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learning Arabic language will allow you to learn the language of the Holy Quran. You will be able to understand the Quran in the language that it revealed by Allah to the Holy Prophet Muhammed (PBUH). The Quran Courses Academy offers you the opportunity to learn Arabic grammar from expert Arabic grammar teachers. Learning Arabic language became easy today. We provide you the online Arabic grammar course online, especially for women and children, especially in countries like North America, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, London, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and many other countries. We have organized Koran courses on Skype to make you read the Quran online, no matter that you live in a distant place where you can not get the education in Quranic easily. Join our Arabic language course online today!

learning Arabic language

The Quran Courses Academy offers you the divine opportunity to learn Arabic language online so that you can understand the Quran by reciting it. By attending the Arabic classes online, you can understand the Quran directly by reciting it. Arabic is spoken today by more than 300 million people who live in the Middle East and North Africa. Arabic is also the liturgical language of Islam, the faith of more than a billion people throughout the world. As Arabic is the language of the Koran, it is therefore very important to learn as a first priority. So you should learn Arabic grammar; Learn the language of the Quran.

Advantages of learning the Arabic Language

By learning the Arabic language in our online Quran courses, you will benefit from the following advantages:

  • Understanding the Quran during recitation

  • Understanding the meaning of prayers

  • You will trust the reading of the Quran

  • You will learn the basic rules of the Arabic language

  • This will have a positive effect on your daily life

  • Learn to read the Quran effectively with its understanding

How to Learn Arabic Language Quickly

So take this precious opportunity, come join our courses in Arabic online to learn Arabic language online at The Quran Courses Academy with the best Arabic tutors. You always welcome. Join our three-day trial classes.

You can also read the Quran online with our Quran tutors in the online Quran classes specially designed to serve you in Quran education. We have organized the Quran courses on Skype so that the Quran is easy and attractive for you.

Hire Quran Tutors

Ali Osama

Assalam mu alaikum, my name is Ali , I was born in Hyderabad (India) and grew up in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).
I memorized 20 chapters in Quran form “Madarsa Abdullah bin Umar” (Jeddah)
I passed my test run by Khairkum (A Quran Remembrance Society in Jeddah Gov.)
I learned Tajweed (Qaida Noorania) in Imdad ul uloom (Hyderabad)
I finished my high school in Jeddah and am currently enrolled in an engineering school continuing my studies in mechanical engineering Alhamdulillah
I did my two hifz and my schooling at the same time.
I am a confident person with good leadership skills and will be happy to help you and be your guardian for the Qur’an.
I speak fluently Urdu, Hindi, English.
I hope I can share my knowledge and help you improve your tajweed and help you memorize the Qur’an

Ali Fouad

My name is Hafiz Ali Fouad … I am an experienced Quran teacher … I believe in hard work, so I try my best to teach my students as much as I can … I believe in teaching no only the important things but also the small so that the student can know everyone and anything … if the student and the teacher work hard then the results will be positive …

Nabila Hamdy

My name is Nabila. I am one of the dedicated teachers of Pakistan. I have a strong command of English and Urdu. I got certification in Tajweed and Quran recitation. Apart from that, I did my Masters of Punjab University Lahore. I can teach students the Koran with the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters. I’m doing the Tafheem-e-Deen course to get more command over the teachings of Islam. My availability is for 7 days a week from 12h to 6h according to Pakistani Standard Time.

Nour Adnan

I am a former IT professional who has found her passion in learning and teaching Quran to adults. Thus, I understand the struggles of adults who try to unlearn their years of mistakes by reading the Qur’an and replacing it with Tajweed.

My teaching aims not only to teach correct recitation, but also to develop a good relationship with the Qur’an. Teaching Tajweed, I am particularly attentive to the student learning the theoretical aspect at the same time as the application and he will frequently test the student on his knowledge.

Please note that my main student population is female. I do not teach men. Because of my emphasis on theory, children will not be accepted as students except in special cases. This is not for discrimination but rather because of my personal ambition to spread the knowledge of ahkam among women..

