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Aminah Mohammed is an Egyptian educator and an Arab native. She is an English teacher, a supervisor in one of the reputed language schools in Egypt. She obtained her B.A. from Cairo University in English and English Literature. She is a graduate of American University in Cairo as a professional educator. Aminah completed her memorization of the Holy Quran in 2005 at the Al Ma'sarawy Institute, a charitable institution created by the famous reciter Shaikh Al Ma'sarawy. Aminah has his first Ijazah (Sanad) for Hafaas Ann Assem in 2012, taken from Shaikh Amir Hady.

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She is certified by Dar Al Quran. She began teaching children at the Al Hussary Institute on October 6 in 2007, and then she began teaching women from 2008 until now. She teaches non-Arab speakers online and on-site. She began her online teaching career in 2010 through some non-profitable organizations. She taught the stories of St. Quran for adults through Insaniat Institute at Ramadan 2010. Her students are mainly from Pakistan, India, Egypt, Australia, Canada and USA Aminah is an Islamic translator in IQRAA Channel, she is the Subtitling and editing too. She is a blogger and a writer. She lives in Cairo, Egypt. She is fluent in English and is always enrolled in learning German and Urdu.

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She has got some Certificate such as Diploma of Education (The Damascus University) 2002, Bachelor degree of English Literature.

She is an experienced Quraan teacher, and Ready to work online as a teacher of the Quran and the Tajweed to women and kids who do not speak Arabic. She can speak English language and classical Arabic fluently. She also Having Ijaazah with Sanad to Rassoul Allah in Haffs 'an Assem and studying the Tajweed Rules.


She respects her work and a full-time to work from home via the Internet and has available online permanently speeds of 3 MB. She has skills of the use of technology in education -holds a certificate in Computer Driving IDCL and has the ability to use the computer, Microsoft Office.