Hifz Quran Classes for kids and adults

Hifz Quran for Adults is a comprehensive course that is addressed not only to native Arabs but to all Muslims living in this world. We offer a unique online school that helps adults realize their dream of memorizing Quran.


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What makes our Hifz Quran course for adults different?
There may be countless online Quranic platforms and schools claiming to be the best, but we show how unique and unique we are. The following features will help you discover how our Hifz course for adults is different.

1- Excellent Quran memorization teachers for the best Hifz class outing!
When it comes to Quran memorization teachers in the Hifz program, we face close scrutiny and strict selection criteria to choose the best.

★ Experienced and certified

1-These native Arab teachers completed their Ijazah at an authorized and well-known institution, Al-Azhar University, at a very young age. 2- Our tutors have years of experience in this field, and they share their special memorization techniques with the students, that’s why our hifz online course is a great success. 3-These top ranked teachers are experts in their Tajweed, Makharij, Quranic comprehension and Arabic language. They pass a series of selection tests! 4-Our Quran memorization teachers are hired after a selection test and an interview conducted by professional academics. 5- They are devoted to helping Muslims to memorize the Quran with confidence. 6- They speak English fluently

Do you have a language barrier? No problem!! The teachers we have selected for our Quran memorization course speak English consistently and make the lesson well understood to the students. Being bilingual gives our Hifz Online Teachers the advantage of understanding the process needed in the Hifz Online Quran. Our online Quran tutors master their level of English proficiency and ensure clear and polite communication with students. They can offer support and guidance to their students better than someone who has not learned another language. So they can better explain the Hifz lessons.

7- Strong decision-making skills: Our Hifz tutor can help students create attractive and welcoming Hifz virtual classrooms.

Great teaching is based on decision making – how teachers decide to react and engage with students, select Hifz classroom curriculum and materials, organize learning, and use strategies Communication.

2- Well articulated plan of the Hifz Quran for adults:
Once you have made your decision for Hifz Al-Quran, review the personalized memorization plans that we offer. We take into account that each individual has their own capacity and speed of learning. This is why we let you decide whether to hifis the whole Quran or the selected portions (different suras). Our best Quran Hifz school has plans for memorization for different Suras and Juz. You can select your plan or make a personalized plan for yourself. Your teacher will help you through the process.

3- Weekly reports to track your progress in Hifz Quran online:
In our online Hifz courses, we generate weekly reports to track your progress in Hifz. Meetings are scheduled to discuss weaknesses and mutually decide how to deal with them. These regular reports and meetings help you stay on track and determine the approximate estimated time to complete hifz.

4- ONLY 4 steps to start memorizing Quran online with us: 1) Book a FREE trial class now and get the trial class anytime 24/7. 2) We’ll get back to you shortly, but be sure to download the Zoom app as soon as possible. 3) Enjoy your Quran Hifz trial course and we will send you an assessment report with a personalized Hifz plan. 4) Sign up for our best online Quran courses, with an Arabic Quran teacher, male or female, on the days and times that suit you.

5- Best personalized 1 to 1 online Hifz courses for adults:
In our individual online Hifz Quran courses, students receive the individual attention they demand. Using our private online lessons gives you or your child the opportunity to take as much time as necessary to explore difficult concepts, fully understand their classroom work, and ask questions.

Plus, Our One on One Hifz tutoring provides a safe place for kids to ask questions they’re too shy or embarrassed to ask in class. In these individual-focused Hifz courses, Hifz students can take advantage of the opportunity to attend fully personalized Hifz lessons and 100% attention from the Hifz teacher.

6- Encouraging environment for adults Quran Hifz course:
Don’t expect harsh comments and contempt from our hifz teachers. They are experienced in creating an encouraging and supportive learning environment for an intensive hifz course. It is undoubtedly a vigorous task which can only be accomplished successfully if the teachers and fellow students are motivating enough.

Our Hifz experts also use unique and interactive ways to make Hifz student learning more relevant and refined! – Request feedback
– Let the students choose the path
– Make it social
– Invite learners to contribute
– Encourage peer review
– Discussion forums

Why the Hifz discussion forum?
By adding a discussion board to the program, Hifz students can interact with each other while the teacher sits and takes notes. If some students do not participate in the online Hifz course, the teacher can send them an email to remind them that the discussion forum is taken into account in their grades. This way, they create more surveys in the classroom and in real time. We help slow learners by applying different strategies to enable them to achieve their goals.