Ahmed Nabil

I am very motivated to teach the Qur’an, I memorized the Quran in 2 years with wifaqulmadaris al arabia and I did the Alim course with wifaqulmadaris al arabia Pakistan. I also complete Arabic M. and Islam from Karachi University. I am also Imam and Masjid. I have four years of experience in teaching, I thought of Noorani Masjid Karachi and jadeed iqra Academy Karachi. I still love to teach pass on knowledge because it is the record of the prophet P.B.U.H and Sahabah (companion)
I can teach Quranic recitation and Hifz in Urdu language Inshallah.
You will feel comfortable to study with me and succeed, you will feel that you are a very good Qari in the future Inshallah

Diyaa Ahmed

My name is Akram nada, Arabic language teacher for non-native speakers
With me, you can learn Arabic (Classic Arabic / Egyptian Familiar) at very low prices per period and reduced prices.
With me you can learn the Arabic language, at the right time you are interesting and serious, Try to study with ume and you will enjoy the first lesson, do not hesitate to contact me and never your way to master the Arabic language in very little time, you are my real goal.
I have experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers of 13 years of quality.
Study with us only in classical Arabic, but quick and easy ways to master the language.

Esam Adel

I am a Sunni Muslim, born and raised in Egypt. I graduated from al-Azhar University 5 years ago. I teach Quran, Arabic and Tajweed online for 8 years. I have both Ijazah and Isnad Alhamdu Lellah. My goal is to help people from all over the world recite the Holy Quran and understand it easily.

By the grace of Allah SWT in recent years, I have taught more than 200 students around the world. I have also taught many students in the United Kingdom while they were ministers of religion over the past two years. Please if you want to learn to read the Qur’an from scratch or if you need to improve your recitation skills, contact me and Insha Allah, will work something

Aisyah Ahmed

I have run my own institute at home for needy students for 3 years in which they are taught for free by qualified and dedicated teachers. It’s a great and diverse experience of my life, so I learned a lot too. Leadership and motivation skills make me different from others. I manage and coordinate as well as teacher training. In addition, I have experience of teaching in well-known institutes. I am surely able to satisfy the parents as much as I can INSHA ALLAH.

Ahmed Hosam

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful,
Asalamu alaykum warahmatullah wa barakatuh is Sheikh Mohamed Hemida Hamzawy.
Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) said, “The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.”
Alhamdulilah, I have been teaching Quran for the last 15 years and I give lectures and halaqas of welcome to many masajid in Cairo, Egypt. I also give regular courses of recitation and tajweed to these masajid.
I memorized the Holy Quran and received ijaazaat to read and teach the Qira’aat 10 of the way of Al-Shatibiyyah and Al-Durrah. I have the expertise and qualifications to teach the 10 Qira’aat Kubra and Sughra Institutes Azhar Qira’aat. Following this, I started studying at Azhar in the Quran and Uloom Al-Qiraat of the year 2004 and will graduate year 2018, inshAllah.
I have the experience to teach Quran with children, teenagers and adults.
I have experience of teaching the rules of tajweed and Arabic grammar.
I have the experience to teach and explain the Quran in the 10 qgh’aat sughrah
I have the experience of teaching “Matn Tuhfat Al Atfal”, “Matn Al Jathariyyah”, “Matn Al Shatibiyyah”, and “Matn Al Durrah”.
I have a passion for teaching the Qur’an and I aspire to inculcate this passion to all my students, inshAllah. Looking forward to meeting you and I sincerely beg you to enjoy and benefit greatly from the lessons.
Wasalaamu Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh
Jazakumullah khairan.

Hayat Fahmy

I am  Hayat Fahmy.
I finished my tajweed and recitation course at Islamic University online and I studied tajweed and tilawah from my tajweed teacher in my country.
I helped my teacher’s students improve their tajweed and Quran tilawah, and I opened a group of students a few months ago.
My vision is to help Muslim brothers develop a beautiful relationship with Al Quran by studying Tajweed and Tilawah in a simple and effective way.
With that, I also focus on the study of Arabic and the Hifz Glorious Book.


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