Online Quran Classes for kids

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Online Quran Classes for Kids | Learn Quran for Kids Made Easy Now!
Are you worried that your child may have authentic and more engaging Quran lessons?


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The Quran Courses Academy always strives to set the highest standards in Quran learning for children by keeping abreast of the latest teaching strategies and technologies.


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Online Quran Classes For Kids & Adults

If your child is under 8 years old, it’s a good time to teach them the Koran. At this age, a child is able to learn a new language. Not only reading, but children can learn the complete language at this age.

A child’s brain is like a sponge and absorbs a huge amount of information very quickly. Nowadays, many parents are not interested in sending their children to the Quran Academy. Sometimes, due to the lack of Quran centers in their community, they can not provide Islamic information and education to their children. Many people are so busy that they do not have time to drop off their children at mosques. These parents are worried that their grandchildren are not getting the most important education in life. However, there is an alternative in the form of online classes. It’s a great way to help them learn at home while parents can easily track progress. The big advantage is that it all happens in a safe environment.

Online courses have become very popular over the last ten years. Online Quran centers serve thousands of Muslims. Parents choose online classes for a variety of reasons.

The online Quran children’s courses are specially designed for areas where it is impossible to follow them locally. Students can study classes at home and set their own schedule to take classes at their own pace.

When we talk about online learning, we imagine studying alone on a computer with a specific course with the presence of an online tutor. But online learning is something different. The online Quranic institutions of the present day do not teach the old-fashioned way. They use modern teaching methods with appropriate instructor contact. Quran Academy is a modern online Islamic center that offers the opportunity to learn in real-time with qualified tutors. It is a very sophisticated online institution that provides tutoring services to students around the world.

Standards for online schools

When you decide to choose online tutoring for your children, you may not choose a good option. We, therefore, give you satisfaction for the education of your children in the Quran. We can also help you evaluate yourself during a trial class. We pay special attention to children with learning difficulties. By identifying their problems, we offer them a high-quality tutoring service. If you have any doubts about our academy, our courses, or our children’s Quran lessons, you can talk to us. If you have specific questions to ask, we are ready to solve any problem.

We assure you of the quality of the course, as we have some of the best practices to improve the level of our education. We can help parents feel satisfied with how well our school will meet the needs of their child.

Benefits of online courses

With the increasing use and popularity of technology over the last decade, online learning of sacred books has become very important around the world. Muslim parents specifically in Western countries choose online courses for their children. Having a qualified Quran and expert tutor in online courses makes learning a lot easier for children. The Quran teachers of our Academy online also offer an excellent learning experience, as children have the chance to learn the Quran from someone who knows them perfectly. However, we offer many other benefits to our students.

Fun and engaging

We try to make the lessons fun for the youngest children because it makes the lessons a lot easier. Teachers tell stories and try to make their learning experience fun and stimulating so that kids are always excited about the upcoming online Quran lessons.

Learn everywhere, anytime

When children learn in a madrassa or mosque, they usually have specific schedules. But we give parents the ability to schedule classes at a time that suits them. Our courses are also accessible from any part of the world. You only need an internet connection to take lessons from us.

Better interaction with teachers

One of the advantages offered by our academy is better interaction of children with teachers. Children always need more interaction or they will not be able to learn effectively. When they have a classroom with a live tutor, kids will get more attention from their teachers and understand what they are teaching. This will strengthen his knowledge and information. It is really a great help for children to learn the Book of Allah in a better way.

Safe home learning

It is not always easy to go to a mosque or madrassa, especially if you live in a Western country. It is also not appropriate to send children too young. By taking online courses with us, it is easier for parents to arrange Quran lessons at home, which ensures safety during professional koran lessons for kids, as they can monitor their children while at home. along the course.

What is the ideal age to start?

The basic course is the Qaida course and children as young as 4 can start learning Qaida online with us. Many parents think that a 4-year-old cannot learn, however, we think that at a young age, children can learn well at this age. Our tutors are experts and help children learn the basics of the Quran.

When registering your children for basic courses like Qaida, be aware that this course does not require advanced knowledge to start the course. This is the perfect course to start. We will prepare your child to read the Quran correctly and accurately, with important Tajweed skills.

Are online courses a good option for your child?

First, you need to make sure your child has an interest in taking classes online. For this, it is important to motivate your child to learn in this way. Taking a course with us offers benefits for children with learning problems. Some children learn slowly and are anxious or embarrassed to not learn the lessons well if they attend group classes. We help such children by offering them, individual classes.

