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The Quran sometimes spelled the Quran, (Arabic: القرآن) is the holy book of Islam. The Quran is considered by Muslims as “The Word of Allah (God)”. This book is different from other religious books in that it is written directly by our God the Almighty, through the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Most of the Muslims call it the Final Testament.

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It has been written and read only in the Arabic language for over 1400 years. But because many Muslims around the world do not understand Arabic, the meaning of the Holy Qur’an is also given in many other languages around the world, so that readers can better understand what the Arabic words mean in the Holy Qur’an. These books are like dictionaries of the Holy Quran – they are not read as part of the religion of Islam, to replace the Arabic Quran. The Muslims around the world believe that these translations are not the true Qur’an; only the Arabic copy is the true Quran.

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[1] The Qur’an is used with the hadith to interpret the law of Sharia law which is called Islamic law.

The Muslims believe that the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad by the archangel Gabriel in a cave on the mountain of Hira in Mecca, and then for a period of twenty-three years until his death.

The Qur’an was not written together as a book while Muhammad was alive; it has been preserved by oral communication and briefly written documents. The prophet could neither read nor write, but according to the Muslims, the cousin of the prophet Ali ibn Abi Talib, among others, used to write the texts about something when Muhammad was alive. After the death of the Prophet Muhammad, Ali ibn Abi Talib collected the Quran and wrote it as a book.

There are 30 parts in the Holy Quran, which make 114 “suras” (chapters). Each surah has a different number of verses.

According to Muslim teachings [source?], 86 of these suras took place in Mecca, 24 of these suras were held in Medina. The Surahs that took place in Medina are Al-Baqara, Al-Imran, Al-Anfal, Al-Ahzab, Al-Ma’ida, An-Nisa, Al-Mumtahina, Az-Zalzala, Al-Hadid, Muhammad, Ar- Ra. -Ar-Rahman, At-Talaq, Al-Bayyina, Al-Hashr, An-Nasr, An-Nur, Al-Hajj, Al-Munafiqun, Al-Mujadila, Al-Hujraat, At-Tahrim, At-Taghabun, Al-Jumua, As-Saff, Al-Fath, At-Tawba, Al-Insan.


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