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Sujud Looking for the peace? Feeling lost and looking for the internal peace and calm. Storms of memories come towards your cold eyes and a beautiful reflection of yourself made you numb. Two straight lines of happiness, sorrow, grief, and regret followed down towards your cheeks. You are feeling dead alive.


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But this is not the end of the animation, but a new beginning towards a purely spiritual life where your soul is seeking for that pure “prostrate” that makes your life alive with the new passion, with the footsteps that follow towards the path of Allah. The only way you can find internal love in that one Sujud where you’ll never feel broken and destructive.

The turning point:

There are days where you are completely unable to sleep and your pain is to such extent that you are living in the traumatic life where your eyes are crying, but you are stretching your lips just to show this world that you are living in the happiest and cool life but that depressive poison has killed you inside ever.
You want to cry, want to scream, but you stare blankly at the wall. You are of the strange type of depression where tears are not meant to be fall, where the pain is in your eyes, but you tried to stretch your lips, to make the world fool but actually fooling your own self. And your lost soul is finding peace only in the state of sujud prostate.You are prolonging your Sujood and beg for the peace. This part of life is called “ Eternal Love”.

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Have you ever thought why this all happening?

Maybe this all happening for a pure reason that wants something from your inner. Just to show you the real aim of sending you here in this world. Gradually you come to know the reality of this life that it’s just an illusion and when you try to catch the glimpse of it, it only tears you apart.
Life is not easy, it shouldn’t be. We are sent here for the trails. Surely you are always hit with the flash of past dead memories, but this makes your soul a little purer. This is the life, you are feeling happy at one moment and feeling broken at the other moment.
All this happens for the reason. Allah tests his creature with the most difficult tasks to know the inner reality of HIS beloved creatures.


prostrate is the state in which you bow your head down and you are seeking the purest form of the peace. You are closer to Allah, where you even don’t know what is happening around you. You come to know the beautiful reality of this temporary life that we are just his creation.

Here’s a fact open up towards you:

That relationship weakens over time, happiness changes into sorrow. Nobody is going to stand by you forever. You are the only one you can depend. Only Allah is there all the time for you. And that one pure and faithful prostrate can change your situation.
Nothing is yours, nothing was yours and nothing will ever be yours. These are worldly attachments, given by Allah, belong to Allah and returning back to Allah.

And these attachments are actually from Allah when he wants you to come on his way, he purifies you by first giving you the love called “Ishq e Majazi” if you can fall in love in this case only then, I think you can be in love with Allah. So “Ishq e Majazi” is the test-run to go to its upper stage which is “Ishq e Haqeeqi”.

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