Rehab Fahmy

About The Tutor

Quran learning for beginners With sister Rehab

Rehab Ahmed Fahmy was born in Egypt(Giza) she spent 24 years of her life in Giza then moved to Mansoura where she lives now.

 She's a Hafiza of Quran graduated from faculty of Dar El-Olom, Arabic language studies department, Cairo University and got a diploma in teaching method, Helwan Universty.

She is an expert in Arabic Languages and believes that Arabic learning is the first step to learn the Qur'an and all Islamic concepts with deep understanding.

learn to read Quran online 

 She has worked in many online Centers to teach non-Arabs and non-Arabic speakers also she has worked at many Islamic organizations as a Quran teacher and A Noor El-Bian teacher too, she has a good career in teaching children and adults and she treats them so kind.

now she teaches Arabic online, Tajweed,  studies and recitation of the Quran to non-Arab speakers.
She's excellent in Quran Reciting with Tajweed and have the Ability to teach Quran with a Very easy way.

A hard worker, smart time manager, systematic and follow rules.