7- Flexible hours for all our online Hifz courses:
We are available 24/7 unlike typical Quranic institutions where you have to attend classes on time. You can tell us when is the best time for you and when you can easily focus on your lesson properly.

→ Attend your class via the ZOOM app and reach your target with the best hifz teacher.

Note: If you are not available for the lesson, let your teacher know beforehand and schedule your schedule according to your availability.

8- Get the best Quran Hifz school rewards:
Hifz Quran classes for adults are extensive and require devotion and hard work. We keep our students’ motivation level high by offering rewards after reaching the set goal of the Hifz portion. We claim to have the best Hifz Quran School online due to our students giving positive feedback after they complete their Quran Memorization Course. All students in the hifz program receive a certificate signed by the supervisors at the end of the course.

9- Quran Hifz course for women with tutors also:
Hidayah Network, the best online Quran memorization website, gives you the option to select a gender-specific teacher yourself. Taking into account the concerns of adult women, we are happy to provide you with male and female teachers so that you can choose the one you feel comfortable with.

10- What exceptional tips do we use in our Hifz Quran lessons for adults?
Our Hifz teachers use many monetized and unique tricks to keep students hooked on daily lessons and adopt the following methods to make online Quran memorization lessons fun for them. 1- Assign students frequent practice tests or quizzes. 2- Combine visual and verbal lessons. 3- Encourage and help the students to develop memory “cues”.

But how do they help students develop memory cues that are useful in remembering the Hifz lesson they just learned? By 5 basic memory skills: – Elaboration
– Mental imagery
– Mnemonic
– Organization
– Repetition

4- Encourage peer discussion and group learning: So, sign up for “Hifz Quran for Adults” today and unlock the main features of our Hifz course.

How do they help you memorize Quran quickly and easily?
In our Quran lessons for adults, our professional Hifz tutors help you memorize the Quran quickly and easily, using the following methods in a stream!

1- Prepare the Hifz lesson
2- Record what you memorize.
3- Write everything down.
4- Section your notes.
5- Use the memory palace technique.
6- Apply repetition to cumulative memorization.
7- Teach it to someone.
8- Listen to the recordings.
9- Carry on

11- Structure of Quran Hifz pocket fees for adults:
The price structure of Quran Hifz for adults is very affordable and economical compared to the competitors around us. Also take a tour of other Hifz online websites. And you will be amazed that our high quality course is so affordable for you. The teacher you have chosen, the time that suits you, your personalized plan and your choice of courses at an affordable price are all you are looking for.

12- The productive results of our Hifz course for adults:
We have productive results from our adult Hifz course. We intend to achieve these results for all of our Hifz students.

1- To complete the planned part of the Quran within the allotted time.

2- To memorize the Koran or part of the Quran with the appropriate tajweed and makharij.

3- Actively participate in monthly competitions and try to be at the top.

4- Continue to monitor progress by making additional revision efforts.

5- Adorn their voices with pearls of the Arabic accent in Qiraat.

6- Continue to revise the part learned every day in Salah and free time.

7- Understand the overall meaning of the sura to be memorized.

13- TWO FREE tests with 2 different hifz teachers:
Here is another reason why we should be your first choice when it comes to online hifz program. You can enjoy our two FREE Hifz Trials with two different Quran Hifz teachers teaching you. This allows you to choose which teacher is best for you based on their teaching style. Once you attend a free trial class from both teachers, take the time to decide, let us know, and we’ll hire that tutor for you.

Note: Select a convenient time for your hifz quran lessons and start this journey with your selective teacher.

The FAQ on this hifz course/ Which part of the Quran will you start with?
We will start with the simplest and smallest suras to develop interest and understanding at the start.

I memorized Juzz Amma but not with the right tajweed. Can I sign up for this course to achieve perfection?
Yes, we have custom plans for different Juzz of your choice. Your teacher will work on your tajweed.

How many lessons per week do I have to take?
It depends on you how much time you can devote to memorizing the Quran each week. The duration will be defined by you when you develop your plan with the teacher.

How to register for this Hifz course?
It’s very simple. Fill out our FREE Hifz trial form. Then pay the dues and get started.

If you dream of learning Allah’s book or any of its parts by heart, please do not hesitate to go ahead and let us take the responsibility to help and guide you through your memorization trip. Hifz Quran for Adults is the course designed to help you achieve your goals.

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