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Ijazah Program

Ijazah Program

Ijazah is permission given to tutors to certify that they are qualified enough to teach the rulings and rules of Islam. Obtaining an Ijazah is a must if you want to teach the Quran or the rulings of Islam in your small community, among your friends or even family members. Teaching without an Ijazah is considered to be dishonest which is a character that opposes all the rules and the essence of Islam.

Our institution provides an Online Ijazah Program, to all those enthusiastic and eager Muslims who want to teach Quran and Islamic studies. You will be guided by the most qualified tutors who are perfectly trained to teach you the best learning and teaching techniques. They will provide you with tools that will help you better transfer God’s divine message to his believers.

You need to have a strong will and a sincere intention if you want to be a qualified teacher. Our tutors will set online courses to teach you the basic rules and train you every step of the way. Online courses will be set to assess your performance as a teacher. You will have our trained tutors available to guide you and help you overcome any obstacle.

The Prophet, peace be upon him, says “Scholars are the inheritors of prophets” and although it is true that teaching is a talent, practice and devotion are not less important. If you want to teach Quran online or teach Islamic studies, then this program is the best for you. We will help you further pursue your dreams and duties as a scholar and an inheritor of prophets. 


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