Our special courses on the Koran for children online are very effective and children feel confident with the teachers. Tutors are able and trying to reduce the distractions of children by keeping them engaged in lessons. We teach according to student’s learning pace, which is our main reason for popularity. This is the reason why we are a good option for children. Many Muslim children around the world face language problems. In order to overcome this problem, we have multilingual teachers. We teach in English to enable children from Western countries to take easy classes. We are a good option because

Expert tutors from the Pak Quran Academy work with all types of children.
Our staff advises you to determine if a specific course is right for your child.
We offer an audio and video converter to give lessons.
Our Academy offers a flexible learning rhythm.
The Quran Academy offers a trial period so that parents can see if our class will work for their children.

Learn more about our teachers

Teaching is an interactive procedure and teachers are very important. If we take a few notes on the Quran lessons, these notes will not be taught themselves. The children still need the advice of a teacher. In the success of our academy, teachers play an important role. Ordinary classes are very important, and in the case of children, regular interactions between parents and teachers are also very important. We give parents the opportunity to contact teachers as needed. Our teachers give an appropriate response to students and we understand that this is very important for the success of our students.

These secure and confidential Quran classes for children and an individual relationship with a teacher offer many benefits to children. Even children with learning difficulties can study with us whenever they want. We assure their parents about the success of their learning.

We have chosen individualized learning for our students because we understand that every child is different. Our way of teaching students in a way that is not possible in a class group.

Proud to have teachers with high Islamic qualifications and a good pedagogical approach:

All tutors are qualified and experienced
They perfectly master the courses they teach
Teachers teach students in all responsibility
We invite students from around the world to take live lectures for each of the courses we offer. We also use a webcam so students can see the teacher and students talk to the teacher using a microphone.

For years, we have been offering online courses for kids. We have now become one of the most respected and respected institutes for learning the Quran.

What important features do we offer children for learning the Quran?

• Our Creative Quran Teaching Experts Give children the best Quran lessons.
• 3 levels to learn Quran online for kids: beginner, intermediate, and master.
• Your children not only learn the Quran but also receive ethics training to progress in professional life.
• Learn to recite the Quran beautifully like the Holy Prophet.
• Choose between male Quran tutors and female Quran tutors.
• Get a quality control environment to learn Quran for kids.
• Learn to read Quran for kids at their preferred speed.
• Educational games and engaging PowerPoint slides (full of pictures) for better understanding of children.
• No additional costs! No registration fees!

Professional online Quran tutors for kids!
Our professional online Quran teacher for kids is experienced in teaching Quran to kids. We only hire experts because it takes experience and a lot of effort to manage children in a classroom.

How are our online Quran tutors good enough for your child?
-Quran teaching expertise:
• They have state certification and curriculum expertise. • More than 5 years of experience teaching the Quran to children. • They teach creatively. • They prepare the lecture before each online Quran lesson. • They have high-tech skills.• Use activities and play accessories.

-Strong communication skills:
• They make themselves accessible.
• They are welcoming.
• They use their voice and gestures effectively.
• They provide proactive feedback.

– Supportive personal qualities:
• Very patient with young children.
• They are encouraging.
• They teach with passion.
• They are adaptable.
• Have a backup plan for every online Quran course.

All in all, our experts make learning Quran online for kids not only easy but also fun and interesting lessons throughout life. We also offer online Quran lessons for beginners, adults, or seniors, regardless of age!

What is our key strategy for teaching the Quran to children?
Our Quran teachers don’t just start with direct reading of the Quran. Since children need a good understanding of what to do everywhere. Our Quran Tutors maintain online Quran classes for children from beginner to expert level. Why? So that children don’t just read the Quran blindly, but adapt their approach step by step in order to achieve an amazing result at the end of their Quran learning journey. In this way, they learn the Quran and understand Allah’s command to lead their life as Allah said! This is the key strategy we use to teach the Quran to children!

Step1: Beginner level to learn Quran for kids online:
1) Learn the basics of reading the Quran:
Since the teaching of the Quran For children needs an initiator; The basics of reading the Quran, the joining of Arabic letters, the joining of words, short sentences in Arabic and long sentences in Arabic. All of these things need to be understood by children in Quran classes so that they can move on to intermediate level.

