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The applied course of Tajweed is the practical phase of the Tajweed Rules. After completing the advanced tajweed course, you are admitted to the next level. Here, the teacher helps you to apply Tajweed’s learned rules to the Qur’an text and to have you read accordingly by applying all the rules. This practice allows you to read Tajweed fluently and eventually you become confident and independent by reading the Qur’an with Tajweed. In this class, the teacher explains all the rules as you read and then helps you understand them. Thus, in the presence of the teacher, you become able to read with confidence.


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The main topics covered in the applied course of tajweed:
1- Definition and origin of Tajweed,

2- Tajweed decision

3- Tajweed Rules

4- Waqf

5- Introduction to Qiraat

6- Evaluation of Tajweed

7- Sifaat ul Huroof

These are the main areas in which teachers focus and help you to read and understand Tajweed rules. Once you have completed the course, you will be able to read the Qur’an by yourself, no matter if you do not have a basic Arabic. May Allah be with me. The applied course of Tajweed allows you to fully understand the rules and recitation of the Holy Quran.

Benefits of the applied course of Tajweed.
The course allows you to understand all the rules of Tajweed in an applied way. You become able to detect errors from reciting everything. Once you have taken this course, you will be able to teach the Quran as well, although you also need to get an Ijazah for a better Quran teacher. You can also be considered a master of the Qur’an if you read the Quran with a teacher by applying the rules of Tajweed.

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