Online Arabic classes for beginners

Online Arabic classes for beginners

Why are Online Arabic classes for beginners important? Because acquiring Arabic opens doors everywhere. Learn to read, write, and communicate in Arabic using short, basic phrases in this course. Learn the Arabic number system, the many colors, and the varied ways to greet and behave. You will also study the letters for the moon and sun and basic verb conjugations. After finishing this course, you will improve your diction and acquire confidence in speaking Arabic.


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Online Arabic classes for beginners

This free unit is taken from our Arabic for Beginners to Intermediate course.

It is excellent for individuals who have never attempted to study Arabic before or for total novices. Learners may choose to research transliteration, Arabic script, or both while following the Beginners to Intermediate program in its entirety.

Computers, laptops, and tablets are all supported in this Arabic for Beginners course.

What is the importance of Online Arabic classes for beginners course?

Online Arabic classes for beginners
Online Arabic classes for beginners

With over 400 million speakers globally, Arabic is one of the most commonly spoken languages. The Bedouin nomads of the Arabian area of the Middle East and North Africa, sometimes referred to as the “Arab World,” are where the Afro-Asian language has its origins. Like most languages, Arabic has a variety of dialects, each with its accents and pronunciations. More than 20 nations have Modern Standard Arabic as their official language. It was added to the list of official UN languages for the General Assembly in 1973.

What will we learn in the course?

Learn Arabic online with certificate
Learn Arabic online with certificate

As a result, we would say “Maraba” to you as we welcome you to this course. We shall first discuss the two genders recognized in Arabic and then use the “gender convention” to name people, animals, and other objects.

Then say “good morning,” “good afternoon,” “how are you?” and “what’s your name?” after a little pause.

Next, learn the appropriate phrases to employ while pleading your case, offering an explanation, or apologizing.

We’ll look at the number system, especially the denary numbers represented by “al-arqam.”

The phrase “al-Alwan,” which refers to a variety of colors, the 15 “moon letters,” and the 8 “sun letters” will then be discussed.

We’ll explore how the sun and moon letter systems may be used to create new words.

Learn the names of meals and beverages and how to order them when traveling far-off locales.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to recognize domestic and wild animals by their Arabic names.

Online Arabic classes for beginners | What else will we learn?

Online Arabic classes for beginners
Online Arabic classes for beginners

Learn the common verbs and consider the adverbs and conjugations for the strong verbs used in Arabic.

Additionally, the vocabulary practice subjects will make simple words, common idioms, and letters clear to help you grasp both the spoken and written versions of the language.

You will study the weeks of the month, the months of the ‘Sana,’ and the days of the week, for instance (year).

Additionally, practice asking inquiries and telling the time using exercises and real-world scenarios.

Learn how to communicate your feelings in Arabic for “Usra” (family).

To assist you in quickly mastering the language, this course uses a novel, simple-to-remember approach to teaching Arabic.

Gaining proficiency in this language will provide you access to a large, expanding market and may open the door to financial success in the Middle East and the Arab world’s oil-rich nations.

Additionally, your knowledge of their native tongue can help you better appreciate other cultures and the long history of Arabian civilization.

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