Smah Zaki

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She is an Arabic teacher and a lecturer at Al-Azhar University. She is very hard working and her goal is to teach her pupil the best she could. She is a very responsible person and The Quran Courses Online Institute Institute is honored to have such an experienced teacher in his team.

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She works for the development of a program whereby non-Arab students can learn Arabic very easily. It is very favorable that it could be available on request at any time. She uses her extra time to make her teaching better than before. She also has a strong hold on English which gave her an edge. She has an 8-year experience of teaching Arabic to non-Arab students.

Just a quick glance at Samah's career. She is experienced in teaching Arabic to French, British, Russian and Canadians. She teaches Arabic from eight years at various universities and institutions which are the Badr Center, Al-Iman Center, Cairo Institution, International Institution for Languages, Al Huda Center, and now at the Azhar Center for Non- Arab University at Azhar University. She has also been delivered to online teaching for non-Arab students Madinah Arabic tuition fees from 2010 until now. Her impressive professional background and knowledge of her a very delicate teacher and this experience of dealing with students of different natures and different regions has given her a unique means of teaching. She is passionate about her job and teaches so well that every word of her teaching goes deep inside the student.