Muslim boy names

Muslim boy names: Got Stuck? See this perfect list

With our newest selection of Muslim boy names with meanings, you may welcome your new baby boy into the world. These are one-of-a-kind Islamic names that would be perfect for your new baby.


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Muslim boy names

Muslim boy names imply that a baby boy’s name must adhere to Islamic religious requirements and have proper connotations.

Popular Islamic male names beginning with various alphabets are available to choose one of them for your infant child.

On the Quran course, you can find a large variety of trending, renowned, and new Muslim boy names from which to decide the ideal one for your newborn son.

Muslim baby boy names

  • The name of Arham means Mercy, Compassion, and Kindness.
  • The name Ayan means Gift Of God, Reward, and Blessing.
  • The name Aryan means warrior, a mind-boggling people, and this name is connected to the prehistoric Arya people.
  • The name Zayan means Beautiful, Hospitable, and Graceful.
  • The name Anas means Affection, Love, and Pleasant Companionship.
  • The name Rehan means Scented, Fragrance, and A Fragrant Plant.
  • The name of Huzaifa means Wise is an intellectual man capable of seeing, and it is the Name of Prophet’s Companion.
  • Muslim boy names: Rayan means Touch soft, fresh, and a paradise gate.
  • The name Azlan means Lion, Brave, or Courageous man.
  • The name Imran means Prosperity and Happiness Great joy Exalted Nation.
  • The name Shayan means Worthy, Deserving, Meriting.
  • The name Ali means Eminent, Noble, and High In Rank.
  • The name of Hamza means Lion, Competent, and Brave man.
  • The name Arish means Righteous, Nobel, and A Brave Soldier.
  • The name Aayan means God’s Gift, Manifest, and Blessing.
  • The name Saad is telling Felicity and Good Fortune.
  • The name of Zeeshan means The Glory, Magnificent, and High In Dignity.

Muslim boy names with meaning

  • The name of Junaid means A Sufi Saint, Spiritual, Young Fighter, and Warrior.
  • The name of Adnan means Settler; One Who Settle For A Long Time In A Place, Paradise.
  • The name of Sufian means Fast Moving, Light, Nimble, and he was a Companion Of Prophet.
  • Faizan means Great Beneficence, Charity, Favor, and Graceful Man.
  • The name Irfan means Thankfulness, Knowledge, and Wisdom.
  • The name Asif means Forgiveness, Strong, Powerful, and Fierce.
  • Muslim boy names: Sahil tells Riverbank, Coast, Shore, Guide, Leader.
  • Rohaan means As Pure Spirit, Spiritual, Kindhearted, and Compassionate.
  • The name of Salman means Companion, and Especially Of Prophet Muhammad.
  • The name of Taimoor means Self-Made (made out of) Steel and strong.
  • The name of Rizwan means Acceptance, Good Will, and this Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven.
  • The name Aaban is the angel’s name.
  • The name Aabid means a true believer in Allah.
  • The name Aadeel can mean “just” or “upright.”
  • The name Aadhil is an individual with good and excellent character and is also a person whose actions are right and fair.
  • The name Aadroop is the term used to describe the Sun.
  • The name Aaftab refers to the luminescence of the Sun.
  • The name Aalim means a man with a deep understanding.
  • The name Aaman means the man who has no fear.
  • The name Aamir means Populous, complete, and prosperous.
  • Muslim boy names: Aaqil means a wise and intelligent person.

Why do we choose unique Muslim boy names?

Muslim boy names
Muslim boy names

The name of a child has a significant chance to affect the lives of anyone.

This is one of the reasons to be mindful when you assign names to your child.

Alongside the name of the lucky number, the meaning and origin have a significant role to play.

The birth of a child within a family is regarded as a tangible symbol of love, happiness, and peace.

When a baby is born, the most crucial goal is to pick the best Muslim boy names with a proper meaning according to the child’s personality.

In certain families, it is commonplace for the process to name the child to begin before birth, and parents seek advice from their family members regarding their child’s name.

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