How do our online Quran teachers teach kids the basics? Here are those: 1- Phonetics of the Quran
2-Arabic alphabet
3- vowels
4- Letters Shapes
5- Sukun
6- Shaddah
7- Shaddah with Tanween
8- Arabic Diacritics
9- AlifulWasl Rules
10- Madd – Elongation
11- Laam Rules
12- Characteristics of Quranic writing
We also offer Islamic studies for children! Don’t hesitate to check it out too.

2) Children learn to read the Quran word for word:
Arabic has the “appearance” of difficulty due to its wavy lines, harsh pronunciation, but our Quranic Kids Tutorials for Kids help kids get started, allowing them to quickly discover many reasons why it is – in Arabic. done – easier than most major languages ​​to learn. In this Way the kids don’t feel scared at all and learn Quran online effectively.

Step 2: Intermediate level to learn the Quran for children:
After the basic beginner level, comes the intermediate level at online Quran teaching for children. Step by step, Quran tutors prepare children for Expert level. 1) Learn to read the Quran to children page by page.
It is not recommended to go directly to Quran Hifz from Noorani Qaida bases. Although many online children’s madrassas and Quran websites allow children to lead Hifz after simply learning the basics of the Quran. So, our Quran teacher for kids always recommends that except for memorizing short suras, your child can also read Quran fluently.

They help kids learn to read Quran page by page. This is important because it will help to understand: 1- Pronunciation of each alphabet
2- Pronunciation of each word
3- Meanings of Ayats
4- Characteristics of Koranic writing
5- Different ways of reciting
6- Recite the Quran fluently
7- Yet the decision depends on both the will of the children and the parents! Whichever path you choose, remember that you will need 8- to hire a Quran tutor and purchase a personal Quran for your child.

Teachers recommend that parents find a Quran with a simple script for their child. Children read in front of their teachers and the teachers guide them through.

2) Learn to recite the Quran beautifully like the Holy Prophet.
It takes huge effort from our online Quran teachers for kids to enable children to reach the stage where they can read Quran like the holy prophet. And in doing so, teachers take the following actions: • Understand the nature of the child, his mental capacities and involve the 3 basic rules of learning the Quran online for children. • Let them understand what is read, thus helping them to fall in love with Allah and the Quran. • Encourage children to practice to embellish their recitation of the Quran daily with what the teacher teaches. • Encourage them to listen daily to the beautiful recitation of a famous Qari. • They help kids learn Quran online by setting goals for them using the best Quran apps. • Encourage them to teach others how to recite the Quran beautifully. This way they train with enthusiasm because it is not a race.

Step 3: Master level to learn the Quran online.
1) Learn the rules of Tajweed:
To better master the recitation of the Quran, children must excel in “Tajweed”. The Tajweed constitutes the rules and regulations that one must follow in the recitation to make it beautiful and precise.

During the Quran Tajweed course, your child will learn: * What is Tajweed
* Benefits of learning Tajweed
* Saakin and Tanween noon rules
* Heavy and light letters
* Meem Saakin Rules
* Qalqala
* Rules of the letter Raa
* The qualities of letters
* Madd – Lengthening the Rules
* Stop at the end of the words
* Laam in the exalted name of Allah

2) Learn to memorize Quran faster and easier
After mastering Quran Recitation with Tajweed, your child can now proceed to memorize Quran and Hifz whole Quran by heart and bring its message to life. Your Child Becoming a Hafiz / Hafiza is a big part of Islam in this life and in the hereafter.

During our Quran memorization lessons with Hifz plans, your child will learn: * Accurate memorization of the Book of Allah (Quran)
* The general meaning of the verses
* Types of forgetfulness
* How to overcome forgetting
* Quick memorization techniques
* The reasons for revealing the verses
* Benefits of memorizing the Quran

3) Get Ijazah and spread your knowledge.
“Ijazah” means to master Quran recitation with Tajweed or Quran memorization and the person can start teaching Quran. Your child can get Ijazah from our certified scholars to teach Quran recitation or memorization to other people.

During the Hidayah Network Ijazah Program, your child will learn: * Sounds, articulation and characteristics
* Quran recitation
* Quran Tajweed Rules
* Hadith
* Memorizing the Quran
* Quran Tafsir

Access to the Quran online for children anytime, anywhere! Your kids can learn freely anytime 24/7 with our pre-recorded, live online classes for kids, coming in and out when it’s the best time for them. Even if you are away from home, in your hometown, or in a remote location. No problem at all! All your child needs is a laptop or any digital device. Sitting on mothers lap, once your child logs into the student portal on our online Quran course for kids, they are in school. Kids can access homework, post homework, watch teacher presentations, get help from student support services.

