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Learn Quran online with us under the supervision of qualified professional and expert Quran teachers who have taught the Quran and Arabic language for more than 10000 students so far Alhamdulillah. In addition to the use of technology, our Quran Courses Academy is dedicated to providing online Quran classes for kids and adults both male and female with native Arabic-speaking teachers from Egypt who hold an Ijazah for Quran teaching. Alhamdulillah we follow the latest teaching methods available to make learning Quran, Tajweed, and Arabic language through the Internet easier and more useful than any time before, as well as competitive price classes, and you can get 2 FREE trial online Quran classes for your satisfaction before making decisions or submitting any payment. Through our 2 trial online Quran classes, you will learn more about our services, Quran tutors and how exactly we are working, and there’s no better way than being one of our participants before paying for any of our online Quran classes.

If the participants are kids, rest assured that our offer covers them too, and our expert online Quran teachers are highly experienced in teaching the kids with the funniest and easiest ways to teach them the Arabic language, Quran, Tajweed rules, and Islamic studies. All Quran classes will be held online through our platform which is the most reliable choice we can offer our customers because it includes great features like browsing all teacher's profiles and watching their videos while speaking English and reading Quran which makes it so easy to choose the teacher you like before even taking the free trial online Quran classes. One of the great features our platform offers is chatting with the teacher directly here without using any external apps such as Skype or WhatsApp, ensuring 100% privacy. Additionally, you will be able to take the classes from our platform which has amazing great room classes exactly like Zoom to have the best experience while learning Quran online.

Now just imagine all these previous features are gathered together in one application available for both Andriod and iPhones, Imagine again how easy your journey with us to learn Quran online while having an application that has all the features you need such as rescheduling classes on your own, chatting with a teacher anytime, having multi teachers at the same time, making payment online throw our app, taking classes in the same place and many many and more great features. I can promise that this will be the best professional and usable app to have online Quran classes for anyone who wants to learn Quran online. Alhamdulillah we are conducting online Quran classes across the world: the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain, and the UAE.

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Hello! I'm Hassnaa Tarek, a 24-year-old living in Egypt. I proudly hold a degree from Al-Azhar University, where I specialize in Oriental Languages and Literature. English and Turkish are my forte, thanks to my dedicated studies in both languages during my college years. My teaching journey started as an English instructor in various online platforms, where I engaged with adults and occasionally with younger minds. I've found particular joy in working with children aged nine and above, crafting an environment where learning is not just about the language but also about sharing the rich tapestry of Islamic stories and delving into the teach...

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Assalamu Alaikom! I'm Salsabil, a 25-year-old coming from beautiful Egypt. I hold a degree from the Faculty of Sharia and Law at the esteemed Al Azhar University, a place that has enriched my understanding of Islamic principles. Adding another layer to my educational journey, I also earned a degree in English from the British Council in Egypt. This dual expertise positions me to not only navigate the intricacies of Sharia and Law but also to communicate effectively in English, creating a bridge between different worlds. One of my passions lies in fostering a strong connection with children. I take great pride in helping them recite the ...

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Mohamed Elsayed

Assalamu Alaikom! I'm Mohamed, a 25-year-old Quran and Arabic teacher from Egypt. I hold my degree from Zagazig University, where my studies were centered in the College of Education, specifically in the department of Arabic language. But let me share a bit more about my journey. Not only have I completed my academic pursuits, but I've also taken on the noble task of memorizing the Holy Quran. It's a journey that holds a special place in my heart and has become a part of my identity. Alongside this, I've received certification in the art of teaching children, known as Tohfa, adding another dimension to my teaching capabilities. I've had...

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Eman Mustafa

Hello, I'm Eman Mustafa from Egypt. I hold a degree from the faculty of languages and simultaneous interpretation, a chapter of my academic journey that has shaped my understanding of language and communication. At the tender age of 12, I accomplished the remarkable feat of memorizing the entire Quran, marking a pivotal moment in my relationship with the holy text. Building on this foundation, I began my exploration of Tajweed at the age of 13, delving into the intricate rules that bring a melodic beauty to Quranic recitation. For years, I have been dedicated to imparting the art of Quranic recitation with Tajweed to students, cultivati...

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khadijah Elsayed

Assalamu Alaikom! This is Khadijah Elsayed from Cairo, and I'm thrilled to invite you on a transformative journey to learn the Quran online. I bring a wealth of experience as an expert Quran, Islamic studies, and Arabic tutor. Currently, I'm honored to be a part of The Quran Courses Academy, where I've dedicated countless hours, accumulating almost 3000 hours of teaching. Alhamdulillah, it's been a fulfilling and rewarding journey. What sets me apart is my Ijazah, a testament to my proficiency and mastery in reciting the Holy Quran. This includes: * Ijazah in Tuhfatulattfal * Al-Jazariah * Al Qaidah Al Nooraniyah * and several othe...

