Dua Qunoot in English and its importance and benefits

Prayer is the first pillar of Islam; in Islam, it made obligatory for all prophets and all people. For all Muslims, it is compulsory to learn Salaah and then offer it five times in a day that named as Fajr, Dhuhur, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha.
Salaah is an excellent way through which we can connect with ALLAH SWT; through it, we can improve our connection with the Creator of the universe. No doubt every prayer is equally important in Islam, but Fajr and Isha are considered as one of the factors to measure the difference between Munafiqeen who are pretenders of faith and Momineen who are true believers.

Abu Hurairah (R.A) recite the Holy Prophet (PBUH) saying as:
“Isha and fajr is the most troublesome salah for Munafiqen. Had they known rewards for them they would have gone to them regardless of whether they needed to creep on their knees”(Bukhari)
Executing Fajr and Isha difficult to pray than other prayers because of its time, because Fajr prays early morning and Isha pray at night. But performing this salah can rank you among others.
With getting a reward, you will get a pleasant sleep at night by praying Isha. In Isha, there are many essential constitutes one of them is Dua e Qunoot.

What is Dua e Qunoot?

Dua e Qunoot is the petition type of prayer which read while standing in Islam. For Example, when you offer Witr which is Sunnah to supplicate.
In Dua e Qunoot, word Qunoot means “being obedient”, or we can define it as it is “the act of standing “. The word Dua is the Arabic word which used for supplication.
It has many semantic meanings such as obedience, humility, and devotion. Dua Qunoot is one of the special dua which recited during Isha prayer.

Dua e Qunoot History

Muhammad ibn ‘Isa at-Tirmidhi, Ahmad and Abu Dawood recorded that Hasan ibn Ali learned this prayer from Holy Prophet (PBUH).
Further, Dawood added that Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W) start reciting this dua whenever Muslim was in disaster or major difficulty.
Then Ibn Ali said that “Holy Prophet (PBUH) taught me this dua and asked me to read it during the Witr prayer.
Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) recited Dua Qunoot during Witr, Fajr and sometimes He (S.A.W) recite it during other prayers throughout the year.

Words of Dua Qunoot

“ O Allah, direct me among those whom You have guided, excuse me among those whom You have exonerated, go to me in fellowship among those on whom You have turned in companionship, and favour me in what You have given, and spare me from the hatred of what You have announced. For surely You declaration and none can impact You, and he isn’t embarrassed whom You have become friends with, nor is he respected who is Your foe. Favoured are You, O Lord, and Exalted. There is no spot of security from You aside from with You.”

It is one of the Sunnah of Prophet (S.A.W) that many Muslims do not practice today. Dua e Qunoot is an entire package of supplicating in front of ALLAH Almighty that has almost all appeal in it. So, by reciting this, you can get a lot of rewards and can rank you high in front of ALLAH.

Importance of Dua Qunoot

Importance of Dua Qunoot and its benefits
In the third Rak’ah of the best prayers, the prayer that is to be recited by the takeover once combining the aura with the Fatihah. This prayer contains several vital pleas to Allah. However, many folks don’t grasp this prayer. That may be a terribly rewardful blessing? The Dua Qunoot is highlighted here:

Pronunciation: Allahuamma Inna Nastienuka Evergreen State Nastagfiruka Evergreen State NuMinubika Evergreen State Natawakkalu Alica Evergreen State Nusni Alaikal Khair; Evergreen State nashkuruka Evergreen State la nakfuruka Evergreen State nakhlai Evergreen State nataruku maiyanfuzhurka; AllahuMa Yaka NaBudu Evergreen State Laka Nusalli Evergreen State Nasjudu Evergreen State Ilaika independent agency Evergreen State Naarzhu Rahmataka Evergreen State Nakhsha Azabaka Ina Azabaka Bilkufari Mulhikb.

Meaning of Dua E Qunoot

O, Allah! We have a tendency to apologize to you and solely to you. We have a tendency to believe you and trust in you, praise you well, thank you, thanks not, thank you, abandon those that decline you, and break your relationship with them.

O,Allah! We have a tendency to worship you, pray for you and prostrate to you, bow all the way down to you, able to conform your commands, hope for your mercy, worry your penalty. Indeed, your penalty is going to be incredulous individuals.

So it’s such a good looking blessing to grasp everybody. That is obtainable within the bitter prayers. Might Almighty Allah grant Taufiq to realize His closeness through this prayer. Ameen.

There’s no problem in reciting Dua in prayer once seeing it from a paper or pamphlet within the prayer of the liturgy; so you’ll memorize the prayer. Know a lot of books can seem once you’ve got memorized them; you may be ready to pray from the mouth; as an example, it’s permissible for someone United Nations agency doesn’t have a lot of recitation of the Qur’an to watch the Qur’an.

Shaykh Bin Baz (RA) was asked: what’s the command to scan the Qur’an in Tarabi prayer? And what’s the Qur’an and Sunnah during this regard?

In reply, he said: there’s no barrier to seeing the Qur’an within the prayer of Qiyamul Lail in Ramadan. Owing to this, the whole Book may be detected by the Muslims. And since the Qur’anic Sunnah has been established by the Qur’an, the recitation of the Qur’an has been established; that encompasses each reading and reciting the Qur’an. A’ishah according to that he schooled his liberated servant, Zakwan, to perform his prayers in Ramadan on the Day of Resurrection, which he scan the Qur’an once seeing the Mu’afah. [Imam Bukhari has compiled this statement in his Sahih book].

It’s not wise for the Dua Qunoot to be detected within the prayer of Bittir within the words narrated by the Prophet (peace be upon him). Rather, the Muslim will do the other prayer and lift one thing on the far side the words of the hadith. Although you scan some verses during which the Qur’anic verses are blessed.

Mohammedan Nabawi said: grasp that per the leading students, there’s no specific prayer for the Dua Qunoot therefore if any blessing is recited, it’ll be cursed by it; although one or a lot of verses of the Qur’an containing the blessings are recited, the intention of the county is going to be curtailed. However, the blessings that are available the hadith are smart to scan. (Imam Nabawi)


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