It is also more comfortable to learn at home and may be the best option for children with physical disabilities where traditional facilities such as a physical institution may be difficult to access.

How innovative are our online Quran courses?
-Personalized Quran Courses Online:
We offer personalized and enjoyable online Quran lessons for toddlers and children according to their wishes. Your children receive individual attention in a relaxed, comfortable and learning environment. In addition, your child also enjoys many other benefits!

1- You and your child will receive better and more personalized feedback. 2- Tutoring becomes flexible according to your child’s needs. 3- Your child benefits from individual attention for a better understanding of the lessons of the Quran. We made the Quran online for kids to be fun. They gain more self-confidence.

Multimedia tools for a better understanding of your children!
Our Quran tutor for children makes the best use of multimedia for a deeper understanding of children in a colorful and positively progressing environment.

There are hundreds of multimedia tools used by our professional Quran teachers. This may be: * Vibrant slides
* Quran Learning Lessons
* Quran audio
* Graphic
* Animation
* Videos
* Virtual and augmented reality,

What makes us different from other online Quran websites?
1- We offer the best online Quran courses for kids with discounts and exclusive offers.
2- We follow the currency with low cost but high quality so that your kids will not have any difficulty while learning Quran online. It is a known fact that traditional education is expensive compared to online education. Since virtual classrooms will also reduce your child’s carbon footprint related to gas and fuel. You just need to pay the admission fee for our online Quran courses. And that’s all!
3- Your children are free to enjoy it as much as they can in class or outside of our Quran class. Not only if
4 children from the same family register for our children’s Quran lessons, and the 2nd and 3rd student benefit from the reduction. And the discount continues to increase with more members.
5- A well-established review and reward system!
6- Weekly progress reports analyzing the child’s behavior!
In our online Quran courses, our expert supervisors constantly evaluate the results of children’s online courses to ensure that the quality of Quran learning for children is up to par; while constantly making weekly reports to help and encourage Quran students online.
7- Parents are also informed of their children’s development on a monthly and weekly basis. These development reports help to keep a measure of their development and to become aware of their weak points.

We have also adopted a highly organized reward system in children’s Quran lessons so that children have productivity expertise in different ways:
* Digital stickers
* Positive feedback
* Delivery of a certificate of good conduct
* Children feel more comfortable speaking the language and participating more in online Quran lessons
* Teaching is made easier with more productive lessons.
* Children are more likely to repeat the action that was positively reinforced. * Children are motivated and want to do well.

Take 1 free trial class before paid classes now!
But is it really important to take advantage of our free lessons? What will you know about our free trial class?

• In these free lessons, can your child see if the teacher’s teaching methods are working for them? Children interact with the teacher and talk about their goals. • What is our teaching system: the types of online Quran courses we offer, our educational programs, our materials, our methodology for teaching the Quran online to children, etc.? • Students receive detailed information on how Quran courses work online: parents can check the course packages that can be purchased, payment plans, prices, course booking system, course expiration, etc. • The tutor also assesses the level of knowledge of each student.

All of this will allow us to develop a personalized online course program for each child.

What are the results of our online Quran teaching to children?
– In addition to lessons on the Quran, children also learn Islamic values! These values ​​are instilled in them; the values ​​and ethics that will guide them in all aspects of their educational and personal life. – “This is the Book (the Holy Quran), where there is no doubt, a guide for those who are Al-Muttaqoon [the pious] (holy Quran Sura-Baqarah 2.2). Understanding this sacred book helps your children find the solution to all the problems in their lives from an early age.

1- Regular reading of the Quran will sharpen the memory of your beloved children.

2- We make learning the Koran for children a pleasant experience for a bright future.

3- Children learn the Holy Quran not only as something to study but also as something to come back to again and again in life – inside and outside of the online Quran classroom.

4- Children receive exclusive attention from their guardians, dispel their confusion, and do not lose their interest.

5- Sharp digital skills in a safe and secure family environment.

6- As a parent, you can easily monitor your child’s performance while they are studying.

Conclusion: Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: The best of you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it. (Sahih al-Bukhari 5027). Quran Online for Kids is not a month-to-fifth race, it is the trip of a lifetime. So let your child start with small, consistent steps as they add up to BIG goals! Start with something as simple as listening to the Quran. So start your child’s religious adventure and contact us now!

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