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What makes this Hifz online course unique?
What makes our Hifz Online Course special is not a hard and fast rule, it’s just the common but tactful strategies used in a very thoughtful and organized way to let you enjoy Hifz Quran Online in the best possible way.


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What sets us apart from the thousands of current Quran memorization websites? Let’s dive in!

1- Well structured Hifz plans in our online Hifz program:
Even though our teaching program is based on the abilities and mental level of the students, the rough estimate for memorizing Quran online is between 10 and 37 months. Still, the last word is with the Hifz student, how much he makes per day and the plan is personalized based on that. For example: Our plans for memorizing Surah Al-Baqarah from the Quran are personalized based on your ability to complete this surah in 2-5 months. Teachers email the calendars hyperlink to students. And it works wonders as if they stay organized and Hifz students are prepared for every Hifz course online. One thing you might notice! No solid rule is imposed on all students. Definitely, this is a ridiculous thing. We make a personalized Hifz plan for each student after determining their Quran Hifz level and abilities. We take into consideration the schedule of student life so as not to overwhelm them with too many Hifz to do at home! Since supersaturation can cause students to get bored halfway through.

2- Highly qualified teachers of online Quran memorization:
The Hifz online course is easy going and motivating. The online Hifz tutor assesses the mental level of memorization ability of each student before starting formal lessons. Yes, but how do you believe us? By getting free trial lessons with 2 different Quran memorization teachers. Certified and experienced Ijazah Hifz teachers from prestigious Islamic universities:

✓ Certified Ijazah teachers with more than 5 years of experience. Quran memorization teachers are graduates of the best world famous Islamic university, namely Al-Azhar University. ✓ They are all Hafiz; they memorized the Quran at a very young age. ✓They have helped so many non-Arab students to memorize much of the whole Quran online✓Hifz teachers are qualified to teach our students the memorization course after a long test of selection tests.

Not just a simple method of hiring! But they are qualified to teach you after selection from a large pool of applicants. Not only are they trained according to the needs of the modern age to meet your high expectations. It is inevitable here that you will get the prestige of memorizing the Quran through our structured online Hifz course in a very competent and determined Hifz environment.

No more language barriers now!
Fluent English: Best for non-regional students, it breaks the language barrier and allows you to devote more of your time to the lessons and the hifz teacher.

• How do our Hifz teachers prioritize the values ​​of their students?
Our Hifz online tutors are not only polite to students but also stay in touch with their parents to let them know where their child is missing or progressing. • Students will get a daily score out of 10 after each Quran Hifz lesson as a kind of encouragement and a way to track their progress. • Support and reflection at the level of the students so that they better understand the Hifz lesson. They correct your pronunciation and your recitation in a melodious tone.

3- A weekly report of your Quran Hifz classes: In our online Quran Hifz school, most parents like to receive regular feedback on their child’s Quran Hifz progress. We personally send weekly Quran memorization reports to students and their parents via email. Our professional Hifz teachers make contact with parents and give initial feedback by designing a special system to inform them of the child’s progress as they get to know their child better. A weekly report also allows you to analyze yourself. Where are you ? Hifz teachers personally help students understand which area needs the most attention and which area they are lacking and need to improve on.

4- Quran Hifz online anytime 24/7:
Do you have a busy schedule? Or do you have something urgent that arose and could not attend class during the previous hour? No worries now! All you need to do is register for our online Hifz courses and memorize the Quran online whenever you want!

Our Hifz students have the freedom to know how, what, when and where they learn. Our Online Quran Hafiz uses Google Calendar to create and share a class calendar for the Online Hifz program. This allows our students to stay informed about the course, the duration and the important dates. You will be able to study and revise the Hifz course materials in your free time. Moreover, you can continue to take care of your loved ones and work full time while getting an Islamic education.

5- The smart strategy for our online Hifz courses! What are our smart strategies for online Quran memorization courses? ⏵ Use the same copy of the Quran (Mushaf) ⏵ Observe a daily limit to memorize the Quran ⏵ Continuous recitation and review ⏵ Learn to recite in a melodic tone

There are many more as well, and you will know them when you practically take our online memorization courses. But the main strategy that we have always adopted for lifelong memorization of the Quran is mainly Revision. Let’s be honest, Revision is not a repetition, but Revision is a mastery. We kept this basic thing in mind while making Hifz review plans for students.

6- Improve your Quran Hifz with exams and contests:
The Quran Courses Academy keeps track of every step of its students by: ⏵ Monthly quizzes
⏵ Quiz scores
⏵ Objective mastery percentages
⏵ Homework turns
⏵ Unit test
⏵ Verification of skill levels
⏵ Behavior in exams

7- Quran memorization reward systems to motivate students:
Our talented Hifz management team has developed a highly monetized and motivating reward system for students: • Posting of student work. • Reward them with leadership roles. • Reward with the best badges. • Leave digital student reward tags with short quizzes. • Digital stickers. • Contribute to the virtual classroom reading list. • Wink at them on social media if they agree. • By sending them ebooks of appreciation. • Send them appreciation texts with motivating comments.

