Very Unpunctual and Misses a Lot of Prayers


Salaam ‘Alaykum.I am a non-punctual person for more or less everything and especially for praying on time. So, very honestly, I miss many of my prayers. The whole problem of non-punctuality was born from waswasah and I am now very rarely able to pray the five prayers in time. However, I recently discovered that if a person misses the prayer after the end of his time, he does not need to give testimony of faith, but he must have a shower of ghusl. What should a [Hanbali] person like me do in this situation? Because it’s too difficult for me to take this shower several times a day, once a day or every week. Bearing in mind that I usually miss my prayers because of the elimination of impurities by the body, the practice of ghusl janaabah, the practice of the wudoo, the toilet, etc.


Perfect praise to Allah, the Lord of the worlds. I testify that there is no other worthy worship than Allah and that Muhammad sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam (may Allah extol his mention) is his slave and his messenger.
Here are some points to clarify about your question.
First, the idea adopted at Hanbali School is that a person who does not pray is not a Kaafir (that is, he does not leave Islam), unless the Muslim leader or his deputy calls him to repent and insists that he give up prayer.
If this did not happen, then you are considered a Muslim, so you do not have to pronounce the two testimonies of faith again or practice ghusl (ritual bath).
Second: Deliberately delaying prayer until the end of time is a major and serious sin. Therefore, you must sincerely repent to Allah of this heinous and evil act and observe the prayer at the appointed hour.

Third: the time of prayer is a prolonged time (an interval), as we know. We can not imagine that your lack of punctuality is the reason why you leave the prayer until the end of your stay; this happens because of your extreme negligence and laziness.
Therefore, you must put prayer at the top of your priorities and organize all your affairs accordingly.
You should use an alarm clock and modern means that will remind you. In addition, you should stand in the company of righteous people who will remind you of Allah’s obedience and encourage you to do so.
You must fight against your own wickedness and repent to Allah whenever you commit a sin. In addition, you should sincerely beg Allah to help you with this.

Allah knows best.

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