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Online Quran Teacher

Do you want Online Quran teacher? Are you afraid that you will not be able to learn the Quran while you are living in a country where it is impossible for you to obtain a Quranic education to learn Quran from an experienced Quran Tutors? Have you ever heard of learning Quran classes online skype? quran classes online via Skype is a method that makes learning the Quran possible for people like you who do not have access to an Online Quran teacher.

Online Quran Teaching Skype

Learning Quran by taking our classes online skype means learning and reading the Qur’an from an online tutor who is not physically present with it. He/she teaches you the Quran online via Skype. The Quran Academy of Courses is very pleased to announce that we offer Online Quran lessons on Skype specifically for you to learn the Quran online. Learning Quran on Skype is very easy and up-to-date. You can take our Quran lessons on Skype by simply making a call with our online Quran teacher who is present on the other side of the call to teach Quran on Skype. People are using some softwares such as Skype, Zoom Cloud for meeting and many others today, so we thought why not bring Quran learning to Skype or any other software, so siblings can learn the Quran on Skype instead of leaving them talking to their friends and waste time.

All what you need is Just to sign up with us and start learning the Quran on Skype.

Join us today to read the Quran online and enjoy online Quran courses. You can also take a three-day trial class to check the methods of our Quranic teaching. You will be satisfied with our Quranic teaching methods and will join regularly in our Quran classes Inshallah. I wish you the best.

Learn Quran Online

learn Quran free
learn Quran free

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Quran tutor at home

Learn Quran online at home is Disciplined, secure and cheap.

All the hassles of getting your child to the madrassah or 100% satisfaction guarantee from a Quran woman guardian simply in an online Quran session for kids. Quran online course for kids simplify learning your child’s Quran from an online Quran school. Quran lessons online for your child make it safe, effective, disciplined and cheap.

Quran Learning Online Benefits

  1. You need a computer and an internet
  2. We provide a 1 to 1 session giving a good teaching of the Quran to your children
  3. No worries like what you have if  your child at the madrassah, save time and gas
  4. No security problems because no teacher comes to your home
  5. No class is lacking because the teacher manages classes from his house
  6. If a class is missed for any reason, just reschedule the class to another day
  7. Finding the right Online Quran teacher (Qariyah) is easy and could now easily teach from home while managing their own children
  8. If you do not like the Online Quran teacher for any reason, ask our admin for another teacher
  9. Get 3 free trial days to try a couple and prepare the one that suits you best
  10. Avoids any environmental reason for the missing class

Online Quran Classes for Adults

The Quran Courses Academy is a leading international educational organization, specializing in teaching the holy Quran with Tajweed. It is a non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political organization dedicated to teaching, preserving and promoting the blessed Book of Allah (SWT).

The main goal of the academy is to welcome students the world over and invite them to read, learn and implement the teachings of the Holy Quran into their lives.

We provide Tajweed courses, designed to improve recitation of the Quran to the standard of the Prophet (saw). This is accessible to all, regardless of ability and previous reading. We also offer Islamic Studies alongside Quranic studies, so students may benefit from the knowledge of our qualified tutors and improve their Islamic knowledge and character.

Our online Quran Classes are available from anywhere with our tutors who speak fluent English.

Please visit our online Quran courses for more information about our syllabus.

Once you have become a registered student, you can access a wealth of information including downloadable course materials, nasheeds, Duaa and Islamic books. These resources will take your studies further and allow you to continue learning lessons.

We pride ourselves on the teaching of the holy Quran with quality, not quantity. Our online Quran teachers at The Quran Courses Institute have all dedicated their lives to learning and perfecting the art of Tajweed. Please log into our website to find out more information about this and take advantage of our outstanding online services which will not only benefit you in this life but hereafter Insha’Allah. So hurry now and act upon it.

