Sally Essam

About The Tutor

SALLY  ESAMWas born in 1986 in Saudi  Arabia. Then moved to Cairo, Egypt at the age of eleven. She graduated from the faculty of commerce and business management. Helwan university in 2007.she memorized the holy Quran at the age of 21, then she studied Islamic sciences like Quran, Tajweed, Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, Sirah, Aqidah, at AL ARKHAM IBN ABI EL ARKHAM  institute for Quran readings and Islamic sciences with a Very good grade.This institute is managed by AL AZHAR  AL SHRIEF Entity. 

SALLY ESAM got the IJAZAH in Quran in Hafs from Asim reading .she took many courses in (How to prepare an effective teacher).she took an English course and course in Office program and Internet marketing .she is also developing herself by self- education.

Sally's experience
She worked as a teacher for the holy Quran from 2008 till 2017 ina center for teaching Quran. managed by AL AZHER AL SHARIEF Entity .she has been teaching Quran, Islamic studies and Arabic for Non-Arabs.

 "because basically, I am feeling a responsibility to teach it for my Muslim sisters in order to be able to read and understand Quran, read and extract the knowledge they need about "Deen" by themselves "she is preferring the practical learning rather than theoretical learning.