8- A 24/7 assistance service to help you memorize Quan faster!
The HN 24/7 support service is your central point of contact for all information regarding the services of the Hifz online program. Get fast, friendly technical support whenever and wherever you want, including holidays, by phone, live chat, online form, email, or walk-in. You can also view our alerts and notifications to determine if an outage is affecting you. Our students are our top priority, so we are determined to help you in every aspect, whether it is study or other technical issues. However you contact us, we will create a case for your request and keep you updated on its status. We will also send you an email survey for feedback once your case is closed.

9- Online Hifz Quran Lessons at Low Budget!
If you think that you cannot afford to memorize Quran online, you are wrong to think so! We have your back now! You get these high quality online Hifz Quran lessons with minimal budget. • Not only if 3 members of the same family register for our online Hifz program, the 2nd and 3rd student benefit from the reduction. And the discount continues to increase with more members. • Not only that, but we also offer very reasonable price among all other Islamic education platform. You can literally compare our prices with others and you will be amazed at the difference. We provide Hifz Quran online with top quality and reasonable budget.

10- Hifz Quran online with rare technological tips:
Here are the modern technological methods used on our Quran memorization website, to create the Quran online Hafiz which is both Hifz and uses technology perfectly.

✅ Videos for teaching the Hifz course: get recorded lectures for free!
We know that watching videos helps you remember key concepts longer than reading. Our Hifz course professionals record digital lectures with whiteboard, classroom activities, peer presentations as videos.

Not only that, once after the Hifz live lectures, the videos of the recorded lectures are also provided to them on site. They immediately share them with the class via Google Classroom, G Drive or YouTube. It resonates with visual learners, allowing them to learn at their own pace. In addition, teachers make a deeper connection with Hifz online students and understand clarity through the course videos.

The best interactive Quran memorizing quizzes to help you remember surah names and verses.
We use the method of recognition, recall and relearning, where we invite you to retrieve information from your memory by integrating regular Quran memorization quizzes into the calendar.

We help you to remember from the previous lesson either the names of the suras or the verses, which you have memorized diligently. Since the mistakes students make in the quizzes and then explain the correct answers, it helps to reconstruct and remember the basic concepts and the names of the sura and verses.

Have fun in Quran Hifz online with game based learning! Since students enjoy friendly with their tutor we have created unique learning games for them to have fun with Online Quran Hifz. We create fun review games that feel new and exciting. Especially young children! They understand the Hifz lesson better with such fun activities.

✅ Attractive presentation themes to increase focus!
Our professionals design the latest and most engaging slides as well as infographics to facilitate smart learning for students. We have the design models and digital notebooks to help you with passive study as well. If you are fed up with a study topic, no problem! We prioritize our students by changing the themes just so that they are addicted!

✅ Slideshow presentations with multimedia
We don’t just believe in text presentations anymore. Students should be captivated by the colorful addition of the multimedia presentation and we do it with pride for them.

✅ Slideshow presentations with multimedia
We don’t just believe in text presentations anymore. Students should be captivated by the colorful addition of the multimedia presentation and we do it with pride for them. Some examples of multimedia elements that we include in your class: ⏵ Colorful images
⏵ Short video clips
⏵ Graphics ⏵ Soundtracks (Surah Recitation Styles)
⏵ Improve audio learning with podcasts

As is the proven fact that audio learning is considered a primary factor for lifelong knowledge retention. We enable you to improve your Quran learning ability with the best podcasts. Our online Hifz teachers recommend podcasts to students or even motivate them to create their podcasts. In this way, the interest in new things and Quran memorization lessons indulge and make something even more unique.

11- Two free trial lessons with 2 different online Hifz tutors:
We let you analyze our Quran memorization course for free with 2 or more trial lessons. We let you see inside our learning environment with 2 different Hifz online teachers to continue with whom you prefer. This way you have the ground to choose the one that suits your style. Even though all of our online Hifz tutors are still beyond the limit professional, we let you view them for free!

How to join Hifz Quran Online course with The Quran Courses Academy ?
1- Fill out our free trial form to have a trial class for your 100% satisfaction. 2- We will contact you shortly and give you the Teacher Zoom link (After downloading Zoom). 3- Give us detailed feedback on your free online Hifz course trial. 4- Choose one of our price packages and register for our Quran Hifz courses as soon as possible.

Bonus tip: effective tips for memorizing the Quran online
We have found these personalized tips for you to effectively memorize Quran online! ★ Have a pure intention to memorize the Quran Set an appropriate Quran memorization plan and goal. ★ Choose the right time to memorize the Quran online. ★ Develop memory skills as you go. ★ Get a professional online Hifz tutor. ★ Practice regularly, keep the recently learned lesson close to you. ★ Try to memorize early in the morning because your brain is cool and you will be able to memorize more easily. ★ Repetition works wonders, repeat the verse / page unlimited times until it sticks to your head. ★ Listen to the sura you are memorizing by your favorite Qari. ★ Recite what you have memorized to others and in prayers. ★ Teach others how to memorize the Quran.

Now the point here is where can you get the best online Hifz tutor with all the features mentioned above? By registering for a Koran memorization course!

Aisha commented: The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “A person who recites the Quran and masters it by heart, will be with the noble righteous scribes (in Heaven). And such a person strives to learn the Quran by heart, and recites it with great difficulty, will have double rewards.”
(Sahih al-Bukhari 4937)
No need to delay, all you need to do is register on a Quran memorization website that you feel appropriate with. We have presented to you all the transparent policies of our Quran memorization course. Do not hesitate to discover more!

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