Online Quran Learning App

if you are looking for online Quran learning apps here are some of them

for the Android systems

For the Iphone below

Here some of our Online Quran Techers

Samah Fouad

I am the teacher of the Koran. I teach tajweed, hifz and recitation.
* Graduated from the Faculty of Arts of Cairo University 1998.
* Experience:
* 7 years of teaching the Koran and tajweed at the institute of al-Qahar al-Qahar al-Quran face to face.
* Teach online Quran and tajweed to non-Arabs with Noor al-byan teaching children for one year.
* worked as a Qur’an and tajweed teacher at the Arabia studio for a year.
* 1 year of Quran teaching in Al Alson Azhari language schools.
* Certificates that I have:
* Ijazah of tajweed from the Al Azhar Institute for qira’at ashr.
* Ijazah connected to the prophet Mohamed and sanad with rwayah hafs and aasim.
* Ijazah with Rwayah Warsh.
* Ijazah with rwayah kaloon.
* Ijazah with rwayah el bazii.
* Ijazah with rwayah kombol.
* Ijazah with rwayah ad dory.
* Ijazah with rwayah As soy. I can communicate easily with online students in Arabic and English

Amany Ahmed

I finished memorizing the Quran, I finished my studies in Islamic studies, B.Ed. and a course of a well-known Madarsa. I give private lessons for 6 years in which I taught Tafser, Hadith, fiqah, memorization, recitation and Arabic. I also have enough online teaching experience.
I am enthusiastic, energetic and mature to deal with every type of student. It would be a pleasant and productive experience for me and for the students. I am motivated and assured myself and I have also worked in leadership positions and demonstrated effective skills and leadership.

Ahmed Ibrahim

Brothers and sisters Assalamu Alaykum “peace be upon you”
I hope you are well.
My name is Ahmed Ibrahim I am Egyptian Quran and Arabic teacher, I am a graduate of Al-Azhar University the largest Islamic university in the world I am professional in teaching Quran, tajweed, Islamic studies and language Arabic for all ages (male or female). Because I have Hafs Ijaza rewayah, I have 4 years of teaching experience of Quran and Arabic and I have over 4000 hours of online teaching. (more than 1000 hours on Qutor website and more than 3200 hours in different institutes and online via skype and zoom from 2014). I have taught more than 42 students (men and women and children) in different countries of the world. I will take you from level zero to the advanced level in a good way to read InShaa Allah. with me you will be able to recite the Quran and make Hifz with the rules of tajweed easily and in a short time you will read with yourself without any inshaallah help because I have a good method to teach Quran and tajweed and Arabic also and I will teach you step by step. If you are interested in learning Quran or tajweed or recitation or Hifz or Arabic, send me a message and send me an invitation and receive a free class at any time on the Qutor website. jazaum allah khara

Nour said

Gold Medal in Islamic Studies with a degree in Islamic Education (Tafseer and Hadith). He memorized the Holy Qur’an (Hifz) and received professional training on Recitation Skills (Qiraat), which allowed him to win numerous Hifz and Qiraat competitions at the provincial and national levels. Hold professional work experience of more than 10 years in conducting Islamic courses on Tajweed, Hifz, Brief explanation of Qur’an for different age groups and professions, including students, lawyers, doctors, etc. Conducting multiple trainings on the Hajj.

Aisha Mohammed

I am motivated, ambitious and eager to teach Arabic language. I have sufficient experience of 10 years in which I conducted workshops, engaged courses, coordinated between the Arab department, edited Arabic books, made presentations, filled difficult tasks etc. I facilitate the learning of the Arabic language by providing worksheets and motivating them. I have strong communication skills and can teach the language learner language skills. The grammar would be defined and implemented in a very simple way.

Zainab Ahmed

Assalamu Alaykum. My name is Zainab. I come from Egypt. I am a teacher of Arabic language and Koran to non native speakers. Have 7 years of experience in teaching Arabic and Koran to non-native speakers. I studied at the faculty of education of the Arabic language. I have worked in more than one teaching center of Arabic and Quraan to non-native speakers. I can teach Arabic and Koran to adults and children. I teach classical Arabic as well as familiar in Egyptian dialect. I succeeded, thank God, in helping many students to master Arabic and Koran. I can teach language skills by writing, reading, speaking and interacting. I can teach all Arabic books. Students will enjoy learning with me Insha Allah

