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The Quran serves as a guide for all humanity. The book contains the speech of Allah and directs us in all aspects of life. The study of the sacred book gives us knowledge about how to succeed in this world and the hereafter.

We are one of the leading online Koran institutes offering educational services to children and adults. We have a team of qualified tutors and we are part of well established online Quran centers. Our teachers are passionate about helping students learn the Quran in the best way possible. We teach students of all ages who live all over the world. Our teachers are able to teach using the latest technologies. There is no better option than learning in the comfort of your home. With the help of our teachers, we are transforming the way Muslims learn the Quran. Our mission is to use technology to spread the knowledge of the Quran to Muslims around the world. We use technology to achieve our goals.

Our Academy takes into account the educational path when hiring a tutor. We only hire experienced tutors because we believe it is the responsibility of a Muslim to give accurate knowledge of the Quran.

After having followed a complete process of recruiting Quran teachers, we hire them. We have established strict selection criteria and only tutors who meet our criteria are part of our academy. Without skilled and competent instructors, we can not reach our goal. Our goal is to provide the best service, and we understand that we can only do it if we have good Koran masters.

The team of our tutors includes:
These tutors help teach recitation to students. They have good recitation skills and a good knowledge of Tajweed. Students who wish to study Tajweed or a reading course usually learn from them.

Hafiz and Quran
Our instructors Hafiz e Quran are intended for students who wish to memorize the Quran.

Savant (Aalim and Deen)
We offer advanced courses to our students, such as the Islamic Fiqh and Tafseer Course. They are highly qualified tutors with certifications or diplomas from recognized Islamic institutions.

Qualified guardians
We understand the importance of qualified tutors. In our Quran online school, graduates are certified by recognized institutions. They have a good understanding of the Quran and Islam. All instructors offer flexibility to students. They are not only motivated to teach, but they also motivate children to study. We always choose tutors for the qualities they have.

We teach students from different countries of the world. So we have teachers who can speak different languages ​​like English, Urdu, and Arabic. They can speak to learners in their language, thus facilitating learning. The main purpose of hiring teachers able to speak different languages ​​is to target Muslim students around the world.

Male and female guardians
You can hire female and male tutors to meet the needs of all learners. The availability of Quran tutors is useful for women because they can learn any lesson with a tutor at home. We offer online instruction of the Quran from Pakistan and are available 24/7 to help students at any time of their life.

Promote Quranic Education
Teachers are dedicated to promoting Koranic education. They are especially available to those who can not find teachers or institutes locally and receive education from the Quran. Online tutors are the most appropriate solution for these students.

Internet is a powerful tool for learning the Quran. Our Quranic teaching is very effective in helping students understand the Quran.

If you want to learn the Quran, but hectic routines make learning impossible. Do not worry because we can provide the services of qualified tutors who will teach you the Quran online at your home. We have a good reputation and the students are satisfied with our teachers.

Individual teaching
If you think you need individual attention to learn, our teachers are the best option for you. When the student has all the attention of the Quran Tutor online, he takes part in the lessons and understands the course better. Students also develop a real and positive relationship with teachers. They teach on an individual basis. The teacher responds better to the needs of the students because our academy offers more flexibility in the choice of the moment.

It’s good for kids because they need special attention and care to learn. Individual classes help students move at their own pace according to their needs.

Our teachers love teaching the Koran. Teaching is their passion and it’s an honor for them when students succeed in learning the course. You will not find more professional and committed tutors than ours.

We want every student to have the best time learning the Book of God with us with our qualified tutors. We have high standards for teachers and each of our tutors dedicates time and energy to teaching. Each member of our highly qualified staff allows our online Quran Academy to operate 24 hours a day. Whether you want to learn Qaeda, tafsir, translation or memorize Quran, our experienced Quran teacher online is always ready to help learners like you.

Whenever you have time to take your course, make sure a tutor is at your disposal. This is very difficult to achieve if you are learning in a traditional classroom environment.

Experienced and updated teachers
We are proud to recruit the tutors who are the best in teaching the Quran. We support them and offer them from time to time professional training to keep them informed about the latest technologies.

It is our fundamental responsibility to help Muslims around the world to learn the Quran since 2005 and our tutors know the latest teaching methods. They use the best techniques so that students can easily learn all the courses.

Friendly and supportive
Our teachers are very friendly with the learners and especially with the children. They know that children learn in a friendly environment. We train them to manage them and help adult learners achieve their goals. Tutors give them not only lectures related to the course but support and motivate them in their learning so that they can do their best.

Our classes are open to adult learners, even 60 years old. All Quran teachers in our academy are also qualified to teach adults.

The teacher is the key to successful learning
We believe that a good tutor is very important to help learners learn successfully. Our tutors understand the interests of students, adults, and children. They encourage them to actively participate in the course. Teachers devote their time and energy to developing the full potential of learners.

We offer Quranic teaching online in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other Western countries. Tutors are available for students according to their time and take responsibility for the good results of the children. They gradually bring students to the highest level of education. If you want to know more about our tutors, you can read reviews from parents and students.
Even a 4-year-old can recite the Holy Quran through the efforts of our tutors. The unique qualities of our tutors distinguish us from others. Thanks to our innovative digital platform, tutors are also qualified to teach online.

The qualities of the teachers affect the learners. They interact not only with the tutors during their course, but the way teachers interact is very important for student learning. We are very satisfied with our teachers because they know that it is doing very well. Everyone says that knowledge is the best quality for a teacher, but we believe that good communication with students is also very important. That’s why our tutors have very good communication skills. It is the quality of communication that helps to share knowledge with students. Good communication is about how students will understand you. All the qualities that make a good teacher are present at our tutors. We are lucky to have a good team of tutors.

Our teachers teach via Skype
Our teachers teach via Skype so that all professionals, especially busy, can learn without leaving their office. Students can easily communicate with students. Video and screen sharing makes learning similar to traditional learning when teachers are face-to-face. Teachers can share the student office. Not only that, but Skype teaching also allows file sharing. These are the interesting features of Skype that make learning easier for students. We remove distance barriers with the help of Skype.

If you are looking for the best Quran tutor online to learn the Holy Quran, you should always choose Pak Quran Academy.

We offer you the best chance to learn the Qur’an online for free with our teachers in the form of free trial classes.

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