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Quran Translation in Urdu | Full Quran Urdu Translation Tarjuma

The Quran has been revealed to our prophet Muhammad. It has been revealed in the Arabic language. Understanding the Koran for the Arabs is not very difficult, but for non-Arabs, it is quite difficult to learn the meaning of the verses.
Knowing the meaning of the sacred text is important for all Muslims. We do not understand the commandments and messages of Allah if we do not know the translation of the verses. As Muslims reside worldwide, they must learn the Koran in their native language.

Our religious responsibility
Our Holy Scripture contains all types of information. Knowledge of the Qur’an can help us transform our lives. Millions of Muslims live around the world. It is therefore very necessary to understand. Everyone wants the translation to be available in the language of their country in order to better absorb their wisdom.

We know that we are in the Quran in detail, we understand much better. Read in detail means to read Koran with Tarjuma. Arabic is a very difficult language. A single term in this language and its multiple interpretations, so it is difficult to understand if we are not under the translation with an expert tutor.

Our teaching method
We are a reliable place to start the Tarjuma course. We have the best tutoring method. We cover the course in the following steps:

Teaching only a few Arabic words at the beginning
We then explain the word-by-word interpretation of ayahs
The tutor gives an explanation of the verses.
We are not only a literal translation of the verses of our lessons, but we also explain the contextual interpretation of the Arabic terms and verses.
At the end of the course, we allowed the student to understand the Quran.

Why choose us
You should join us for this course. We have experts who transfer knowledge. We explain the translation in Urdu and in English. Those who do not know we can start with anglophone tutors. We provide teachers for women. Children can also study this course with us.

This is also available in the Quran. Our lessons are very simple for each student. Understanding the Quran in Urdu is quite easy, also use Urdu. Many words are easy to learn, but only a few words are very difficult. We teach what you want to say easily. We only explain the meanings of the Arabic language. We do not give lessons on Arabic grammar.

This is one of the most important courses we are all going to study. Our online platform allows every citizen to easily study the translation of the Quran. Join us to learn Tarjuma from the sacred text. We teach in an interesting way. Our speakers are also Islamic scholars who do their best to deliver the best. We do not have the same route for children and adults. We Do Less The Easy Lesson for Children

To understand the meanings of Ayah and Surah. If you are looking for a safe place to understand the sacred book, you are in the right place.


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