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My journey with the Quran How did I memorize it? | Get 3 FREE Trial Quran Classes

My trip with the Quran| How did I memorize it?
It was three stages of memorization that I went through and I could not have memorized the Quran by heart without the help of Allah, the Almighty.
For starters, my very first steps in this journey began when my parents taught me the short chapters of the Quran when I was about four years old. I finished the last seven parts of my childhood. My parents were my motivation and inspiration to learn and study the Quran. With my brothers and sisters, I memorized because of the gift I would receive after completing the required chapters. However, over time, I was inclined to study it myself to learn more about its miraculous nature. Going to the mosque three times a week to recite the part I was memorizing before my teacher was a commitment to myself. My parents were full of inspiration, trying in every way to teach us the Quran and the science of Tajweed from an early age. I was only 13 years old when I learned the Tajweed Advanced Course, being the youngest of my sister, among all the students (midlife women and teachers in our Masjids neighborhood) at the time. It was an exceptional experience for me, where I had the chance to recite the Quran in front of everyone. Then I was chosen to teach the science of Tajweed to the children and elderly women of our local masjid at the age of 15 years. To be honest, I’m so grateful and so grateful to my parents for leading the way in this adventure.

The second step was when I entered the Quran camp (where students had to memorize the entire Quran in just 2 months) as a teenager. I finished seven more games in two weeks, where I had to memorize ten pages a day. I did not continue because I felt I was memorizing too many verses without having the time to look for the unclear verses/words that I was reading (we had to revise the pages we memorize at home, that is, say a full day of memorization and review). Here, I preferred to go back to my usual way of memorizing.

The last step was the most difficult and the most beautiful because I decided to complete the remaining parts of the Quran at home, by myself. I was busy working 6 days a week, freelancing, studying at university with a lot of research to do, the endless social visits/events I had to attend, and my many other personal activities and projects. Despite everything I wanted and a good life, I realized that it was not what mattered most to me. It’s not my priority in life. Although most of the time, I never stopped reading my part of the Quran (I memorized/revised verses/chapters from time to time as well), I had to make a big jump in my life, that is, to spend more time studying and learning the Quran. I commit myself to remember everything by adhering to the plan I wrote. And that was all I needed. A decision! I had completed the remaining 16 parts in about 9 months, alhamdulillah, and I became a Hafiz … And look, you too can be!
Before sharing these tips with you, let’s agree that there is NO universal step/solution for memorization. So, what you can do is choose what suits you and add anything that will help you if you intend to memorize the Quran inshaAllah

I will explain in sequence.

Before memorization tips:

Be sincere and renew your intention.
Seek the help of Allah: when you plan, memorize, revise, lose motivation, show lack of understanding. Turn to him, these are his words and only he can teach you. Never underestimate the power of the Duaa in sujood.
Write a list of your friends/family members/people who will be part of your project. Whether by encouraging or memorizing with you.
Say NO: cancel unnecessary meetings/activities, reduce the tasks you usually live to find more time to get in the mood and start memorizing.
Stay away from sins: And always repent if you feel messed up once! Remember that Allah is at your side and seek refuge from Allah against the cursed Satan and continue. We are not perfect at the end and sin will keep you from going on if you insist, remember this!

Find a recitation/teacher of Tajweed: He/she will teach you and help you recite the verses correctly and follow up with you. Your teacher could be your mother, your father, or your brothers and sisters at home (if they can recite the Quran with Tajweed).
Use a Mushaf – (Quran): So you can use a pencil to mark the words and underline the verses. Try to get a standard-sized Quran, not too big, that you can not hold and carry everywhere, and not too small, it will be difficult to memorize and you will not be able to write on it.
Know your style of memorization: whether you use sign language, copy into a notebook, raise your voice as you recite, write the beginning of each verse, read through it memorizing, listen to a narrator and repeat after him. You choose the best technique and, of course, you can use several, depending on your mood, time, place, etc.
Make a flexible plan: This may seem like the hardest part for some people. But if you make all the points above, I’m sure everything else will be easy. A flexible plan means having a Plan A and a Plan B. This means that you need to know your abilities and write a plan of action that is right for you. It will be as easy to say, “I’ll memorize one page every day after Fajr and another before sleeping / after Ishaa.” Print a calendar to track your progress and that’s it!

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