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It is very important for a Muslim that he understands what is in the Quran. He must strive hard to learn Arabic and memorize the meaning of the Arabic words in the Quran. With Quran learning online you can study the Quran word by word. The Quran Courses Academy helps you to memorize the meaning of each word in The Quran, and word by word online Quran learning is made easy, all praises are due to Allah. You can highlight or underline words and track your progress, insha’Allah.

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learn Quran free

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Learn Quran Word by Word

The Noble Quran, The Quran is a revelation from Allah, the Almighty. Allah has revealed many books to His prophets and messengers, and Quran is the last and the final book from Allah. Other books that were revealed by Allah are Torah, Injeel (New Testament), Zaboor (Psalms) etc. But these books are not in their original form anymore. People have added or deleted or modified many texts in these books. Quran is the only book that is preserved until today as it was revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him). Quran is the most important book in a Muslim’s life. We, Muslims, seek guidance and answers to our problems from Quran and another collection of books called Hadith. We, Muslims, recite from the Quran (in Arabic) during our daily prayers.  Quran (the Arabic version) is the speech of Allah.

Quran Learning for Beginners

Our online Quran teaching is organized for such people who are facing difficulties in reaching to mosques or other Islamic centers regularly to learn and understand Quran at lowest possible cost.It is now easily possible for everyone to learn Quran, read Quran and understand Quran online by just sitting at home anywhere around the globe. You can learn Quran online free of cost after evaluating our three trial classes.Quran Online is originally Egypt based online academy offering services in mainly Uk, Canada, USA, Australia and in many countries of Europe.Our Quran Online programs have been started with advanced technology through internet which involves no traveling and it is fully secured, time-saving, flexible class plans with possible lowest cost packages for all family members of all age.

Our experienced and highly qualified male and female Quran tutors teach the Quran with Tajweed. We offer free 3 trial classes so that one can see how effective can be learning Quran with Tajweed by sitting at home from anywhere. We offer Quran translation and Quran recitation courses, best designed to understand Quran and recite Quran. Our live Quran tutors are well experienced and equipped with all desired skills to help students in understanding and learning Quran. We currently provide tuition services to adults and children living in UK, USA, Canada, France, and Australia.

Learn Quran Online for Adults

Our key objective is to facilitate every Muslim student to gain Islamic and Quranic knowledge from Our skilled tutors online through internet worldwide.Simply make a contact at our contact forms and phone numbers or register with us online. We will realize you how easy it is to fulfill the most important religious duty/obligation to learn, read and understand Quran online with maximum convenience and reliability. Learning Quran online is now just only a few clicks away from you. Please Get Registered with our academy to start learning Quran Online from today!

How does it work?

Learn Quran with the Quran Courses Online Academy We provide convenient home-based Quran learning services for you and your family.You need to have a computer or laptop and high-speed internet access, our expert engineers will help you with the initial setups for all necessary softwares such as Skype and Zoom.This use of technology helps in easily reading and understanding Quran. Our registration process is very quick and free to help students in learning live Quran, Quran recitation, Quran Tafsir, Quran memorization and basic Arabic course. Do don’t delay and register today at thequrancourses.com.

Importance of learning the Quran with Tajweed

Regarding the Quran, it is the primary duty and religious obligation of each parent to provide a basic education of the holy book of the Holy Quran. The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “The one who is competent in the recitation of the Quran will be with the honorable and obedient scribes and the one who recites the Qur’an and finds it difficult to recite, doing his best to recite it in the best way possible, will have a double reward.

Here learn How to memorize Quran faster

As for Quran courses online, this mode is also popular among children and teenagers learners. Madrassas or Masjids is the primary education of the divine Quran book but for some people, this choice is really hard and the best option for them to learn Quran online. Learning Quran online from anywhere became too easy with advanced virtual learning technologies. People can access their class with Internet connection anytime and anywhere.

Learn Quran academy online

As a Muslim, teaching and learning the Quran is one of our main responsibilities. Explaining the superiority and excellence of the Quran, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “The best of you are those who have learned the Holy Quran and teach others”. For the education of Muslim children towards Islam, the provision of quality Quranic education is the primary responsibility of parents. In the light of Hadith and the Qur’an, it is obvious that one of the best Sadqa Jariya is to teach the Quran to others and to share the supreme knowledge with humanity. Previously, people preferred to find a cleric to teach their children the basic rules of Quran Tajweed, but nowadays learning the Qur’an online is also considered preferable and a practical way to fulfill this religious obligation.

Different ways of teaching the Quran and learning

In the teaching and learning of the Quran, different principles are involved that can be learned through different modes. As for the traditional method, people send their children to the Masjids or other Madrassah by paying the guardian voluntarily. Some people hire a Quran (Qari) guardian at home to provide basic learning to read the Qur’an. Some people prefer to spread this religious message and teach the Quran voluntarily in their own homes.

Learn Quran online

With the passage of time, many technological advances are made in the Quran learning process and people have started to prefer to learn the Quran online. No matter how far away you are, learning the Quran online is one of the most appropriate ways to teach the Quran to children without sending them elsewhere. Compared to the traditional learning mode of the Qur’an, online learning is one of the most preferred methods and also has a wider scope. People have found the virtual learning centers of the Qur’an more flexible and more economical and simpler. The virtual centers of the Quran are equipped with appropriate tools to interact with the wider audience and convey their message in a better way.


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