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The Value of Taqwa in Islam | Get 3 FREE trial Quran Classes

To know the Importance of Taqwa in Islam and its benefits we should first know what is Taqwa.

What is Taqwa?

To know the Importance of Taqwa in Islam and its benefits we should first know what is Taqwa.Taqwa is defined as fearing Allah when a person fears Allah Almighty then he will not commit sins. Taqwa incorporates awareness and fear of Allah as well as piety. Piety is essentially righteousness that can only be obtained through the obedience of the Almighty Allah and abstain from His prohibitions. We can say that Taqwa is the key to happiness and success in this life and the afterlife. Taqwa acts as a channel through which Muslims relate to each other in society and also a way to connect their actions.

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Importance of Taqwa in Islam and its benefits

Allah alone is the Creator of this world and He is the Most Merciful to all His humanity, it is mentioned repeatedly in the Quran. Obedience to the great Lord is not limited to performing religious actions, but to being moral in all aspects of life, as can be seen in the following verse of the Holy Quran: “O, you who believe! you hold a secret counsel, do not do it for sin and evil, and disobey the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) but do it for Al-Birr (justice) and Taqwa (virtues and piety), and fear Allah to whom you must be gathered together. “(Quran, 58: 9)

From this verse, it indicates that Taqwa means much more than piety: it is the combination of our beliefs, our self-awareness and our attitudes. It is a reminder to stay on the path of righteousness, decency and to know the difference between good and evil. It is about having the Lord’s Consciousness in terms of knowledge and obedience to all His orders, including not only to fear Him but to act in all His directions. In the Quran, Allah says, “O you who believe, fear God and be with those who are true (in word and deed).” (Quran, 9: 119)

In the Holy Quran and the Sunnah, Taqwa is defined as the concept of protecting oneself from the Fire of the Flames by following the orders of Allah Almighty, doing what He (SWT) commanded and avoiding what He (SWT) banned. Many verses in the Quran say this: “And to Allah belongs all that is in heaven and all that is on the earth.” And, in truth, we have recommended to the people of the scriptures before you and to you (the Muslims) that you (all) fear Allah and keep your duty to him, but if you do not believe, then to Allah belongs all that is in heaven and all that is on the earth, and Allah is always rich, worthy of all praise. “(Quran, 4: 131)

Taqwa acts as a barrier between Muslims and anger and discontent of Allah (SWT). In Hadith Prophet (SAW) said: “Fear Allah because it is the collection of all good.” Ayahs and hadith above, we can conclude that if we want to succeed l and want to obtain the blessings and the pleasure of Allah, we should fear Allah and must do the good deeds that are the source of pleasing Allah Almighty.The Importance of Taqwa in Islam and its benefits is useful for all muslims.

Taqwa Benefits of the Quran

Below, we will discuss the benefits of Taqwa from the Quran:

Guidance: There are hints for those who are Muttaqin (taqwa people) as Allah says in the Quran: “guide for those who are aware of Allah” (Quran, 2: 2). People who fear Allah Almighty will seek guidance in the Holy Book of the Quran.

Ease of Things: In the Holy Quran, Allah the Almighty says: “And whoever fears Allah, He will make it easier for him” (Quran, 65: 4). Whoever has Taqwa, Allah makes things easy for him in this world as well as in the hereafter. This does not necessarily mean that the person will not face difficulties, but thanks to the blessings of his Taqwa, he is guaranteed the ease and strength to withstand these difficulties without losing the faith or hope of the Almighty. The reward of facing these difficulties will be given by Allah in the Hereafter.

Allah’s love for Muttaqin: In the Holy Quran, Allah the Almighty stated that: “Surely Allah loves Muttaqin” (Quran, 3:76). From this verse, we can conclude that Allah loves those who are pious, that is, who does the right things. Taqwa is the source of winning the love and blessings of Allah.

One way out of difficulties: Allah says in the Holy Quran about those who face problems in a verse: “And whoever fears Allah, He will make an end” (Quran, 65: 2). People who face difficulties but who remain firm in their faith for the sake of Allah, then He (SWT) will surely offer them a way to get rid of these problems. Taqwa serves as divine guard against the trials of this world as well as the difficulties of the hereafter.
Acceptance of actions: Allah says in the Quran about the acceptance of actions or deeds in these terms: “Allah only accepts people from Taqwa” (Quran, 5:27). The people who are Muttaqin Allah love them and accept their actions and deeds. So to know the Importance of Taqwa in Islam and its benefits is really great.

Unexpected Subsistence: Almighty Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Everything a person needs and sustenance desires can be found in his vast treasures. In the Quran, Allah says: “And if the people of the cities believed and had Taqwa, surely We should have opened to them blessings of the heavens and the earth.” (Quran, 7:96) . Its really good to know the Importance of Taqwa in Islam and its benefits.

The salvation of the Fire: Allah says, “Then We will save those who have had taqwa” (Quran, 19:72). Allah will save Muttaqin from hell, so try to do the right thing. Be pious and receive rewards from Allah Almighty.
Ability to distinguish truth from lies: When a believer ensures that his obedience to Allah and his love remain above all, he is gifted by Allah to distinguish between true and false or we can say good or bad. bad actions. In the Holy Quran, Allah says: “O you who believe, if you fear Allah, He will grant you a criterion (furqan).” (Quran, 8:29) . So to know the Importance of Taqwa in Islam and its benefits is really useful for all muslims.

The success of Taqwa: Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran: “Have taqwa of Allah for you to succeed” (Quran, 3: 200). Whoever wants to succeed in this life and in the afterlife must do righteous deeds for the sake of the Almighty Allah. Taqwa must also do righteous actions for fear of Allah Almighty.
Tranquility: Allah says in the Holy Quran: “It is He (Allah) who has brought tranquility into the hearts of believers.” (Quran, 48: 4) People who want calm and tranquility should do taqwa which means fear of Allah Almighty as a result they have become godliness. When they become piety, they feel calmness and tranquility in their hearts as Allah mentioned in the Quran.
For the success of this lie and the hereafter, we must do taqwa. We should not be long in increasing our taqwa. Should pray to Allah Almighty to guide us to the right path and help us become godly and righteous Muslims. Ameen!


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