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Quran tutor at home – If you live in a non-Muslim country such as North America, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and many other countries where it is very difficult for you to learn the Quran and Arabic from an experienced and qualified Quran tutor, then the online lessons of the Quran will be very convenient for you. The Quran Courses Online Institute offers you the best online tutoring classes of the Quran at home. You can attend Quran classes in the comfort of your own home. Our Quran tutors are very experienced and dedicated. Our Quran tutors are available 24/7. You can adjust your Quran lesson time according to your convenience. So read the Quran online to learn the Quran easily.

Online tutors of Quran recitation

A Hadeeth of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), the last of the messengers of Allah, signifies the importance of learning the Quran: “The best of you is the one who learned the Quran and then he taught it.” (Bukhari)

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The Quran Courses Online Institute offers you the best online Quran tutors that can teach you to recite and memorize the Holy Quran at your home. Our Quran tutors are available 24 hours a day. You can learn the Quran online according to the time you want very comfortably. Learn the Quran 24 hours a day.

Learn the Quran online from the house with the help of our expert Quran tutors at The Quran Courses Online Institute. Do not worry that you are under 18 or older that there is no age learning.

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Benefits of learning the Holy Quran at home:

  • Good fee packages
  • One on one Live Quran tutoring
  • Experienced and qualified Quran tutors
  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Perfect for children and adults
  • Convenient
  • Affordable

Quran tutor at home

The Quran Course Online Institute is an online teaching academy to help people of all ages and all levels and nationalities understand the words of the Holy Quran. Our teachers are highly qualified people who graduated from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

Learn how to recite the Quran online with us today.

Abdu Allah Magdy

I have memorized the Glorious Qur’an since 2003 and have been teaching the Qur’an for about 18 years. I was the pioneer of the creation of the Qurra’ul Mustaqbal School in Nigeria, which got about 100 Quran Huffaz. Part of my experience is teaching at Ma’ahad Tahfiz Kiblah, a leading high school in Tahfiz, Malaysia for a year. I received the Qur’an Ijazah at Riwayat Hafs from Shaikh Khubaib Al-Afere Al-Yamanai two years ago. Indeed, teaching and learning the Quran is what comfort me in life. I hereby greet those who are committed to learning the Quran on this upcoming platform for a wonderful experience with me, in the Sha Allah. May Allah bless us and guide us.

Amira Ali

I am a teacher Amira Ali 30 years old Egyptian koranic teacher for children and adult women .. Have experience in teaching Arabic (Norani Qaida), Quran recitation, and Tajweed. Very good communication skills with children and those who are totally beginners to facilitate the learning process for them. I am a dedicated, honest and hardworking person with a tremendous ability to work under high pressure. Strong ability to effectively teach the basic and advanced level of Tajweed rules, Qur’an teaching experience.

Rehab Samy

My name is Rehab Samy . I come from Egypt. I have a bachelor’s degree from Al-Alsun faculty at Ain Shams University. I memorized all the Quran alhamdulilah and have ijazah in ‘Asim recitation by the two narrators; Shu’bah and Hafs on Shatibiyyah Road. I have been teaching Quran recitation, tajweed and Hifz to non-Arabic speaking Muslims since 2013. I also have the Teaching Career Certificate of Arabic as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo. I taught all age groups from 5 to 50 and all levels from beginner to advanced. I prefer to use student-centered teaching methods in my classes. May Allah include us among AhlulQuran who know him and act according to his teachings. Ameen

Mohammed Ahmed

Assalamu alaikum. My name is Mohammed Ahmed . I graduated from the Faculty of Islamic and Arab Studies – General Division – Al-Azhar University in Cairo (2010-2013). I teach general Arabic and, also, I am a good teacher of Tajwid and Qur’an. I teach Arabic, Quran and Tajweed online since 2016. I have worked as a teacher in the Office of Education and Memory of the Holy Quran (since 2011). I can teach Arabic, Tajweed or Qur’an at all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced; and in all age groups too, from children to adults

Ahmed Mamdouh

In the name of Allah
My name is Ahmed Mahmoud Taher, from Egypt. I studied al azhar for many years. Ahamdulilah I am Hafiz for the Quran. The Qur’an is very essential in my life. I am interested in teaching the Koran to non-Arab Muslims. now i am studying postgraduate studies at al azhar university in islamic sciences. As far as my career is concerned, I work as an imam and I produce jumaa khutbah every week. I hope to help Muslims around the world to recite the Qur’an correctly.

