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A Lap of the mother is the first school for the kids. Being Muslim parents, as our children grow up, we are very concerned about how to teach the Koran to children. Just as we are concerned about their education to the world, we send them to school, we have set up tasks for them, in the same way, we must be very concerned about teaching the Koran to children. Clearly, parents, especially mothers, are responsible for the personal care and teachings of a child, so this response is above all your duty, so we should learn How to Teach Quran for Kids Starting From the Arabic Alphabet, By taking the burden of responsibility on our shoulders, we encounter many questions about teaching the Koran to children. For example, how to start teaching your child the Quran, what is the right age to start teaching the Qur’an, how should the beginning be taken, what method of the Quran learning to choose. When your child goes to the mosque, a guardian would come home to teach the Quran, you will learn the Quran with Tajweed

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Starting from the starting point, the first question arises: “When do you start or what is the right age to teach your child the Qur’an and at what age have they finished?” A definitive answer to this question is that there is no clear cut-off for age to begin and end. It is believed that the age of 4 to 5 years is ideal to begin learning the Quran, but some mothers continue to recite during their pregnancy and breastfeeding with hope, which will have an impact on their children. You can start at an age of fewer than four years, depending on the abilities and interests of your child. My younger brother had his Surah Fatiha memorized by age less than three but he could not even recognize the alphabets. Keep in mind that each child has his or her learning pace, do not compare them with others (your cousin, your neighbor has finished the Koran at the age of 7 and you are still not nine). This does not mean that you give them a free hand to continue delaying their daily sessions, but the goal is that this attitude can demotivate your child. so its great to learn How to Teach Quran for Kids Starting From the Arabic Alphabet.

In the following text, we present some tips for the Quran to children. These small points will help you a lot to teach the Quran to the children.

1 Define a model or example, in front of the child, to follow you.

2 Remember the Qur’an every day and make sure that your children are around you when you recite the sacred book.

3 Recite the Quran in a strong and attractive tone, that would make them attracted to what you read.

4 Try to make the beginning of your child’s day “reciting the Koran”. Develop the habit of reciting the Quran after Fajr.so that when your child opens his eyes in the morning, the first sound that enters his ears is from the Quran.

Follow How to Teach Quran for Kids

5 Tell them stories of the Koran. Your bedtime story can be one of the described in the Qur’an. And give them the reference to history as a Quran. Urge them to seek the Qur’an themselves. Keep telling them the reward of reciting the Koran, for example.

6 Keep telling them about the reward of reciting the Quran. For example, This makes Allah happy, Prophet (s.a.w)said that his best learning, etc.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi was Alam) said: “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” Bukhari Vol 6 – 61: 545

How to Teach Quran for Kids Tips:

These are the tips to stimulate your child to start learning the Qur’an. Now, if your child has started learning the Qur’an, the following tips will help you a lot.

1) Stay simple at first. Do not force your child to spend a lot of time learning the Koran. Let him do it at his comfort level. For example, 10 minutes of dedicated and happy learning would be much better than an hour of learning by force against your child’s will.

2) Let them know that something very special will follow the time of the Qur’an, like a good story or a time playing with Mom.

3) Set goals and rewards to achieve a goal. For example. You buy your child a remote control car if he/she ends a chapter of the Koran within a specified time.

4) Play the Quran gently at home during game time, morning routine, late night routine. Turn off the TV

5) Harvest the corpus of the Quran in the car en route to school, or purchases, etc.

6) Keep the love of the mood during the learning process. Give your child lots of cuddles and cuddles.

7) Do not punish them hard or do not tire your child’s repeated mistakes while learning the Qur’an. Be patient. Each child has his / her own rhythm of work.

8) You can encourage healthy competition among your children, for example, “who finishes his first lesson, will receive a surprise gift.”

9) Intended to make two short sessions of the Koran per day. As one after Fajar and one before the prayer of Asar. In this way, if you miss, you will not feel bad.

10) Maintain interaction with the tutor (if you choose to have a tutor at home or an online tutor for learning the Quran). Discuss your child regularly with teachers to learn How to Teach Quran for Kids Starting From the Arabic Alphabet.


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