Hind Ahmed

I am working as a Quran teacher since October 2015. I am Arabic speaking, I speak English very well and I have a teaching experience of recitation, Hifz, Tajweed and Tafseer to non Arabic speakers.
Completed the memorization of the Qur’an at the age of 16 under the supervision of Tajweed experts, Dar Iqraa, Alexandria, Egypt. (1995 -2006)
I have excellent knowledge of Tajweed rules. I took a course on Qur’anic teaching techniques and Islamic studies in Dar Iqraa. (Sep 2014- Oct 2015).
I have an Ijaza at Assem (Hafs and Shu’ba) of Al Shatebeya (April 2017),
and a Ijaza to Ibn Katheer (Al Bazzi and Kunbul) of Al Shatebeya (April2017-December 2017) and is currently preparing an Ijaza in Hamza Recitation (Khalaf and Khallad) in Ashatebeya way (December 2017 to present)
I have experience in teaching with An-Nouranya and in teaching women and children.
I taught Quran and Tajweed to non-Arabic speaking speakers in an online education academy in London, UK
I teach Quran and Tajweed to Arabic speakers in Dar Iqraa, Alexandria.
I can handle many priorities, I am dedicated, hard-working, punctual, organized and honest.
I have a degree in Islamic Studies from the Islamic University Online (March 2016-August 2017)
Currently preparing a Master’s Degree in Islamic Studies at the Islamic Online University. (September 2017 – so far).
Currently studying Shatebeya (Qiraat) at Dar Iqraa, Alexandria, Egypt. (October 2016 – so far).
Currently studying Islamic studies and Qiraat (narrations) at the Al-Qiraat Institute, Al Azhar University, Cairo (October 2017 – so far)

Heba Fahmy

Salam alaikum, my name is Heba Fahmy  from Egypt. Quran and tarweed teacher for non-native speakers (women and children). I received a certificate from Al Azhar reciting the Qur’an with tajweed with an excellent degree and I had Albian Nour class (qaida nowrania). I have 7 years of experience teaching Koran in different online institutes. I have taught more than 50 students in different countries around the world. I will take you from level zero to advanced levels by reading Quran insha Allah. In our plan with the method of nour albian, I will teach you letters, words, sentences, verses with tajweed rules, step by step, in a simple and easy way, with a focus on pronunciation and the points of articulation. I will help you improve your recitation as quickly as possible.

Amira Esam

I am an Egyptian. I spent my childhood in America, so I have a perfect American accent. In addition, I had my high school and high school at the Religious Institute in Kuwait and I memorize the Holy Quran by heart. When I was in high school every Friday, I volunteered to teach non-Arabic children the Koran, Hadith and Arabic. During the summer holidays, I also worked as a teacher of Qura’an & Hadith in a summer school.
I graduated from the Faculty of Languages and Simultaneous Interpretation \ Al-Azhar University. I have good experience in teaching. After graduation, I taught others online Tajweed & Qura’an recitation for about 2 years, I have advanced experience in using computer applications, so I used Microsoft PowerPoint for teach my students Tajweed. Alhamdolillah they were very satisfied and this helped them to understand the Tajweed rules much faster and better. I believe that knowing how to recite Quran correctly is a gift from Allah and I must thank him by trying to pass it on to others

Gehad Mahmoud

Narration Uthman bin Affan: The Prophet said, “The most superior among you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” [Sahih Bukhari Volume 6, Book 61, Number 545]
Nothing is like teaching for me and especially if it’s the Holy Qur’an. I am happy because in teaching I live my passion. There is no better feeling than to see one of your students, finally “get it” and their level improves. My relevant qualifications, including working for a year and a half as an Arabic teacher, and for 3 years as an English teacher in Islamic language schools, gave me a great alhamdulilla experience

Necreen Salah

Assalamu aalykum, my name is Necren Salah  , I am a Koran, a tajweed and an Arab tutor. I teach Quran and tajweed for 11 years. I memorized the entire Qur’an in 2009 alhamdulillah and received my ijaza to teach Aljazariya from the Dar Al Ber Society in the UAE. I am also experienced in teaching Noorani Qaida and Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. I am about to receive new ijaza in the recitation of Hafs In sha’Allah. I attended more than 3 Quran classes in Egypt and the UAE. The best time I spend is when I teach the Qur’an to my students. I can make the Quran and Tajweed learning process as interesting and easy as I like to do this process.

