The Imam Does Not Observe Tuma’neenah


Salam alaykom, the imam who leads the prayer here in my little town of Sweden, is praying too fast for me and a few others to follow him. We are not able to recite al-fatiha fully and with a present heart, except that he is already doing rukoo – or even sujood sometimes. We must rush our recitation. The imam completely refused to listen to the advice. His al-fatiha is sometimes faster than his taslim. It is not possible to have the Imam removed from his post because he is hired by the local “Islamic Culture Center” and they have decided not to remove him. Sometimes I pray at home with my wife because I know that he will lead the prayer. There is no other place in my little town where I can pray outside of my home. I do not even know if this place counts as a mosque because officially it is not a mosque (it is a center of Islamic culture) and it is rented to the municipality. What should I do? Can I pray at home with my wife?


Perfect praise to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. I testify that there is no other worthy worship than Allah and that Muhammad sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam (may Allah extol his mention) is his slave and his messenger.
We have already stated in our answer to your question no. 2718534 that this place of prayer in your city does not take the status of mosque because it is a rented place, as you mentioned, and that he is not endowed to be a mosque.
Therefore, you do not have to go to pray there even if the imam does not pray quickly.
Therefore, there is no harm in praying at home with your family and you will receive the reward of praying in assembly, and you will receive the reward of praying with the congregation, if Allah wills it. If the Imam of your mosque prays so fast that he does not observe the pillar of Tuma’neenah (submission), or does not recite the Faatihah correctly, the prayer behind him is not valid.
If it is true that his recitation of the Faatihah is faster than that of his Tasleem, he might not recite it completely.

Moreover, Tuma’neenah is a pillar of prayer without which prayer is empty. The criterion for Tuma’neenah, as scholars have pointed out, is that every part of the body settles in its place (before moving from one position to another). So, the minimum time is when the body parts have to settle down because it stops between two movements.
It has also been said: it is to the point of mentioning the obligatory mention of Allah (who once said Subhaana Rabbiyal ‘Atheem).
Therefore, if the Imam moves from one pillar of prayer to another without allowing his body parts to settle (in their place), his prayer is invalid. Do not pray behind him.

Allah knows best.

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