Ibrahim Hady

About The Tutor

He is one of the brilliant Online Quran Tutors & Teachers of The Quran Courses Online Institute. He is a tutor who is willing to teach the teachings of Quran Recitation into his students. He is very skilled and devoted Quran tutor. He holds a degree from Al-Azhar University. He has communication skills and acquired team spirit. It is possible to settle with students of different cultures and understand their standards and values. He teaches the Quran and Tajweed for five years. His mother tongue is Arabic and also has a strong hold on English.

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He finds an effective solution for the default of his learners as he has worked with the British Council in solving the client's questions. He explains Quran and Tajweed so well to his students that they get themselves involved in this. In the past, it provides assistance to young leaders who polish its ability to understand and turn the minds of young people. It's what kind of experiences made it popular among its students.

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• Education / Qualification

1. Bachelor of Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Languages & Translation, Department of Islamic Studies in English.

2. Degree: very good with honor.

3. He has gained the first place in the "Spelling Bee" competition held in the faculty.

4. He has gained the first place in the memorization of the Holy Qur'an in Al-Azhar University during the study period.

5. He has been granted ICDL Certificate.

6. 15th -17th March 2009 I have successfully attended the "How to present Islam'' course and courses about Public Speaking and Presentation Skills delivered by Fadel Soliman, director of IITP (The International Institute for Training Presenters).

7. He has attended a lecture entitled ''effective negotiation& communication skills workshop"; this lecture was delivered by Ph. Hassan Mohamad Wajeih, an expert in negotiation & crisis management center for leadership.

8. He has worked with Future School as an English Teacher in Aswan for three years.

9. He has worked as a freelance translator.
10. He translated for el- Hatef el- Eslami (Islamic Telephone CO).

11. He has worked as a translator, proofreader and editor with Harf Company for Technology and Information techniques.

12. He worked as a tutorial assistant of teaching the Arabic Language to non-Arabs with the Islamic Online University and got experience in the concerned fields. Mypowerpointt presentations and recordings are still used by the university

13.He got my MA from Al-Azhar University in Islamic Studies.

14. he has got ICDL and TOEFL Certificates.

15. Working as a freelance translator.


He can teach:

Quran memorization
Quran Recitations
Tajweed Rules
Arabic language
Hifz Quran