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Tafsir education has become very important nowadays. It is the education of the interpretation of the verses. Only in this way will we be able to study the obligatory teachings of Islam. The teachings of Islam are very important to us. A person can only act on Allah’s orders if he has knowledge of the Holy Book. Thus, Tafseer is very important to give us an idea of ​​all the messages of Allah that are important to understand Islam.


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learn Quran online

This interpretation course we offer in our online center helps people to better understand the messages of Allah. Through our lessons, you can have the right kind of knowledge of life. The course allows us to lead our lives according to the laws of religion. It is very important to read the Quran and understand it.

Why us?
We have for you the best courses that will help you fully understand the sacred text. We teach with the help of the best tutors who make sure you learn the best through this course. Teachers have a good tutoring method and an appropriate learning environment for students to study the Quran in a comfortable and reliable way. We also have religious scholars who have extensive knowledge of the Quran with Tafseer. Our center has Hafiz tutors holding Hifz certificates. Our classes are open to men and women, but we offer separate classes for men and women. We are the most trusted online Islamic learning institute. If you are looking for a place that meets the requirements of your Quranic education, we are the right platform.

What are we proposing?
We help you understand the explanation of Allah’s message in His holy book. Our lessons will give you solutions to all the questions of life. This Quran Tafseer will give you complete guidance from Allah. The following topics are taught in this course:

Meaning of the verses
Arabic grammar
Understanding of the commandments of Allah
Order application
Usul Tafsir
Ilmul Blagah

Why this course?
We include all these topics in our class. In order to start this course, you should have a good belief. You should also have knowledge of the Arabic language. If you are able to understand the lessons accurately, this course is for you. To study the tafsir, it is necessary that you know the meaning of the verses.

We provide a very simple way to study Quran Tafseer Online. Our academy is for all Muslims around the world. We give lectures through individual classes instead of group classes. Thus, all those who join us can study very easily. We teach through live sessions. There is no recording of conferences. We also test the students at the end of the course to check their knowledge. This is the best program to establish a strong connection with the Lord. We are a famous center for learning Islam and only charge a nominal fee. Our academy offers the best online environment for students.

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