The marriage breakdown

. Nowadays, the general trend in marriage is that the husband considers that his responsibility towards his family is purely materialistic, that is to say, to provide for themselves financially (house, car, clothes, etc.). As a result, many marriages break because many husbands are sorely lacking in time with their families – to communicate and interact with family and children. Islam presents a different perspective on the role of the husband, where he is held responsible for the education and development of his wife and children, as well as for their psychological and moral well-being.

In reality, the time he spends with his family is not only a responsibility, but an Ibaadat act for which he will be rewarded. Unfortunately, many husbands become agitated and seek every opportunity to leave their family, including:

Spend a lot of time watching sports on TV
Spend many afternoons and evenings “with boys” at the CLUB
Going on weekends to play golf or fishing.

It often happens that if the woman accepts (reluctantly) an arrangement that gives the husband a regular time “with the boys”, the opportunity is used for other purposes, for example. illicit relations (adultery), etc.

He is increasingly looking to get away from his family and if the woman raises any objection, he usually reacts with a great temper tantrum. Unfortunately, many wives suffer this torture of loneliness and neglect with much bitterness and sorrow, tolerating their miserable condition because they have nowhere to go. How many times have you heard a weeping woman say, “He has more time for his friends than for me”.

If you are guilty of this type of behavior, you will only be able to blame yourself if your marriage falls apart. CHANGE NOW! There can be no limit to the love and attention you can give to your wife and children. In addition to Deeni activities and basic business activities, dedicate yourself to your wife and children. This will yield excellent dividends.

The messenger of Allah (Sallallaahu layhi Wasallam) said: “The best of you is the one who is the best for his family”. (Mishkat)

Source: Right Islam

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