Ahmed Ehab

As Salamu Alaykom Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh

My name is Ahmed Ehab . I am Palestinian and have lived in Canada for more than 15 years. By the grace of Allah, I memorized the Quran in the 6 years I went to university. Graduated from the University of Calgary in 2013 with a degree in economics. I speak fluently English and Arabic.

I have a degree in Arabic from Al Imam University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where I am currently studying for a Bachelor degree in Sharia.

I led Taraweeh salah in the masjid of my sheikh for more than 5 years Alhamdulillah.

I taught the Koran at three different academies. Horizon Academy and Hafithoon Academy. In the academies I also taught hifdh, tajweed and al qaidah nooraniyyah.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Barakallahu Feekom

Maryam Gamal

The intention of education is to provide a food for thought.
I am a teacher for Arabic language, recitation and Hifz to non native speakers. I speak Arabic only without any foreign language.
I studied Darul Uloom, Jamia Qahira and currently teach at Al Bedaya Center.
I use images, anaphases and a representation in Explanation.
This makes the lesson easy and fun.
I only speak Arabic during class and it is more useful to practice the language in a short time. This method has been very successful with students.
I am comfortable teaching students of all ages

Baraa Reda

Alsalam Alikm brothers and sisters,
It is really a great honor for me to add my experiences to such topics as this one.
I am Karim, from Egypt, graduated from the business administration faculty, my high school was in Al Azhar. I taught the Quran to my childhood.
Alhamdulillah, I have some experience teaching Quran and tajweed “hafs” for many people so I would be happy if I can help.
I am an imam for the altawheed masjid in Zagazig.
In fact, nowadays, I prepare for “EGAZA”.
I can also help with the Quran’s fourth skills next to a lot of tafsir.
I plan to raise Azan around the world and I have already created a YouTube channel where I can download all these videos there in shaa Allah
May Allah bless you all in Shaa Allah.

Zyad Samy

I have been taught by qualified teachers of the Holy Quran, so I am here to give what I have learned. The Prophet (SAW) said, “The best of you (Muslims) are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it. participated in several koranic competitions of my school, district, local government at the state level in which Alhamdulillah I learned a lot. In addition, Allah (SW) blessed me with the golden voice Alhamdulillah in which I can imitate the voice of Sheikh Sudais, Minshawi (Rahimahullah) to name a few.

Hend Mokhtar

BA in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, Darul-uloom Faculty, Cairo University.
An Arabic teacher for non-natives (Arabic as a second language) since 2006 (about 10 years ago). I got several grammar lessons and al fiqah
I worked in many schools, in my classes. I use the latest tools, as well as pdf eBooks, short films, images, audio files and newspapers.
I teach from the beginning to the end, my Arabic classes are customized to meet a variety of needs: religious, business, travel, daily life.
I am providing the following Arabic eLearning program:
1- Classical Arabic (fusha).
Arabic 2-Egyptian.
3- Conversations.
4- Islamic Studies Course.
5- Grammar course.
6-Arabic for kids.I have a special program for children .. with me, they can learn to read and write in just 2 months
emial: yosraadel84@gmail.com
skype username: abdu.mohamed958

I teach only for children and women

Alaa Ali

J’ai obtenu Ijazah depuis 2009, Parler anglais très bien, avoir une très bonne connaissance des règles du tajweed et savoir comment l’expliquer, très bonne expérience dans l’enseignement du Coran et du Tajweed. J’enseigne le Coran et le Tajweed dans l’Académie en ligne des sœurs arabes en ligne Manarah Academy. Je suis diplômé de l’Université AL Ain Shams.
J’enseigne seulement aux sœurs et aux enfants.


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