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Are Online Quran Classes Effective? | Get 3 FREE trial Classes

The amazing evolution of technology opens new possibilities for us to learn, improve, and do better in our lives. The internet and devices we use on a daily basis open new doors for us on a daily basis; we just need to use them properly. For example, you’ve probably come across someone who embarked on a journey to learn Quran online, and you wondered whether it’s an effective way to learn and memorize. In this post, we’re going to focus on the efficacy of online classes.

Science confirms online learning is better

Scientists study everything and anything today, and that’s  definitely a good thing. That’s how we learn and perceive the world around us. Although many people try to undermine the importance of online learning the truth is that these classes are, indeed, effective. One study found that online courses are not only effective, but they are equal to traditional teachings in the classroom regardless of how prepared students are. Therefore, you don’t have to be skeptical about the efficacy of online Quran classes now that you know that internet-based courses can be equally successful as their counterparts, or even better for that matter.

Online Quran classes are one on one

In a traditional classroom setting classes are not focused on one student. There are 15, 20, or even up to 30 students in a classroom and a tutor cannot pay an equal amount of attention to every student, despite their desire to do so. When many students are in the classroom, the tutor needs to take a rather generic approach toward Quran learning. As a result, students are unable to progress at their own pace, and many of them fall behind or even give up. Online classes are entirely different. It’s just you and tutor who customizes lessons based on the manner that is most suitable for you, your needs, knowledge, and other factors. Since all attention is on you, it becomes a lot easier to advance and learn the Quran without forgetting it after a while. You have the liberty to ask all the questions you want in order to resolve some misunderstandings and problematic subjects, questions you wouldn’t ask when other students are around. Since the tutor teaches you only at the time, it’s easier to feel more comfortable and really enjoy every minute of the class.

In-depth approach

As mentioned above, in classrooms it’s difficult to provide an in-depth insight into some subjects because tutors need to take a generic approach. Not all students advance at the same pace, so this kind of “one size fits all” rule ensures that they understand the basics. However, during online sessions, you’re able to dive below the surface with your tutor and learn the Quran while also expanding your knowledge about Islam and the world in general for that matter.
If you’re among the people, who tend to be skeptical toward online learning this article showed the reality is different. There are no obstacles to learn Quran online, find your tutor and start today.


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