Qualities of a Great Online Quran Tutor

You decided to start with online learning of Quran, but not sure how to find the best tutor? One of the greatest advantages of online learning is that students can choose their own tutor or parents can choose one of their children. There are many tutors nowadays, but it’s crucial to choose one that suits you and your needs the best. How to make that happen? Scroll down to learn more about the qualities that every great online Quran tutor needs to have.


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What great teachers have in common is their dedication to the quality of lectures, students, and the whole process in general. How can I determine whether some tutor is dedicated when everything is online? Well, take a look at their profile, read their biographies. There’s a lot you can learn about a person just by looking at their profile online. Dedication is a vibe that someone sends and you’ll either pick it up from someone or not.


We all want a tutor who’s knowledgeable in the subject. Without a knowledgeable tutor, it would be impossible to learn Quran and get the most out of your experience. Make sure you take your time to do research, read carefully about the credentials of each tutor. Bear in mind that the quality of tutor also depends on the online service. Only visit reputable sites, and you’ll find a knowledgeable online Quran tutor.


When looking for a tutor who will teach you to read and recite the Quran, you should also read customer experiences. This is not just about whether those experiences are positive or negative. Of course, positive reviews are important. However, this is about evaluating their former students. If you’re a parent who’s looking for a tutor for their child, then it’s good to make sure the tutor has good reviews from other parents. If you’re a busy man or woman looking for a tutor for yourself, then seek tutors who have positive reviews from other busy people. That way, you’ll find the best tutor for your specific needs.

Great communication skills

A good tutor needs to know how to form healthy and strong communication with the student. In general, their communication should be on the enviable level. An important factor that can help you determine whether some tutor is ideal for you is the quality of communication from their part. If you feel comfortable speaking with that person, that’s always a good sign. If you don’t like the way in which the tutor speaks to you, that’s the sign you should consider a different tutor.

Bottom line

Online Quran tutors are easy to find but to make the learning experience exceptional, you need to take some factors into consideration when finding the ideal tutor. Their communication, reviews, knowledge, are just some of many things that can tell you whether that particular tutor is ideal for your needs.

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