Yasmin Sami

Been in the field of Qur’an and related sciences for about 15 years, I have a certificate of advanced, extensive, practical and theoretical tajweed rules. In addition, I took a course on Qaeda Noorania that helps Quran students, especially beginners, get into Qur’an recitation easily. Obtained another three-year course on Unity and Attributes of Allah, Hadith Teminology, Fiqh, Tafseer. In addition, I had taught Quran with Tajweed as well as Islamic studies in Tahfeez schools in the Gulf region for about five years. Have mastered the recitation of the Quran and memorization in the manner of Hafs ‘an’ Aasim, and through Shu’ba, and then received the authentication (authorization-Ijaza). Currently student and teacher Tajweed, Rrecitation, Hifz in an Azhari Inst. Am patient and encouraging when dealing with young and adult students, friendly atmosphere, flexible hours and class schedules guaranteed all praise and thanks to Allah

Moaz  Hashim

I have been involved in learning the Qur’an for 17 years and now I focus mainly on the development and execution of Qur’an teaching online.
I have a slightly different style in the teaching of the Koran. It is to learn the words of the Qur’an with its meanings, so you will find it very easy to keep what you memorize in the Qur’an’s ayat.
To be past 2 years of Tajweed and get Egazah from the Tajweed Institute and Quraat, also reading the Holy Quran to many shekhs I can teach the Qur’an for anyone.
In fact, I enjoy it and also study it in class, trying to make a sample and easy for those who do not know Arabic.
I hope that Allah accepts what we do and gives us faith and strength to learn the Qur’an

Eazz Yousof

I am self-motivated, I love to teach, I finished 8 years Alim-e-Din course of jamia tu-Rasheed also got a hafiz Degree of wifaqulmadaris arbia pakistan, I have experience in the field of teaching about a year at school in Karachi and I taught a student in the United States.
Able to teach various subjects (Islamic Studies, Tafseer, Hadith, Hifz and Tajweed) Strong ability to teach the basic and advanced rules of Tajweed.I will do my best to teach according to qirat.Inshallah rules

Ibrahim Salman

I introduce myself, my name is Ibrahim Salman from Egypt, I have a bachelor’s degree from Usul Al Din University of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, I got the highest estimate in this university, so I I received a scholarship from Sheikh Al-Azhar (Ahmed Al tyib), I greatly appreciated the honors and I was honored by Sheikh Al-Azhar in a special festival for us, I memorize the Quran very well since 2004, Hamd Allah I finished it when I was 13 years old, Than, I had an Igaza in Hefz on Assem. My grandfather and my father helped me in this, I have a long experience in teaching Quran and Tajweed for children and adults (Arabs and non-Arabic speakers) and this is where I After finishing the Qur’an, I worked at the Institute to teach the Koran and the Arabic language to non-Arabic Arabic via the Internet. I have dealt with students from America, Canada, London, Australia and many countries of the world via the Internet who can not speak Arabic, even now I have good experience in educating Arabs and non-Arabs Arabs and thank God for what I have achieved now.
It’s an honor for me to teach you the best thing in the world, its Al Quran Al Kareem
Join me

Mona Hamdy

Asalamu Alikum.My name is Mona.I graduated from Dar el olum faculty of Arabic language and Islamic studies. I worked in this field for 5 years or more in the center of Maqsoud, the center of Safwa and the center of the Arab Academy. I teach grammar and rhetoric easily and I am also able to teach reading and writing in a short time insha Allah. I also studied the book Al Arabia bayna yadayk, the book of Madina, Nour al bayaan and other books. I can teach classical Arabic easily and also the Egyptian dialect for those who are interested. If you can not speak Arabic, (by the will of Allah)
with me you will be able to speak in a short time.
I am able to teach all ages insha Allah, especially children. You will easily read the Quran

Aya Ramadan

“Seeking knowledge seeks Allah, and as knowledge grows, Emaan grows up.”
We also struggled as students before but with the help of Allah, we insisted on continuing. Today we are transferring what we have learned. If you have a good intention to seek knowledge to please Allah and have a strong will, then I could help you.

