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How to learn to read the Quran correctly the ways in which the Quran can be properly learned and perfected; One of the best ways to learn to read the Holy Quran correctly is to receive first-hand the take the knowledge of reading the pairing and perfecting it about a competent elder where the learner listens to his correct reading and reads it, to correct his reading and perfection


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How to teach a Quran reading varies according to students’ age and abilities If they are children, the teacher must start spelling Arabic letters with them, Then after mastering it, the teacher begins to write the individual words of his students, train them to read them and correct their pronunciation. And then if the students are able to spell and read, then the teacher can offer them the simplicity and light fence, They are trained to read it, and then the teacher moves on the minors’ wall until the student masters it and moves on to another.


The Basics of Reading the Holy Quran

There are a number of fundamentals to which the reader of the Quran must abide when reading it, including:

  1. Sincerity of intention to God Almighty in recitation.
  2. Clean the reader with a plumber before proceeding to read.
  3. Choose the right clean place to read the Holy Quran.
  4. It’s better to receive a kiss, read trickily, knifepoint, and a heart attendance.
  5. Repeat the seeking refuge and basmalah at the start of the recitation. Repeating verses to manage them.


How to learn to read the Holy Quran

Learning the Holy Quran is a duty of the nation. Every Muslim must learn enough to better read the Holy Quran. There must be someone who teaches the Holy Quran so that it can be preserved. Quran courses Academy  is one of the best courses that learn the students to read the holy Quran. The frequency of the Quran is not interrupted, and no change or misrepresentation can address it. As for how to learn to read the Holy Quran, there are a range of things that a person can do all of them or do some of them and will help him, with God’s permission, to learn to read the Holy Quran. These things are as follows:


  • Receiving from one of the teachers of the Quran

One of the best ways to learn to read the Holy Quran is to accompany an elderly elder from whom to learn to recite, to hear from the recitation of the Sheikh and to hear from the Sheikh from his recitation and this can be achieved through Quran courses Academy , so that the person becomes an elite to recite the Holy Quran. The Prophet (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him) teach the Quran companions (peace be upon him) came down to him. He read the wall to them. They read it as good as they could be, so that they could read it as best.

  • Learn the Tajweed rules

One of the best things to learn also to read the Holy Quran is to learn the tajweed rules. Learning the provisions of intonation has many benefits, including that it helps to perform well, the quality of the recitation of the Quran, the distance from the melody in the recitation of the Quran, as well as the best preservation of the Holy Quran, and corrects the pronunciation of letters.


  • Repeated hearing of the Quran

Those who want to learn to read the Holy Quran can listen more to the Holy Quran And there are a lot of recordings of elderly people on various websites, from which a person can benefit and learn to read the Holy Quran The mere hearing, however, does not sing the presence of a specialist to teach the Holy Quran to learn directly from it.



Benefits of keeping the Quran for children and ways of teaching it through Quran courses Academy:

The preservation and learning of the Holy Quran at a young age through Quran courses Academy have many benefits for generations, including the following:


  1. Keeping the Quran for children from a young age attaches their hearts to God’s Book and its greatness and reverence.
  2. Keep the child’s tongue and acquire language skills in addition to understanding and accommodating the grammar. And also tongue-in-cheek training.
  3. Understanding the values and principles of the Islamic religion and its provisions.
  4. The reader of the Quran also acquires great wages as he enjoys the company of God’s Book.
  5. Promote understanding, conservation and manipulation and strengthen memory as well as upgrade intellectual and mental skills.
  6. Keeping the Quran early also helps children to urge them to seek science with sincerity in it.
  7. With the Quran courses Academy system, the realization of the mind opens to understand the written book and to understand and realize God’s age in being.
  8. The academy of the Quran courses plays a major role in self-esteem as well as heart thinning and high vibe.

So many families are keen to have their children keep it easy. They are keen to follow them and follow their level of activity for several goals. The first is the way to enter heaven as affirmed by Islamic beliefs. The other is that the preservation of the Holy Quran has several important benefits on the child’s own level of life in several directions. This makes his personality better and his abilities undoubtedly higher.

The Holy Quran and the Islamic religion in general urge the generosity of morality. The preservation of the Holy Quran helps to entrench those behaviors in the child. which strongly drives him to commit to it. Even keeping the Holy Quran helps the child to abide by worship. This also helps to increase the strength of the child’s faith aspect. While urging the Holy Quran to observe morality and worship, we are always keen to highlight the consequences of any conduct or act in the world and in the aftermath. This is what the child must do in accordance with his or her Muslim religion. That makes him absolutely the best character.






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