dua maghfirat for dead

Dua Maghfirat for dead

Dua Maghfirat for dead – Making dua for the departed is the vital thing we can do. Our never-ending prayers, Duas, and remembrances for the deceased will be of value to them.


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Dua Maghfirat for dead

Dua Maghfirat for dead:

 Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) reported Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) as saying: When a man dies, his acts come to an end, but three, recurring charity, or knowledge (by which people) benefit, or a pious son, who prays for him (for the deceased).

Maghfirat ki dua for dead

When you know about someone’s death, you may say as follows:

  1. Inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji’oon
    إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّآ إِلَيْهِ رَٰجِعُون
    Transliteration “Indeed, we belong to Allah, and we shall return to Him.”
    This is ayah 156 of Surah Baqarah, which Allah advises people to recite when tragedy hits.
  2. Allaahum-maghfir lahu Allaahumma thabbithu

    اللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لَهُ الَّلهُمَّ ثَبِّتْهُ
    O Allah, forgive him. O Allah, strengthen him. Abu Dawud 3:315

  3. Allaahummaghfir li (name of the person) warfa’ darajatahu fil-mahdiyyeena, wakhlufhu fee ‘aqibihi fil-ghaabireena , waghfir-lanaa wa lahu yaa Rabbal-‘aalameena, wafsah lahu fee qabrihi wa nawwir lahu feehi.

    اللهُـمِّ اغْفِـرْ لِـ-فُلاَنٍ (باسـمه)وَارْفَعْ دَرَجَتََـهُ فِي المَهْـدِيّيـنَ، وَاخْـلُفْـهُ في عَقِـبِهِ في الغَابِِـرِينَ، وَاغْفِـرْ لَنَا وَلَـهُ يا رَبَّ العـالَمـين، وَافْسَـحْ لَهُ في قَبْـرِهِ وَنَـوِّرْ لَهُ فِيهِ

    O Allah, forgive [name of the person] and elevate his station among those who are guided. Send him along the path of those who came before, and forgive us and him, O Lord of the worlds. Enlarge for him his grave and shed light upon him in it. Muslim 2:634

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What does Islam have to say about the afterlife?

maghfirat ki dua for dead
maghfirat ki dua for dead

Dua Maghfirat for dead: According to Islam, there is a second afterlife known as Akhirah.

In Islam, Allah determines when a person dies, and most Muslims believe that after they die, they will remain in their tombs until the Day of Judgment, Yawm al-din.

They shall be raised from their graves on that day and brought before Allah to assess how they spent their lives on earth.

The resurrection of the body is the name given to this idea.

Those who have done better than wicked actions will be admitted to Jannah or Paradise.

Jannah is a ‘garden of endless happiness’ and a ‘haven of serenity,’ according to the Quran.

There will be no disease, grief, or despair in Jannah.

The most famous expressions of condolences in death

When a loved one returns to Allah, we feel a broad spectrum of emotions.

Large gatherings at the mosque for the Janaza prayer, WhatsApp messages sent to groups letting others know of the Janaza, and when to attend, visitors and guests coming to comfort with words of remembrance, recitation of the Quran, hugs, stories of the loved one, and food have all been complicated and complex in the era of Covid.

While we all know death is inevitable and serves as a bridge between this life and the next.

It does not take away the feeling, and we all seek consolation.

The solace I’ve found in Allah’s teachings has been a source of comfort for me during times of grief.

There is a required dua or reminder in the Quran that can provide some Sakinah from the instant the person returns to Allah.

Let’s start to know Dua Maghfirat for dead or understand the terms that are frequently spoken when we hear the news:

“Surely we belong to God, and verily we return to Him,” says Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi raji’un.

  • It serves as a reminder that Allah has ordered their death and that we shall all return to our Creator.
  • May Allah envelop kindness and forgiveness on your loved one. Ameen.
  • May Allah comfort the hearts of the family and friends who are mourning the loss of a dear one. Ameen.
  • May Allah bring us back to Jannah and reunite us with our loved ones. Ameen.

Dua Maghfirat for dead: at the moment of death

dua e maghfirat for dead
dua e maghfirat for dead

In Surah Baqrah of the Quran, Allah tells us that we shall face trials, and those who patiently persevere will enjoy Allah’s grace and kindness.

It is customary to say something in the event of a calamity (including death).

Transliteration: Inna lillahi wa Inna ilayhi raji’un (Qur’an 2:156)

In English: Verily, we belong to God, and indeed, we will return to Him.

When your loved one dies, and you’re grieving, remember these things:

We are reminded in Surah Al-Imran that Allah is the one who decides everything in our life and the lives of our loved ones.

Transliteration: Hasbunallah Wa Ni’mal-Wakil (Qur’an 3:173)

The translation is: Allah is sufficient for us and is] the best person to deal with our situations.

Duas for our departed loved ones:

Dua Maghfirat for the dead and Duas for our departed loved ones are also accepted at funeral prayers.

Dua for the pardon of those who have wronged them

Transliteration: Allaahum-maghfir lihayyinaa, wa mayyitinaa, wa shaahidinaa, wa ghaa’ibinaa, wa sagheerinaa wa kabeerinaa, wa thakarinaa wa ‘unthaanaa. Allaahumma man ‘ahyaytahu minnaa fa’ahyihi ‘alal-‘Islaami, wa man tawaffaytahu minnaa fatawaffahu ‘alal-‘eemaani, Allaahumma laa tahrimnaa ‘ajrahu wa laa tudhillanaa ba’dahu

The translation: O Allah, forgive our living and our dead, those who are among us and those who are not, our young and elderly, men and women. Whoever you give life to among us, give him life in Islam, and anyone you take away from us, take him away in Faith, O Allah. Don’t deprive us of their compensation, Allah, and don’t lead us wrong after them.


Why should we know Dua Maghfirat for dead?

Because death is painful, and we all cope in different ways.

There are no right or incorrect answers since every one of us has a unique emotional response. There are, however, healthy measures that may be taken.

Although it is typical advice to be “strong,” realize that sobbing or feeling vulnerable is a perfectly acceptable reaction to the circumstance.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself for suppressing this emotion or thinking of yourself as weak for doing so.

The most adult thing to do is acknowledge and acknowledge your feelings of grief and seek out help from those who love you.

Remember to look for yourself and be physically active.

It’s excellent for you to get some sun, exercise, and sleep.

Understand that pain stems from the belief that you have lost something.

Instead, be happy for the opportunities you had to interact with the individual.

We are egotistical individuals that desire only the good aspects of life. But keep in mind that you can’t have love without experiencing suffering.

It’s all about yin and yang. Rather than being sad about what was, celebrate and appreciate the memories.

Remember that remembering the deceased in your dues and prayers is one of the most acceptable methods to benefit him.

You can even fast and donate to charity in their honor.

Inshallah, Allah knows best, and we will all be reunited in Jannah, where we will once again see each other.

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