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Sara Ebrahem

Hey there, I'm Sara Ebrahim from Cairo, a 28-year-old graduate from the faculty of languages and translation. I've been teaching for three years, rocking the English teacher scene and proudly waving my teaching Diploma flag. As your friendly online tutor, I've even got an Igaza in my pocket, giving me the green light to teach and help you memorize the Quran. And guess what? We're going all out with the Tajweed rules, making it a breeze with my easy approach. Ever wanted to tackle the Quran and remember what you're reciting? Well, you're in luck because I'm here to guide you through, promising to make each word stick in your memory like it'...

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Fatma Ibrahim

Hello, I'm Fatma Ibrahim, hailing from Egypt. A 27-year-old graduate from the Faculty of Education, English department, I'm here to share my love for language and the Quran with you. Let me take you on a bit of a journey. I've dived deep into the intricacies of Tajweed, and guess what? I'm not just learning it; I'm ready to teach it. Whether you're a kiddo or a grown-up, I've got the knack for making the study of Tajweed and Quranic memorization a breeze. For me, being able to help both children and adults in studying Tajweed and memorizing the Quran is a profound blessing from Allah. It's not just about teaching; it's about being a ve...

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Ahmed shaban

Asslamu Alaikom mates! How's it going? This is Ahmed Shabaan, sending some good vibes all the way from Egypt. Down here, we're all about mateship, and I'm stoked to have you on board for a bit of learning. So, quick rundown about me - graduated from the faculty of Islamic Sharia and Law at Al-Azhar University in the heart of Cairo. Alhamdulillah, wrapped up that chapter, and now, I'm ready to share some knowledge with you. Here's the plan: we're diving into Arabic, Quran, and Tajweed. But don't stress; we're doing it the Aussie way – easy, breezy, and with a bit of banter. No worries, mate! It's all about keeping things smooth and enj...

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Maryam radwan

Hi, I have been teaching kids for 5 years and it is nice to teach not Arabic kids online I feel it is like something different with a lot of good experience which will help me a lot in life and the afterlife too It is my 1st time teaching online, and till now I am a student online in many courses trying to be better with Quran and Hifz I am trying to take ijazah now in Nour al bayan to teach kids in a better way coz all of my skills are self-studies and experience with different kids but after finishing my college and I am trying to be more professional and better to give kids more than what I was given before and I really ask Allah much t...

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Zainab Saad

Hey there! Al Salam Alaikum! Zainab Saad here, and I'm 30 years old, bringing some Aussie vibes your way. Now, let me give you a bit of a yarn about myself. I'm a proud graduate from the language and translation department, specializing in Turkish, at Al Azhar University. I've been in the game, working with Arab kids and women, and now, I'm super keen for the chance to work with non-Arab kids. It's all about spreading the love for language and culture, right? In my teaching toolkit, I've got Noor Albayan and Fateh Al Rahman – my trusty sidekicks for teaching kids how to write and read Quranic words the right way. It's not just about t...

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How to learn Quran Online with Us?

Select the Quran Teacher

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Choose your ideal Quran teacher from many Quran teachers who teach Quran courses like Quran Recitation, Quran Memorization, Tajweed rules, Islamic studies, Noorani Qaida, and Arabic language.

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Get started with 2 trial online Quran classes to interview Quran teachers. Select any time with any of our Quran tutors and add it to their calendar to start learning Quran online.

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Just download & install our app to start learning all the Quran and Arabic courses online with our qualified Quran tutors and enjoy your online Quran learning journy with one of our packages with an affordable price

Courses we offer in our Online Quran Classes

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Quran Memorization

Memorizing the Quran is a precious gift that God chooses to give to his sincere and true believers. This Quran memorization Course is a great way to help you memorize the holy Quran. The course is designed to help you memorize the Quran in a short time. The course will help you memorize the Quran by teaching you how to read it, recite it, and under...

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Learn Quran with Tajweed

Tajweed is the science of reading and reciting the Quran with proper pronunciation, intonation, and rhythm. It is a necessary part of learning how to read the Quran correctly, and it is something that every Muslim should learn. The Quran courses will help you learn tajweed as there are courses for adults and kids too. We are working to provide the ...

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Get Quran Ijazah

Get register in our Quran Ijazah course. The Quran Ijazah is an important Islamic document that attests to a person is proficiency in reciting the Quran. It is generally obtained after completing a course of study with a qualified teacher, and it can be a valuable addition to your resume or portfolio. If you are interested in obtaining a Quran Ijaz...

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Quran Translation Course

In this Quran Translation Course we will teach you how to translate the Quran from Arabic to English. You will learn about the different methods of translation, and how to choose the best translation for each verse. You will also learn about the different interpretations of the Quran, and how to find the meaning of difficult words and phrases. Our ...