If you are looking for a qualified teacher in Tajweed, you want a Skiekh to give you an Ijazah with high Sanad, want to master Arabic grammar and speak fluently, want to read Arabic literature and poetry and be fully understood, or want to taste the sweetness of the Arabic language, do not hesitate to send me a message. I am Hend Salem, an Egyptian Quran, professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies and new at Qutor. I graduated from Al Azhar University, Department of English, the oldest and largest Islamic university, where I studied Quran, Arabic and Islamic sciences. I memorized the whole Quran when I was 12 years old, I had three Ijazahs in the stories of Hafs and Warsh with High Sanad connected to the Prophet – Peace and blessing be upon him. I could also teach Qiraat (Qaloon, Al Bazee, Qunbul, Abu Jafer). I had Ijazah teaching Al Qadah Al Noorania (Noorani Qa’edah), the children’s poem in Tajweed, Aljazareya (Tajweed poem) and Ajrromiya (A classic grammar book). I still work in other recitations as studying the Qur’an is my passion. I worked with different institutions and taught the Quran and Arabic for many years, for Arabs and Anglophones, level (beginner to advanced) in an interesting way. I used to teach four-year-olds and females. I am now studying Islamic Studies in English at KIU. About Arabic, I studied at Al-Azhar school in depth as Al Azahar called the house of Arabic, then I studied it again in college as a translator of the Arabic to English and vice versa. I took classes in Ajorromia and I trained teachers of Arabic as a second language. I taught most of the Arabic books that institutions use. I mix these programs by trying to develop students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing to understand and master the language. I love Arabic and his study is my passion. The more I study Arabic, the more fascinating it becomes. Subhanallah now I understand why Allah chose Arabic as the language of the Qur’an. Maybe sometimes I feel stressed by work and studies, but I find peace only by studying the Islamic sciences and teaching the Qur’an, to please Allah, to deepen my knowledge of Islam and to help my students.

نما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء)))
Indeed, only those of the servants of God who have knowledge fear Him.

Khaled Ehab

Multitasking teacher + 8 years of teaching experience to others. I am interested in teaching and exchanging cultures. You seek to spread the Quran and its language all over the world. I am Imam (Speaker) at the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) since 2002. I have lectured extensively in mosques, schools, youth centers and hospitals to raise awareness and educate. The referee for many koranic and cultural competitions in my area. Proficient in the treatment of spiritual diseases of the heart by the Koran. I teach the Qur’an for more than twelve years. As well as I teach the sciences of the Koran (Hifz – Recitation – Tajweed – interpretation) and the Arabic language for years via Internet for non-Arabic speakers. I worked as an ICDL instructor for three years.
I am Imam (Orator) at the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) since 2002.
I have lectured extensively in mosques, schools, youth centers and hospitals to raise awareness and educate.
The referee for many koranic and cultural competitions in my area.
Proficient in the treatment of spiritual diseases of the heart by the Koran.
I teach the Qur’an for more than twelve years. In addition to teaching Quranic sciences (Hifz – Recitation – Tajweed – interpretation) and Arabic language for two years via Internet for non-Arabic speakers.
I worked as an ICDL instructor for three years.
My goal is to gather hearts around the Quran and its language.

Hasan Moez

I am an Egyptian. My father always wanted to teach us the Qura’an because my family received the Egyptian President’s “Qura’anic Family” award. I have finished memorizing the Qura’an since I was 8 years old. After memorizing the Qura’an, I learned Tajweed. I took Ijazah when I was about 20 years old.
I graduated from Al-Azhar School and University (year 2007) so I learned all Islamic and Arabic language studies (Fiqh, Tajweed, Hadith, Seerah, Aqueeda, Nahw, & sarf) .
When I was young, I always joined the Qura’an and Alhamdolillah competitions that I always won in first place. One of the main competitions was national and I took first place in Egypt.
In Ramadan, I pray with people (be Imam) in the big mosques in Egypt and Germany.
I am a doctor but I am willing to teach others Quraan and Arabic studies because I believe it is the duty of every Muslim to do it. Allah gave me this gift for a purpose and I must pass it on to other

Fatima Alaa

I am a graduate student in Islamic Sciences. I have the skills and knowledge to teach Tajweed and recitation. I teach in my local mosque to women of different age groups to be confident in their recitation with correct Tajweed, with tremendous success. I have a friendly approach and atmosphere to teaching and students will be encouraged and motivated to achieve their goals. I can provide Tajweed rules in an easy to understand way so that students can understand it in a few sessions.

