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Allah has blessed Muslims with the best religion and we are really lucky to be a Muslim nation. Islam is not only a religion but also a complete way of life. We learn fraternity with the help of this religion. People from all walks of life, castes, cultures, and ethnicities are equal in Islam. Hajj is the best example of equality and unity when people from different cultures and ethnicities come together to worship. There is no racial discrimination in this religion. This shows that Islam is really a blessing for us. All Muslims must unite and hold the rope of Allah. They can do this by connecting to the Holy Book of Allah, called the Quran. Muslims can be united if they read it, understand it, memorize it, then apply its teachings in everyday life. Every Muslim should learn the Quran, but there are many who for some reason have never had the opportunity to learn the sacred book. There is an installation for these people in the form of e-learning. Thanks to the Internet era, it has become extremely easy to learn the Quran by joining an online institution.

The Internet has many advantages. This not only brought people together but also provided them with many ways to learn. Like formal online education, Quranic education is also possible.

The Internet has made the world a global village by bringing people together. They may also have better access to education. Quranic education has also become easily accessible. The Quran is a blessing for us and it is a unique book. The beauty of this book is that it is present in its current form and will remain in its original form forever. Allah has taken the responsibility to preserve it forever.

If you do not understand Arabic, you can read his translation to understand it. Translation reading facilities are accessible to everyone, but no one is allowed to use this translation in Salat or any other cult. Learning and reading Arabic is very important because it is obligatory. The recitation must be beautiful and melodious, but this can not be done without learning. The recitation must also be accurate. This means that the Arabic of the Quran must be read without errors and mistakes. The pronunciation of the letters must be perfect and similar to the recitation of our Holy Prophet (PBUH). Here in this article, we will discuss the secrets of the popularity of learning the Quran online.

Earning Quranic Education

Today, Quran classes can be followed in two main ways: in madrasah/ mosque classes and via online classes. Muslims from different countries need online courses, mainly because of the large number of benefits. Advances in technology have allowed us to find excellent teachers who can manage the courses at the time chosen by the students. With the help of online learning, people can realize their dream of studying any course, regardless of their level of activity. This form, of course, is also favorable for those who struggle in their busy lives, which leads them to abandon their learning of the Quran.

Learning the Quran becomes more enjoyable and interesting when you do it online. The learning process also becomes practical if we adopt a traditional method. The courses are simple and satisfying. It also gives us the opportunity to learn from expert tutors. Students can find highly qualified tutors, Quran Hafiz, and Aalim e Deen, reliable in their learning. Learning the Quran becomes very effective with their guidance and if the chosen Quran center is famous, it can be extremely rewarding. The Holy Book of Allah is the source of guidance and helps Muslims to reach the right path that Allah has taught us to follow. The Internet has introduced a new dimension to learning this sacred book. This is an opportunity for students to plan their courses according to their time and to have access to competent teachers without leaving their home.

What skills do you need?

Students who can use computer systems may find it very easy to take lessons online. It only requires basic computer skills to start taking lessons. Students will not find it difficult to take classes. There are a variety of courses available, practical and simple to learn.

Since these online courses are taught via the Internet, there are no other special types of equipment that students need to take classes. But the most important thing is that students have reliable access to the Internet so as not to disturb during the course. First, check the connection, then start your classes. Audio communication does not usually require high-speed Internet, but in the case of video conferencing, a broadband connection is important for you to work more efficiently! Students do not need to be a computer genius to take the course. The use of technology is simple for everyone. Students and teachers can feel comfortable during class.

To learn the Koran, students must first learn the Arabic language. Since this is not done overnight, students must be patient. At first, students may feel frustrated, but they must keep their wits alive and continue to make efforts. Learning Arabic from the Quran is not like learning another language. Students will only learn the basics of the language. With time and effort, it does not become difficult. But the availability of an expert teacher is very important. if the teacher is not good at teaching because of a lack of knowledge or poor teaching style, it is harder for students and they take longer to understand the course.

