article of clothing underneath. Even though this is typically called a “man’s hijab,” it doesn’t mean that women cannot wear it as well; in fact, it means the same for both genders.

Styles of hijab for men.

There are many styles of hijabs for men, but the most common ones are the thobe and jailed. The latter is most often associated with the headscarf covering your hair and neck. This type of hijab is often called a Shayla, which covers your head and hair with a long piece of cloth.

The most popular style among young Muslim men today is the tiered or layered Shayla, which has three layers consisting of an inner layer and two outer layers. One layer will have a pattern, while the other will be solid colors.

The different styles vary in length depending on what’s comfortable for you. For example, some may wear these as full-length garments by folding them over their clothes, while others may find it more practical to wrap them around their torso like a sarong or belt.

As far as color goes, there are also many options available to choose from as they are available in every color imaginable! Not only this, though, but they can be found in different textures, too including satin, silk, cotton, polyester, and chiffon, so you can have an outfit that’s just perfect for your day!

Modern Muslim Man: What is his style?

The modern Muslim man has a different style than popular in years past. The traditional clothing worn by most Muslim men was extremely conservative and only allowed for small portions of skin to be exposed. Many men today don’t want to suffer from these restrictions and are seeking out more stylish ways to dress while still adhering to Islamic principles.

One way that they’re doing this is by wearing the hijab on top of jeans or other casual clothing, rather than on top of traditional clothing like long coats or shirts. This allows them to keep up with their current style but maintain their modesty and respect for God simultaneously, which is something that many Muslims find difficult when it comes to dressing up traditionally.

Images of Men Wearing Hijabs in the Media

In today’s society, people are much more open to the idea of hijab for men. As a result, it is no longer unusual to see men wearing a headscarf in all parts of society. For example, there has been an increase in the number of Muslim activists and reporters wearing hijabs. This trend has even spread into the mainstream media, with figures like Mike Pence (the Vice President) and French president Nicolas Sarkozy wearing a hijab.

Why Men Wear Hijab?

Beyond religious and social reasons, some men wear hijabs because they feel stylish and modern. As mentioned earlier, many Muslim men have adopted this new style to express their identity and cultural roots. The purpose behind choosing to wear one is also different from what you might think; for some Muslim men, it can be about practicing modesty or being faithful to their faith by covering themselves when around other people.


The hijab is revived among young men and women, but the style is still new. The Hijab for Men is a guide to designing your custom hijab. This book contains step-by-step instructions for creating six different modern hijabs for men. The styles range from the classic skull cap to a more contemporary take on the traditional hijab that integrates fashion and faith. Readers will learn how to select fabrics, trim patterns, stitch, assemble their hijab, and find the perfect fit, all while learning about the history of this beautiful garment in Islam.

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