DHIKR … The Number 1 Reason You Should (Do)

Dhikr is an Islamic phrase for any deed that reminds us of Allah. Every Muslim should strive to be conscious of Allah throughout the day, and any activity that aids in this goal is considered.


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There is a method that focuses on a common type of Dhikr that entails saying lovely words a set number of times, like:

  • Subhanallah
  • Alhamdulillah
  • Allahu akbar

You can count them by hand or with a string of prayer beads.

The ritual recital of Allah’s names and the recitation of dua at certain times, such as:

  • Upon rising up
  • Eating
  • Dressing
  • Entering the masjid

And so on are other essential types.

Dhikr meaning

Allah’s (SwT) Dhikr in All States.

One of the things that everyone is accountable for, but not everyone can do, is to remember Allah (SWT) at all times.

Remembering Allah (SWT) should be done only for the sake of remembering Allah (SWT), and no other motivations should be attached to it.

It has three different meanings: verbal, spiritual, and applied or practical.

The verbal is simple; It’s in one’s heart, which forms the spiritual, is more difficult; and it shown in one’s acts is the most difficult of all ever!

Its inaction indicates that a person acknowledges that Allah (SwT) is there and monitoring him at all times in his life; his acts demonstrate that he recognizes that Allah (SwT) is present.

After then, the Prophet (S) remarked:

“And this Dhikr is not in the meaning of….”

Given that this form of Allah’s (SwT) remembrance is the essential verbal proclamation contained in the many traditions and has been heavily stressed, the Prophet (S) has declared:

“The Dhikr is not limited to only this (the verbal remembrance of Allah (SWT)). Rather, the reality of Dhikr is that when a person enters into a situation where he can perform a forbidden act, he fears Allah (SWT) to such an extent that he immediately refrains from performing the deed that would be transformed into sin in his records.”

As a result, Allah’s (SwT) It is a highly precious treasure! It doesn’t matter how much we discuss it.

It’s never enough because the Salat’s soul and worship are all included inside Allah’s (SwT) Dhikr!

How to do Dhikr


Try to remember the following six etiquettes when doing Dhikr:

  1. Consider Zikr’s significance.
  2. Keep in mind that Allah is with you at all times.
  3. Make sure you’re on the right track.
  4. Consider the overall benefit of Zikr and the specific reward for individual dhikr.
  5. Keep in mind Allah’s blessings on you. Your heart must overflow with thankfulness for the One who is the Source of all benefits for your Zikr to be conscious.
  6. Avoid being distracted by being in a calm and peaceful environment.

‘Anyone did dhikr should be in the ideal state,’ says Imam al-Nawaw (Rahmatullah). He should lower his head and face the qiblah with humility and peace if he is sitting. It is allowed to recall Allah in any other situation without any criticism; nevertheless, if there is no reason for doing so, one would be sacrificing something most beautiful.’

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Azkar Types and Result

  • Tawhid and servitude are Tahlil.
  • Gratitude, hope, and love are three words mentioned to Tahmid in Zhikr
  • Glorification and respect of Allah (Tasbih and Takbir).
  • Trusting Allah and surrendering one’s issues to Him is known as Hawqalah.
  • Salawat: Complete devotion to him and observance of his Sunnah.
  • Istighfr: Taqwa, or regret for one’s misdeeds, as well as humility.

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