Best Online Quran Classes UK

Best Online Quran Classes UK USA

Best Online Quran Classes UK USA with Tajweed

Best Online Quran Classes UK USA – If you’re looking for the opportunity to study in a way be fitted your busy lifestyle, the Institute proudly offers the best online Quran classes by our suitably qualified tutors. No matter whether you want the best online Quran classes in  London or Online Quran Classes in Manchester, these online Quran classes offer more flexibility and time for one-to-one student-teacher engagement.


learn Quran online

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learn Quran online

The Quran Courses Online Academy welcomes students of all levels without having prior knowledge of Arabic to students who wish to do Hifdh (Qur’an memorization). Our Quran Tutors of Arab origin who have Ijazat (Licentiate) from the main Islamic institutions to teach the Quran will assure you to learn the Qur’an with appropriate Tajweed from the first day.

Best online Quran classes UK USA

The opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime, can be invaluable when juggling work, family, or both. Combine this flexibility with our commitment to support you through your Quranic and Islamic studies – and you will have everything you need to go on the path of your Lord’s closeness.
We use state-of-the-art teaching methods to ensure high-quality teaching without interruption or interference. Online tuition fees are available all over the world today.

Quran classes online on skype

Learning Quran online is an easy way for you and your kids to learn the Quran. All you need is a PC, a headset with a microphone, and an internet connection. Alhamdulillah, we teach the Quran 1 to 1 online class using the latest software, technology, and teaching methods. Alhamdulillah, many Muslims took advantage of it and learned to read Quran and learned the Quran with the Tajweed. Now, students of any age in any country can learn to read the Quran on their own schedule and place. Parents can now watch their children learning Quran in front of their eyes.

The Quran Courses Academy Offers:

best online quran classes
best online Quran classes
  1. Basic Quran Reading Lessons

  2. Quran Learning with Tajweed

  3. Basics of Islam for New Muslims

  4. Quran memorization and recitation courses

  5. Arabic Learning Courses

  6. Advanced Tajweed Courses

learn to read Quran online

Learn the Quran, read Quran, and how to learn Arabic! Learning Quran at home is an excellent program that allows children, adults, and new Muslims to learn. The Quran Courses Academy has 24-7 classes. We have students in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other countries around the world. We teach 24 hours a day. You can try 2 FREE trial lessons without obligation to evaluate our Quran online learning service. After that, you may decide to continue or interrupt the learning of the Quran with us. We have male and female tutors.


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Are you looking for the best Quran courses online? You have reached the right platform because Qura Online offers productive online Quran lessons. There are various online courses that are taught to Muslim learners. These courses include:

  1. Noorani Qaida – for beginners
  2. Reading the Quran with Tajweed
  3. Quran Memorization – Hifz
  4. Quran Translation
  5. Quran Tafseer
  6. Quranic Arabic

All these courses help students to learn Quran online. Through these courses, one is able to acquire a complete mastery of the Quran and its meaning. Our Quran lessons are not limited to beginners. Our online Quran courses are also for adults who are striving to acquire Quranic knowledge. Quran Online helps learners of all ages learn Quran online and get the most out of our tutors.

Learn Quran Online

Learn the Quran online with our most advanced form of learning. Providing you with the best Quran courses online, our goal is to educate you and guide you to the path of Allah. In short, we spread the word of Allah. We deliver his message with total conviction and dedication. Our goal is not to prove superiority or credibility. We believe in providing Quranic learners with the best education and that is our sole concern.

Why Learn Quran Online?

Learning the Quran online has many advantages, some of which are listed below:

  1. It is easily accessible at home
  2. It only requires a computer and a network connection
  3. There is no need to travel
  4. It is convenient because you can take Quran lessons online at the appointed time
  5. Tutors are well educated and trained as they understand the technology well.
  6. Online Quran courses are affordable and effective.
  7. They provide easy access to the course as it is recorded online

Benefits of Learning Quran Online

The Quran, the final and most sacred book of Allah is very useful. It helps us in our daily life. It is a book of light and guidance. He always proved that he brought the man out of the darkness. It has the attribute of bringing people to the light and giving them inner peace. There is no doubt that hearts find peace with Allah and in His word;

Verily, it is in remembrance of Allah that hearts find rest (13:28)

The Quran brings you closer to Allah. Its spiritual benefits enlighten the soul. We can purify ourselves and purify our hearts by drawing closer to Allah and the Quran is the medium that familiarizes us with Him. The Quran also has a number of health benefits. By listening to and reciting certain surahs from the Quran, our physical health improves. It has great healing powers which can cure serious illnesses.

Learn Quran Online

By taking online Quran lessons at the Quran Courses Academy, you can learn the Quran and its meaning in depth. The origin of verses and suras is also taught to its learners. We encourage online Quran learning because of the many benefits mentioned above. Our online Quran courses offer a free trial because we believe in satisfying our learners first. Through this trial, learners can experience how our system and curriculum work. After the free trial, we can continue the beautiful journey of understanding the word of Allah.

Questions About Our Best Online Quran classes UK USA

How can I take online Quran classes?

Just 4 simple steps to start Online Quran Classes

  1. Browse our Quran tutor’s list & choose your ideal tutor
  2. Book 2 free trial online Quran classes
  3. Enjoy the free trial then choose the schedule you prefer
  4. Submit your payment and get started

What is the easiest way to learn Quran?

Easy 5 steps to learn Quran Online

  1. Register with us
  2. Choose days and times
  3. Book 2 Free trial classes
  4. Try 1 or 2 teachers
  5. Start learning Quran from your home

How much to learn Quran?

we offer the best and most affordable price for Quran students just $3 per class

  1. Plan A $40 Monthly 
  2. Plan B $50 Monthly 
  3. Plan C $60 Monthly
  4. Plan D $72 Monthly 
Best Online Quran Classes UK & USA
Best Online Quran Classes UK & USA

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    Let’s learn Quran Online with one of the best Online Quran Learning Academy. We are providing online Quran teaching service to kids and adults, male and female across the globe. Our Quran learning courses are specially designed for you and your kids. Under the guidance of qualified Quran Tutors, we will provide you step by step Quran Learning with the rules of Tajweed and essential Islamic knowledge. Are you looking for an online Quran tutor for yourself or for your children, let’s learn Quran with online Quran tutor in one-to-one Quran class at the comfort of your home.

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