Safaa Abdu

Assalamu Alikum, my name is Safaa Abdu, I am from Egypt, I studied Arabic at Arts collage, I learned Quran from 7 years old, I taught the Koran to Arabs from 7 years old and I taught Quran and Tajweed for women and children, I taught many students in different countries, I will take you from scratch to advance in reading the Qur’an, and I will explain easily the rules of Tajweed, and I can teach you with the Noor Elbyyan method, letters, words and phrases.
I will help you improve your recitation in no time, step by step.

Sarah Adham

I have 10 years of extensive and appreciated exposure to Hifz teaching and Quran recitation in which impressive results and results have been achieved. Students will be upgraded in their qi rat styles and tajweed rules at the same time as they will be initiated to learn the Qur’an after the completion of the nazra. As I have enough online teaching experience, I know specific teaching techniques that should be used. The teaching and supervision of the students will help them to improve as quickly as possible.

AbdEl-Rahman Marey

Assalamu Alykum,
It’s Abd El-Rahman Marey, I’m from Egypt and I’m a dental student.
First of all, I am trilingual, I speak native Arabic, I have fluent English and I speak German very well. I learned the Qur’an from the age of 3, and I did Fiqh Al-Hanafi, as well as Quran Science and Hadith at Sheikh Al-Amud School.
I worked in the field of translation as a freelancer for 3 years of college and then stopped working and then returned to teach Al-Qur’an, and Arabic language on this
The most important thing for me is punctuality, it’s my only condition for teaching, and once accomplished, you will have the greatest benefit from our courses together.
That’s fine 🙂 I hope you enjoy learning and studying the Quran together

Hayaa Hamza

As-Salam Alikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh ..
I hope you are all healthy.
My name is Amira. I am an Egyptian guardian of Quran, Hifz and Tajweed.
* I finished memorizing (Hifz) all the Holy Qur’an Alhamdullah ..
* I am about to finish my Asha Hafs Ijaza in Surat At-Talaq.
* I have an Ijaza at Noorani Qaida (القاعدة النورانية) of the Alforqan Institute.
Koran and Tajweed to non-Arabic speakers; children and women (about 120 hours). * In addition, I have extensive experience teaching Quran and Tajweed to children and adults face to face (3 years).
* I have a great experience and passion to teach children, as I know how to treat them in a friendly way ..
* I am improving my teaching process using Microsoft PowerPoint.
* I am a native speaker and am fluent in English as a graduate of the Faculty of Languages and Interpretation at 2017 from Al Azhar University; The largest Islamic university in the world, where Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, Seerah and Tajweed have been studied.

* I am willing to teach the Koran to Arab and non-Arabic speakers (women and children). You will commonly speak the Qur’an Insha’Allah.
* I will help you recite the Qur’an correctly as much as possible Insha’Allah.
* If you want to learn Tajweed or recitation, do not hesitate to contact me.

Anas Ibrahim

am an experienced teacher in Arabic, Tajweed and Quran. I teach general Arabic and, also, I am a professional teacher of Tajwid and Quran. I teach Arabic, Quran and Tajweed online since 2014

I worked at the Al Ibanaa Institute to teach Arabic to non-Arabs from 2010 to 2012. Finally, I worked at the Sebawa Center as a teacher of Arabic and Quran from 2014 to 2016

I can teach Arabic, Tajweed or Qur’an at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced; and in all age groups too, from children to adults.

Mostafa Mahmoud

My name is Mostafa Mahmoud . Graduate of Al Azhar in Islamic Studies in English. Alhamdulillah I have memorized the entire Qur’an and I have an Ijazah at Qirah of A’sim. I have been teaching Qura’n and Arabic for 15 years. For men, I can teach Qura’n (hifz and recitation with tajweed rules) and Arabic grammar, reading and speaking to Allah. For the children I can teach them the Qua’dah of nour Albayan. With me in Allah, you will reach that level that you admire. Good recitation Good memorization too. May Allah keep us all by learning His book. Ameen
Please watch my video and listen to my recitation

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