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Learn Quran Online | Learn the Qur’an online Remember and continue to say the name of Allah who created you. This is the first verse of chapter 96 of the Quran, and it is said that this is the first verse that was revealed about the prophet (peace be upon him). The first verse was revealed when Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in the cave of Hiraa. The detailed study can be carried out via Learn Quran online. The verse-by-verse revelations of Allah’s messages were brought to earth by an archangel Jibreel.

The Qur’an was gradually revealed in 23 years, from the moment Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was 40 years old and ended at his death in the year 632. After his death, his companions gathered all verses and he gave it a book form. Learning the Qur’an online could easily do a thorough study.

Importance of learning the Quran

The only way to know Islam is to learn the Qur’an. The whole code of conduct in religion, Islam is only in the Koran. For Muslims, the Qur’an is one of the ways to enter paradise, because it teaches us how to live properly in our lives and maintain good relationships and good behavior with the entire universe. We should learn the Qur’an online and apply the Quranic teachings in our lives to obtain praise and appreciation in the sight of Allah.

There are many verses that an average person can not understand simply by reading it. These verses are to be learned from the lessons (known as Tafseer) of scholars who have done extensive research on the Qur’an.

The Quran is the only full source that allows Muslims to perpetuate all their beliefs and lead a very balanced life while satisfying all the needs of humanity. The best way to understand the Qur’an is not simply to interpret the verses as you wish. Learn the Quran Arabic online offers a set of courses in which great scholars have explained the Qur’an as a whole in a wonderful way. these explanations are known as Tafseer.

Five basic lessons

Among the different teachings, we can apply some or all of them in our life and improve ourselves considerably. You can participate in any Quran online learning course online to learn more about each of them. As it is almost impossible, to summarize, all in this little article, I try to list here the six most basic teachings of the Qur’an.

Attitude and conduct

When you enter your home, you must greet everyone. Outside of life, you must not lie. Do not be biassed towards anyone and always speak in a low voice. Never enter anyone’s property without his permission and never indulge in the scandal.

Avoid blows and accusations

Before releasing information from anyone, who might be sensitive to certain people, confirm 100 times if this is true. Do not accuse anyone until you have solid evidence. Learning the Qur’an online is just one way to get through all of them.

To be responsible

You must be responsible and take care of your parents, your wife, and your children. There should be no excuse to escape. Your family is counting on you and you must always take full responsibility.

Avoid borrowing

You must avoid borrowing. If you can not afford to buy something, you should and should not get it by taking out a loan. In addition, if you give credit to someone, you should not charge them interest, and if the person who took it is now unable to repay, you must give them extra time to make it easier. and, if possible, consider it a charity. and forget that.

Help the needy

You should never try to show your strength to a poor or an orphan. Never look at the orphan’s property with bad intentions, and if it is your responsibility to take care of it, you must return it when the orphan becomes an adult, with all the growth that has occurred on the property. In addition, help as much as you can those in need and never boast of anything in front of anyone.

Health and hygiene

You must always take care of your health and do not ignore it in the rush of earning more and more money. At the same time, you must also maintain purity and cleanliness in your mind. To stay healthy, wine and alcoholic beverages are prohibited and must not be consumed.

Availability and need of online courses:
The most crucial aspect of Learn Quran Arabic Online is to save the time of Koran students and scholars. Secondly, in many areas, the availability of excellent specialists is lacking. The luxury of online courses also allows you to choose a tutor who can teach you the model that suits you best. Students and guardians have the flexibility of time, so they are not tied to a particular period in their busy schedule. There is no shuttle, so learning the Qur’an online is cheaper than regular classes. There is no defined criterion that only Muslims can learn the Quran. Anyone of any religion, color, a country can learn the Qur’an from anywhere in the world. If you belong to another religion and have difficulty attending traditional classes, online classes are the best destination for you.

Register now

We suggest that you register your child as soon as possible to learn the Qur’an online. Children aged 5 to 7 are in the best phase of their lives to learn something. The things they learned at this age will stay with them forever. For adults too, the lessons of the Quran are very important and are beneficial for their lives in unexpected ways. The experiences of the Quran enlighten us in life. If you want to learn the sacred book of the Quran and want the teachings to be implemented in your life, then Learning Quran online is the best way to educate yourself in this area.

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