a list of questions and answers relating to a learning Quran online with Quran Courses to clear all the information for Quran Courses users.

How can I register?

The process is quite simple in Quran courses. You must schedule a free online assessment session to meet one of our academic coaches. The assessment process is crucial because it helps you target your specific needs and allows you to evaluate whether the Quran course program is right for you. You can also answer any questions and concerns you have during the session.

How much will registration for Quran courses cost?

Most students sign up for the Pro plan. The average student of Quran courses spends approximately $88 per month. This equates to approximately 8 hours of teaching per month or 2 1-hour lessons per week, suitable for most levels and ensuring that program objectives are met. The price may be slightly different depending on the package.

There are 4 different plans offered by Quran courses and each plan has a different hourly rate. Our most popular plan is the Pro plan which ensures the student is assigned to a certified teacher. Additionally, the plan offers other benefits such as flexible rescheduling, one cancellation per month in addition to emergencies always canceled without penalties and a 5% discount for family members.

Our most flexible plan is the Elite plan which offers maximum flexibility in terms of scheduling and cancellation, video recordings of classes and a 10% family discount.

Last but not least, our Essentials and Simple plans are the most affordable options available to teachers who have gone through the same rigorous selection criteria, but offer fixed schedules with no cancellation options to minimize costs. The Essentials plan, however, comes with a dedicated academic advisor to regularly monitor and report on student progress and even adjust the study plan if necessary.

Can I join multiple classes?

Definitely yes; you can join one course for memorization and another for revision.

How can parents check their child’s progress in “Quran Classes”?
Parents can log in to their child’s portal and view the report on tasks completed over a period of time.

They can also log in to the desktop app and view the progress of past assignments: on-time or late delivery, grades, number of errors, and teacher correction of errors.

“Quran University” is the only global application that keeps track of all students’ mistakes throughout the study period, either a week, a month or several years.

What is the ideal age to start Quran lessons?

Over the years we have had success with very young students, but we recognize that every child is different and some may have difficulty interacting with a teacher online. In general, we have found that from the age of 5, online teaching rarely poses any problems.

For younger students, a tutor may need to accompany the student during lessons initially to support them until the student gets used to their teacher.

Do you offer a free trial?

Quran courses only offer a free assessment carefully designed to inform the student about the process, what to expect, and to address any concerns. Our goal is to determine if the online support and programs we offer are right for you and your family. Additionally, we carefully select and match the teacher to the student based on a range of factors, including academic, behavioral and social, to maximize results.

It is usually difficult to evaluate the results of one or a few sessions and therefore it is necessary to commit to a teacher/program for a period of time and evaluate the results once certain milestones are reached .

The process of learning Quran lessons is dynamic and adaptive; for example, our academic team often needs to make adjustments to adapt material or teaching style to a student’s progress.

Can I choose the gender of the teacher?

Yes absolutely. As a general rule, teenagers and older students are usually assigned teachers of the same gender. An exception to this rule is when the student requires a very specialized area of expertise, then the academic background of the teacher is taken into consideration to award the best match.

Do you have female teachers as well as male teachers in the “Quran classes”?
Yes, we have teachers from all over the world teaching students. You can filter teacher profiles based on gender from the filters.

Is it safe to pay for Quran lessons online?

Yes. Coran Courses uses the most secure payment gateway on the Internet (Stripe), used by Apple and Amazon. Your information is processed securely through this gateway and is subject to the highest standards of encryption and data security. You can submit payment with confidence InshaAllah.

How much do I have to pay for each course?
Prices depend on the frequency of missions

What is your refund policy?

Depending on the plan you select and who initiates the cancellation, you may be eligible for credits on your next bill.

The policy is flexible enough for most students without compromising our teachers’ schedules. We respect both the time of our students and our teachers as we respect appointments with doctors and professionals. When teachers experience excessive or late cancellations, their schedules remain busy and Coran Courses is unable to allocate new students to them to make up for the cancellations. The refund policy provides enough flexibility for our students without compromising teacher schedules as follows.

What is your cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is designed to provide flexibility for our students without compromising teacher schedules. When teachers experience excessive or late cancellations, the network is unable to compensate by assigning them new students and excessive teaching hours may be wasted. The policy is therefore designed to provide students with flexibility balanced with consistency and stability of schedules.

All lessons canceled by the teacher for unforeseen reasons are fully refunded to the student or postponed. For students on the Elite and Pro plans, students can cancel a maximum of 3 and 1 classes per month respectively and receive the full credit.

Elite members can reschedule an unlimited number of classes while pro members can reschedule up to 4 classes per month.

Students are not allowed to cancel but can reschedule up to 3 classes per month.

Simple plan students are not allowed to cancel or reschedule classes.

Cancellations or schedule changes must be submitted via the student dashboard at least 1 hour before the class start time.

Rescheduling must be completed within 30 days of the original lesson.

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