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Quran Tafsir Course

If you are looking to improve your understanding of the Quran, then taking a Quran Tafsir course is a great option. Tafsir is the process of explaining the meaning of the Quran, and there are many different ways to approach it. By taking a course, you will be able to learn from experts in the field and gain a deeper understanding of this sacred tex...

quran learning

Quran Qirat Course

The Quran is the holy book of Islam and is recited by Muslims all over the world. The Quran Qirat Course is a course designed to teach Muslims how to recite the Quran in the proper way. The course covers all the basic rules of Quranic recitation and also provides tips on how to improve one is recitation. Qirat is a unique and beautiful way to recit ...

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Arabic Speaking Course

If you are looking to improve your Arabic speaking skills, then this is the course for you! In this Arabic speaking course, you will learn how to effectively communicate in Arabic. You will also learn about the different Arabic dialects and how to properly use them. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their Arabic speaking skills...

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Quran Recitation course

Our Quran Recitation course is designed to help students improve their Quran recitation skills. The course covers a wide range of topics, from the basics of recitation to more advanced techniques. Students will have the opportunity to practice their recitation with other students in the class, and will receive feedback from the instructor....

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Islamic studies course

We have designed a series of Islamic studies course for kids and adults to have this bless Islamic Knowledge.As an Islamic studies course, we will provide a glimpse into the various aspects of Islam. The topics covered will include Islamic history, beliefs, practices, and culture. By exploring these topics, we hope to give our readers a better unde...

Why our Online Quran Classes?

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Qualified Teachers

The Quran Courses Academy offersprofessional Quran teachers who can communicate in English and Arabic fluently, making sure that communication and learning is effective.

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Interactive Classes

We use the latest softwares such as video streaming, whiteboard, screen sharing and multi-channel audio to make Quran Interactive learning experience.

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Flexible Timings

The Quran classes are scheduled according to the convenience of the students, so that learning the Quran can easily be adjusted according to thier daily routine without any hassle.

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Any Time & Device

For your convenience, you can now learn Quran online everywhere, at any time using any device. Take your online Quran classes on PC, IPhone or any android device.

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Female Teachers

Can not find a female Quran tutor for your daughters? With our Quran learning you can choose from our expert male and female Quran Tutors and you have the choice to go with any

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Safe Environment

You dont have to worry about your kids anymore. Now your kids will learn fom home and you can watch them easily without driving to Mosque or school.

Register as Quran Teacher

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Build Profile

Build your Quran teacher profile and choose the Quran courses you would like to teach, like online Hifz memorization, Tajweed Rules and Islamic Studies Courses.

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Start Teaching Quran online, Arabic and Islamic Studies Online with many students from United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

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Join our Amazing Quran, Tajweed and Arabic language Teachers now to starting giving Quran lessons online and earn money after each single class.

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Things you should consider to start learning Quran online

The following things are very useful benefits to start your online Quran classes with us.

  1. Qualified Tutors: Browse and choose between our experienced and qualified Quran teachers.

  2. One-on-One Online Quran Classes: Benefit from personalized, one-on-one online Quran classes.

  3. Interactive Learning: Engage in interactive Quran classes for amazing learning experience.

  4. Live Classes Built-In: Access our live classes easily and without duration limits like Zoom.

  5. Live Chat Support: Have instant support through our live chat for quick assistance and help.

  6. Flexible Schedule: Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling or even rescheduling classes.

  7. Change Tutor Anytime: Flexibility to switch Quran teachers if needed.

  8. Multilingual Support: Access classes in multiple languages like Arabic or English.

  9. Learning Materials: Access comprehensive learning materials.

  10. Free Trial classes: Experience a trial classes at no cost to try our service.

  11. Affordable Prices: Access quality classes at affordable prices.

  12. Apps for Android and iPhone: Conveniently learn through dedicated apps on both Android and iPhone.

  13. Progress Tracking: Monitor your progress through detailed tracking tools.

  14. Daily Reports: Receive daily progress reports.

  15. Recorded Sessions: Access recordings of past sessions for review or reference.

  16. Discussion Forums: Participate in discussion forums to enhance understanding.

  17. 24/7 Support: Receive round-the-clock support for any queries or assistance.

