Hazem Shady

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He is a competent and experienced member of The Quran Courses Online Institute. His teaching style, his communication skills and his fabulous flow of knowledge transfer makes the learning experience of students more enjoyable. He did Bachelors in Arabic and Islamic Studies and Diploma in Arabic Calligraphy. Currently, he is doing a master's degree in Arabic literature and Balaga. He has 7 years experience as a Tajweed, Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies teaching in an Islamic Studies Institute in Cairo (Egypt).

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Let's take a look at his expertise. He was born in Saudi Arabia. His father taught him and made him memorize 25 Jazz of Al-Quran when he was 8 years old. After that, he moved to Egypt and studied in a social work institute and had a bachelor's degree in social studies. He completed his Hifz-ul-Quran there and had an ijaza (Sanad) Asim.
His journey of knowledge is not limited here. He studied at the Institute of Islamic and Arab Studies in Cairo (Egypt) and worked for 6 years as a professor of Tajweed and Qur'an studies. During this period he was enrolled at Al-Azhar Institute of Quraat (which is the specialized institute of recitation and tajweed and Qiraat studies). He studied for 4 years and had the certificate of the Alazhar University for Quran and took the ijaza for the addition 3 quart of the well-known sheikh of Qiraat (Shiek Mohamed Ibrahim).

After completing his studies at Al-Azhar, he joined the faculty of the House of Knowledge where he studied Arabic grammar, literature, morfology, Tafsir, Hadith, philosophy Islamic, aqida, fiqh, Islamic history, Arabic edition and Arabic calligraphy. After graduation, he took a high degree from the same college in Aqida and Islamic philosophy. And U.S.A. Embassy scholarship for Arab teachers and imams, Muslim leaders. Thus, he is famous among his field because of his vast knowledge and experience.