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Ola Mohammed, Online Quran, and Arabic Teacher
I am 28 years old
I live in Egypt
I work as a lecturer in the Elmonofia education college and also as a student at the Zad Academy in which I study Rowak Scientist (Sharia Science). I know different Surahs of the glorious Quran. I finished with Nour El Bayan, Norania and I tried to get my Egaza on Hafs from Asem.
I like to teach foreigners the Quran and the Tajweed in Sha Allah

I received my bachelor's degree in Management Information Systems 2009
IELTS-certified test and seven tests
I am a student at the Koran Institute since August 2015 (Academic learning rules Al Tajweed, Learning to recite Al Quraan by Tajweed, Memorize Al Quraan 3 years)

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The teaching of the Quran provides very easy and authentic online methods so that anyone of any age group and formation can reach us and enjoy the opportunity easily.

In addition, the best feature is that you can choose the time and day of your choice and availability. In the following text, we present some tips for teaching the Quran to children. These little points will help you a lot in teaching your child Quran.

1) Define yourself as a model or example, in front of the child, to follow you. Remember the Qur'an every day and make sure your children are around you when you recite the sacred book.

2) Recite the Quran in a strong and attractive tone, that would make them attracted to what you read.

3) Try to make the beginning of your child's day "reciting the Koran". Develop the habit of reciting the Quran after Fajar. So that when your child opens his eyes in the morning, the first sound entering his ears is from the Koran.

4) Tell them stories of the Koran. Your bedtime story can be one of the described in the Qur'an. And give them a reference to the stories of the Qur'an. This would prompt them to seek the Qur'an themselves.

5) Keep telling them about the reward of reciting the Koran for example. Allah makes happy, the prophet (s.a.w) said that his best learning, etc.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said: "The best of you are those who learn the Qur'an and teach it." Bukhari Vol 6 - 61: 545