  18. Parental Involvement: Stay connected with your child's progress through regular updates for parents.

  19. Certification: Obtain a certification upon course completion for added credibility.

  20. Peer Collaboration: Collaborate with peers for a supportive learning community.

  21. Customized Learning Plans: Tailor your learning plan to suit individual needs and goals.

  22. Technology Integration: Benefit from the latest technology for an advanced learning experience.

  23. Resource Library: Explore an extensive library of supplementary resources.

  24. Gamified Learning: Enjoy gamified elements for a fun and engaging educational experience.

  25. Regular Assessments: Regular assessments for understanding and progress.

  26. Cultural Context: Understand the Quran within its cultural context for a richer learning experience.

  27. Community Events: Participate in community events and activities related to Quranic studies.

  28. Mobile Accessibility: Learn on the go with our mobile-friendly app and access to classes.

  29. Feedback Mechanism: Provide and receive feedback for continuous improvement.

  30. Teaching Opportunities: Engage in teaching sessions for collaborative learning.

  31. Group Projects: Collaborate on group projects for an understanding of the Quranic teachings.

  32. Live Q&A Sessions: Participate in live question and answer classes with our Quran teachers for clarifications.

  33. Learning Assessments: assessments to tailor instruction accordingly.

  34. Daily Reflections: Encourage daily reflections on Quranic verses for a deeper understanding.

  35. Personalized Learning Paths: Receive personalized learning paths based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

  36. Counseling Services: Access counseling services for both academic and personal support.

  37. Practical Application: Apply Quranic teachings to real-life scenarios through practical exercises.

  38. Cultural Appreciation: Learn about the cultural and historical context surrounding Quranic verses.

  39. Global Community: Connect with a global community of learners for a multicultural experience.

  40. Adaptive Learning Platforms: Benefit from adaptive learning platforms that adjust to individual learning styles.

  41. Guest Lectures: Attend guest lectures with our scholars for diverse perspectives.

  42. Memorization Support: Receive guidance and tools for effective Quranic memorization (Hifz).

  43. Ethical Guidelines: Inculcate ethical guidelines based on Quranic principles throughout the learning journey.

  44. Specialized Workshops: Attend workshops on topics like Tajweed, Tafsir, and Islamic Studies.

  45. Dynamic Quizzes: Engage in dynamic quizzes to improve learning and make it interactive.

  46. Easy Learning: Facilitate learning with great activities for a comprehensive approach.

  47. Digital Badges: Earn digital badges upon reaching levels for motivation.

  48. Accessibility Features: Ensure accessibility features for learners with diverse needs.

  49. Community Projects: join our community service projects inspired by Quranic values.

  50. Safe Environment: safe environment for kids and our sisters too.

  51. Parent-Teacher Conferences: Organize regular parent-teacher meetings to discuss progress.

  52. Motivational Classes: Attend motivational classes for positive mindset towards learning.

  53. Customizable Learning Speed: Adjust the learning speed to accommodate individual learning paces.

  54. Collaborative Learning Spaces: online spaces for group projects and discussions.

  55. Podcast Series: Access educational podcast series for in-depth discussions on Quranic topics.

  56. Financial support: Provide financial programs for students facing income challenges.

  57. E-Book Library: Access an amazing e-book library for additional reading and research.

About Us

Our Online Quran Academy is a platform for you to learn Quran Online from anywhere in the world. Our Online Quran classes and courses are tailored for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Our classes cover anything related to Quran recitation or memorization, Arabic grammar or reading or speaking, and Tajweed rules. We can provide live and interactive classes by qualified Quran teachers who are passionate about what they do and want to share their knowledge with others. Alhamdulillah we cover all subjects that are related to the Quran such as Quran memorization or Hifz, Quran recitation, Quran reading, Quran for kids, Quran for adults, Quran for females, Quran seven or ten Qirat, Quran translation or Tafseer and Quran with Ijazah. Also, we cover all subjects that are related to the Arabic language such as Arabic reading, Arabic speaking, Arabic writing, Arabic listing, Arabic grammar, general Arabic, business Arabic, literature Arabic, Arabic conversation, Noorani Qaida, Noor Al-Bayan, and Qaida Nooraniyah. In addition to Islamic studies classes such as Tawheed, Tafseer, Fiqh, Hadith, Duaas, Quran meaning, and Islamic etiquette.

Alhamdulillah our online Quran classes for kids are one of the best Quran classes on the internet, the classes are also for adults male and female as we have both teachers available, All our lectures are run by highly qualified native Arabic speakers who speak English fluently Alhamdulillah and most of them graduated from Al-Azhar University. Our mission is to spread the message of Islam to all people from every background and nation in the best way possible.

The Quran courses Academy is a website run by an expert team of Quran teachers, who have been teaching the Quran for the past 10 years. All our Quran classes are 1-to-1 classes with interactive and easy ways that include quizzes, writing exercises, and reading tests. The idea behind this program came forth to make learning Quran online more accessible to everyone regardless of their location due to lack of qualified teachers or time availability. It all started by looking at the needs of our community members - we saw that there was a huge demand to learn Quran Online, but people were unable to access it without traveling long distances and spending excessive amounts of money. We also observed the increase in mobile usage so we made sure we offered a platform through which people can learn more about Islam no matter where they are. We are providing Online Quran Classes to over 10000 students worldwide.