Omar Hanafy

About The Tutor

Learn Quran Online for Adults with Omar Hanafy

 Assalmu Alaikum.My name is Omar Hanafy, and I am from Egypt.
Teaching is my passion. My journey with Quran has started since my early childhood. It makes my life as beautiful as everyone thinks to have a blissful life.

My father was Muhafiz( teacher) of Quran. So I started learning Quran from him. I followed learning with other two Sheiks to learn rules. Then, I began to teach my friends and other with the Rules of Tajweed.

I discover this amazing platform. I joined this platform to educate students all around the world. And to make life beautiful and meaningful to others.

I hope I will continue helping Muslims all over the world with the Holy Quran and its teaching. One never too old to learn Quran, we have to invest in true purpose of life.