The secrets of the popularity of online learning

Registration to Quran lessons online is preferable to traditional learning. Today, more and more Muslims are opting for this type of learning to acquire Islamic knowledge. This trend is increasing rapidly among children and adults. There are different reasons to make this choice. In today’s hectic world, the most practical way to learn is to learn in the classroom. Most people, especially adult learners, have different responsibilities. They therefore need flexibility in their schedules. Read below the reasons why this mode of learning is so popular today.

Easy accessibility

Muslims wishing to enroll in any course can do so easily if they find a reliable Quran center providing this facility. Online courses offering courses offer students the opportunity to register easily. The registration process is easy and teacher recruitment is also easy, so anyone can do it without a problem. Some institutes do not need to fill out a registration form. Students can simply contact the academy and talk to them to start taking classes. The staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that students can talk to them at any time.


In countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc., going to an Islamic center is often expensive. It is even more expensive to hire a teacher at home. When students take classes online, they can simply pay fees and start taking classes. There are no other fees that students have to pay, like traveling, etc.

Online payment

The best thing to do is that you do not have to visit the institute and pay fees. Students can easily make an online payment for course registration or pay a monthly fee using the methods suggested by the institution. The online payment method also saves money while traveling. Online payments are also secure and students can easily transfer funds over traditional payment methods that deal with cash management or paper checks.

Convenience of interaction

People think it’s easy to interact with teachers in traditional classrooms, but in an online environment, it’s not easy to interact with teachers. This is not true because, in online courses, students can easily and freely communicate with teachers. They can have audio and video communication and can directly ask questions to teachers. Sometimes online interactions help them learn better.

The ease of time

With regard to traditional apprenticeship, students must follow the program provided by the institute. Some institutions are strict over time and never let students fall behind. But if we take courses online, we can choose the time of our choice to take classes. Each student can study at the time he has chosen. Institutes offer this opportunity because most people who attend online courses are active professionals who are engaged in professional or commercial activities or have busy family commitments.

Credibility of teachers

There is no doubt that online courses offer the opportunity to learn from credible tutors. Although they are not teachers, they are qualified tutors of the Quran or Aalim e Deen. They are the experts and can better teach the courses.

Many students enrolled in an online course are active professionals or regular students in a school or college. They have hectic work routines and for most of them taking classes online is also a daunting task. It is a common myth that attracts you that online courses are easier than traditional courses. This is a total myth because the content of the course is almost the same. But these courses are practical and easy to follow. There is some flexibility over time and students can take long courses in a practical way. Before you register for a course, you must make sure you can follow the courses in a practical way.

Since physical classroom learning is lacking here, students can view a teacher’s profile to learn more about them. Many institutes have the contact information of teachers available on their websites. It becomes easy for the student to get information about the tutors.

What does an online learning future look like in the Quran?

Competition among online Koranic institutions is also becoming fiercer as they strive to excel. Each academy strives to prove that it can help students achieve their goals of acquiring a particular Quranic education. We are in the digital age and technology is advancing, so learning methods must also move forward. The time when students have to go to a particular place to attend classes is over. Modern students do not have to go anywhere, they can take any course at home. If the students do not have a computer, they can also follow the lessons using their smartphone.

Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc., do not have Islamic centers in all areas. Thus, the future of online Quranic education in these countries is promising. Students are satisfied with this method of education. They can easily take distance courses to feel encouraged. Parents are more satisfied with this type of learning. Since online academies provide education to a large number of students around the world, anyone can join them. These institutions work to meet the Islamic education needs of students around the world. These academies are now the main actor of Quranic education.

We, therefore, anticipate considerable growth in the number of online courses in the future. It will be highly appreciated in the future and we hope that it will completely replace face-to-face learning in Western countries.

As digital technology progresses rapidly, many people do not know it yet. In the future, more and more people will become familiar with the use of technology and the online training will become a trend. More and more people will be relying on the latest technologies, which will increase the number of students turning to e-learning. Western countries will be the largest adopters of Quran learning online, many Muslims adopting this mode of learning.


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