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Islam and crimes of honor, Islam strongly prohibits the killing of any person without lawful reasons.
At present, many labels of negative connotations are associated with Islam. People around the world do not understand that culture and Islam are different in the Muslim population and the different acts that Muslims are undertaking now because of their social or cultural constraints have nothing to do with Islam.

Although Islam in itself has the best culture, but Muslims currently have a different culture from Islam but the West sees their culture as an Islamic culture. This notion is false and has only bad prejudices against Islam. One of those cultural phenomena that defamed Islam is the act of killing honor.

Throughout the Muslim world, there are people who kill women simply because of suspicion or even a proven fact that women have defamed them by committing adultery. Although there have been very few cases in which such action has been proven, however, the number of honor killings remains high. So it’s really important to read about Islam and crimes of honor. It must be understood that honor killing has nothing to do with Islam and that it is an act that is completely contrary to the teaching of Islam and has no roots in Islam. Islam. The lines below discuss how Islam considers killing in general and killing of honor in particular.

Allah Almighty says in the Quran:

“Whoever kills a believer intentionally, his reward will be Hell, to abide in it forever, and the wrath and curse of Allah are upon them, and a terrible punishment is prepared for them.” (4:93)

From this ayah of the Quran, it is obvious that there is no place to kill a believer in Islam. Anyone who intentionally kills a believer, the only reward left is the life of hell in the hereafter. Therefore, the intentional killing of a believer in Islam is one of the most serious sins a person can commit.

In addition to killing Islam discusses the sanctity of human life as well. In Islam, human life is one of the most sacred things and a Muslim must take care of the lives of others and make sure no life is lost.

Allah Almighty says in the Quran:

For this reason: We have ordered for the children of Israel that if someone kills a person – unless it is for murder or for spreading mischief in the country – it would be as if they had killed everyone . And if someone saved a life, it would be as if they saved the lives of all men. “(5:32)

From this ayah of the Koran, it becomes clear that human life is sacred. One can not kill a human unless the person killed spills out harm in the world or in life for life. Other than saving a life is saving humanity and killing one is killing humanity.

The possible hadeeth that illiterates and Muslims with a lack of knowledge use to justify the act of honor killing is as follows where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) explained the situations where bloodshed is permitted by saying:

“It is not permissible to shed the blood of a Muslim who testifies that there is no god but Allah and that I am the Messenger of Allah except in three cases: a life for one. life (murder), zina of someone who is previously married (adultery), and one who changes his religion and abandons jamaa’ah. “(Bukhari)

From the ayah one can find that killing an adulterer who is married is allowed in Islam. This is the justification that people have for honor killings in a Muslim society. However, they do not realize the fact that this hadeeth gives a general concept and the researchers have discussed in more detail the conditions under which it is allowed.

The conditions are two:

First, adultery must be previously married. This means that he or she would have had sex in a marriage, he or she is an adult, and in addition to being sane, they were born as well. Therefore, those who are not married should not be killed in light of this hadeeth.

The second condition for killing adultery is that there should be four male witnesses who would attend the meeting of the private parts of the two individuals involved in adultery. Moreover, this adultery must be committed by consent for the punishment to be valid.
If one assumes that the conditions are met, then even one individual does not have the right to kill the other, but rather the power of punishment must be given to the state judicial system that would give an Islamic judgment on the question.

Islam and crimes of honor

According to the hadiths mentioned, it is clear that the only murder allowed for the defamation of honor is the murder of adulterous who is or has been married. This means that killing unmarried women is not allowed in Islam, moreover, the thing that most people forget is that this rule and this law are equally applicable to men. Moreover, if the woman is found guilty of the crime, then even an individual does not have the right to kill another person or a woman in particular.

Usually, in honor of killing single women are killed. The above discussion shows that even if it is proven, an unmarried woman can not be killed for adultery. Therefore, those who do it do not do it from Islam rather than from their social or cultural roots.
The above discussion also shows that the simple accusation of adultery against a married woman is not enough to kill her. It’s very useful to know and understand this tobic ” Islam and crimes of honor “. On the contrary, this is only permissible when there are witnesses available who testify to the adultery that takes place and that too, not by force but by consent.
More importantly, the discussion shows that if there are honor killings, then men should be treated in the same way as women because the decision to kill a fornicator given by Islam is free from sexist prejudices and that the two sexes are equal. responsible for the act and its consequences.


In a word, there is no concept of honor crime in Islam. The only accepted condition is that adultery is done by a married person and that the decision is the same for men and women, without any discrimination.So it’s very  useful to read about Islam and crimes of honor. Therefore, the idea of ​​killing unmarried women or killing women solely in the name of honor is not Islamic at all.

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